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Domestic Terrorists…

Letter to the Editor

Again members of  the Six Nations are occupying land scheduled for housing development.  They claim the land is theirs, that they never surrendered title. The historical record suggests otherwise. In 1841 37 chiefs accepted payment and signed documents giving the province control of the property in and around Caledon, but the protesters refuse to accept the record as valid.

In 2006 when the Six nations occupied a development site in the same area, the Ontario government paid $1,000,000 to re-purchase the land, gave $1,000,000 to the town of Caledon in lieu of lost business, and paid out $2,400,000 to repair damage to infrastructure.  No protesters went to jail or were fined.  Easy to seize land and brandish rifles when there are no penalties.

Earlier this year the current band council approved the subdivision, the project was going ahead with the consent of the elected tribal leaders, but Skyler Williams a self appointed organizer of the ‘take back the land’ movement indicates that the hereditary chiefs were not consulted and refuses to recognize the authority of his band council. Really?  He also is promoting the image of the Indigenous people as victims of racism and discrimination, claiming there is no justice in Judge Harper’s “colonial” court, and therefore  refuses to comply with the second injunction to vacate the property.

Am I to believe that no laws are binding? no courts have authority?

An affidavit presented to Judge Harper by the OPP asserts that the police are reluctant to use force “for fear of Native retaliation that could see railways, bridges, and hydro stations attacked and damaged”.  The affidavit goes on to say that “infrastructure could be targeted in other parts of the country”.

Today the protesters dug up the road and placed a school bus to block traffic.  Hard to believe.

How much will the taxpayers have to pay this time? And the next time?

Of course Indigenous protesters operate with impunity for they are not held to account – no one goes to jail, no one pays a fine,  Until there are consequences for disobeying laws, the protests will become more frequent and more violent.

Joffre McCleary  Barrie Ontario

Pesty Fruit Flies

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

We are living in Tiny and have enjoyed reading your newspaper. It has a lot of information and many hints.

Now I would like to say something about pesty fruit flies every summer-fall. I have bought some pie fly catchers (ribbons) which are very sticky and hang one over the kitchen counter. I caught hundreds of fruit flies which are stuck on the glue.

Maybe you could print this hint in your paper for next year. We are free of them and it is sanitary.

Thank you. Lee