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“The Ruth & Bob Byers Emergency Services Centre”?

“The Ruth & Bob Byers Emergency Services Centre”?

Dear Editor,

I read with great approval the purchase of the +40 acres of the Hasty Tract: NW corner of Snow Valley Road and Bayfield Street North. I also believe that the long-displaced, long-promised fire hall will be among the first buildings. Appropriate Name of the new Fire/Emergency Centre: I suggest Bob and Ruth Byers. Not only was Bob the longest serving fire chief, he served in many capacities such as the Simcoe Rescue Squad. Ruth served as the Township’s first Heritage Committee chair as well as many community roles. Their work in the Scouting movement was decades-long and outstanding. They developed young men and drew leaders such as Rick Hubbard to the 1st Midhurst troop.
I’m sure I’ve missed many accomplishments and there may very well be a more worthy naming recipient. But one thing I learned from Bob and Ruth: no one is left behind when the pack goes on a hike. Rick simply scooped me up onto his shoulders and carried me to the end.

Les Stewart MBA, Midhurst, ON
Details at oldMidhurst.ca come January 2021.

Hats Off to Local Contractors!

We’ve always been proud to call ourselves members of our local community – but never more than we have been over the past couple of weeks. On Monday Nov 2, Mother Nature blew through and downed one of our trees, snapping the main Hydro One power line that feeds our property. Re-connecting was denied, due to the amount of trees that were in close proximity to the line. So, given the options of clearing back a major swathe of trees OR burying a new primary- we chose the latter. We were told it could be at least 2 weeks before we would be back on power from the grid. That was when our local contractors jumped in to help us. We would like to publicly commend the crews from Scotty’s Plumbing & Electrical who got us hooked up on standby power within 3 days; Pete Minnings & staff for coming to our rescue with all the Hydro One paperwork & quick installation of the necessary infrastructure, Rick Drinkill & Bill Kidd for their speedy service digging the necessary trenches (through all those tree roots) and filling it all back in once the wire was installed. Lastly Hydro One arrived Friday Nov 13th and we were back on the hydro grid by end of day. All this in only 9 working days! I’m sure that these business people probably left an ongoing job for a day, just to help us out – and we will be forever grateful.

Just goes to prove, that “buying local” is still the BEST!

Sincerely, Dennis & Pat Leonard

Re: Rita Be-Still article

Dear Editor,

After reading Rita Benacquista’s article titled  “Enslavement of Humanity” stating the UN is suing the WHO, I felt the record needed to be straightened. It’s actually 3 private lawyers that are attempting to sue the WHO. I have copied a link to one of the many articles I read about this. Nowhere in my internet search could I find evidence of her unfounded claim.  “ The attorneys, led by California-based German lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, are demanding the pubic receives “full compensation for their losses” if they have been “harmed” by coronavirus lockdown measures”. They are upset about lost profits because the WHO recommended a temporary shut down to try to get a handle on this global pandemic! As a RN, I would love to know where Rita is getting her information stating “long term wearing of masks can be very harmful”! I have worked 8 and 12 hour shifts in a mask many times during my clinical practice, pre pandemic, with no adverse effects. I am also a lifelong asthmatic.  It is irresponsible to publish an opinion piece that is so full of untruths that could be detrimental to public health.  Spreading misinformation helps no one.

Link to article about the actual lawsuit.  https://neonnettle.com/news/12868-lawyers-suing-who-for-crimes-against-humanity-over-covid-lockdowns

Adrienne Soltau RN, Springwater, On

OPEN LETTER – 19 November 2020

Dear Premier,

We represent thousands of families of current and former long-term care residents who have experienced the effects of decades of inadequate staffing,  inadequate standards of care, and overcrowding in below standard accommodation that the pandemic brought to light and that your government allows to operate in what you describe as the “broken” long-term care system.

Fifty-seven per cent of long-term care homes in Ontario operate to produce profits for their shareholders.  Although Minister Fullerton has tried to distance COVID outbreaks from ownership, facts prove that profits take precedence over care.  A study, published by the Canadian Medical Association, reveals these chain owned homes were inadequately staffed, ill-equipped and ill-managed to handle an outbreak.  Additionally, outdated design standards, such as four bed wards and narrow hallways contributed to the high death rates in these facilities.[1]   The number of those who died of loneliness and neglect have yet to be accounted for but remain your ethical responsibility. Clearly, for-profits put the production of stakeholder dividends above quality of care. Unions (CUPE Ontario, SEIU Healthcare and Unifor) and organizations representing residents, families and the public interest alike (OHC, ACE, Concerned Friends) call for adequate staff/resident standard of a minimum average of four hours of care per resident, adequate wages (including the pandemic pay that has yet to be given to some health care workers), and sufficient PPE, in order to avoid a repeat of the first wave’s devastation.  Bill 195 compounds the problem as it allows for-profits to redeploy any staff to any position, training and orientation requirements are not required, and drug administration practices are now flexible.[2]  In short, untrained staff can now care for dementia patients and be involved in infection control.  Resident Quality Inspections, which, among other things, flag non-compliance in infection prevention and control, stopped in 2018 and have only recently been reinstated. Yet accountability for homes that have consistently and grossly violated existing standards, inadequate as they are, have not been enforced.  The Ontario Health Coalition fears a repeat of the first wave’s devastation.[3]   For-profits operators and the Ontario government now face over 24 lawsuits, amounting to over $1 billion, because people need accountability.[4]  Refusing to hold a public inquiry into COVID in LTC facilities, locking out essential caregivers and keeping seniors (including those with dementia) in isolation cannot be tolerated in a democratic and caring society. We demand accountability, transparency and a humane approach to the care of vulnerable seniors and adults, specifically, the following:

*Pass Bills 13 Time to Care Act (1st reading) and 203 More than a Visitor Act (referred to Standing Committee on Social Policy) immediately.

*Stabilize staffing by ending the reliance on part-time and casual labour and establishing full-time employment with benefits and sick leave, in order to ensure there is enough staff to provide a minimum standard of four hours of care.

*Abolish Bill 195 which allows long-term care homes to deploy untrained staff to any position they find reasonable.

*End the for-profit model of long-term care because every dollar in profit is at the expense of resident care.  Until the for-profits are phased out, they must be held accountable for repeated violations of the LTC Act.  Inspections need to come with immediate and meaningful consequences.

*Full transparency (financial, staffing and actual death numbers) from each long-term care home, including monies recovered from any allocated envelope.

Mr. Ford, you and your government have failed the most vulnerable members of our communities. We, the families of long-term care residents are frustrated by the total lack of action to address the crisis in long-term care. We do not want to hear any more empty promises. Take action now.  Our seniors deserve humane care.  We will continue to demand, shout and scream until they get it.

Alessandro Presenza, Sandra Caleta, Sparky Johnson, Jessica Turner

A monthly fee to watch my son play hockey?

I have a sickened heart writing this however this is a prime example how we have some money ridden sources out there that want to take advantage of this covid virus. I am a father of a  Elmvale coyote who plays in the U-7 program  Recently  due to Covid safety measures parents can drop their children off at the arena, tie up their skates and then quickly tell them have fun and play hard before getting ushered off outside of the building. Why is this you ask? It’s because apparently even with the parents being masked up, 6 ft apart, and clean hands they , township of Springwater, think watching our children in the arena will some how add to the spread. That’s even with the precautions set out by the province!

But we have a solution! We have a solution where everyone wins, right? Wrong. The township of Springwater is telling me now that after I paid a heft registration fee for my son to be active on the ice now I have to pay $10/ month to watch my child play hockey because they don’t want to organize the arenas with designated spots for parents to watch. This is sickening as they are making a dime on the average citizen during this pandemic. I am blown away and very disgruntled. Let’s do the math here:

1 kid potentially equals 10$/month, 15 kids per team with 2 teams per age group equals $300/ month with 6 groups within the league equals $1,800/month therefore a length of a season is 5 or more months, so that equals out to be $9,000 they are getting from parents to watch their children practice and play hockey. It’s crazy!!  This is wrong as I feel forced to pick between watching my son or not but if I do, the town of Springwater are robbing us. I’m not sure where to go but I feel like my concerns aren’t only from this one parent. I hope that this will get rectified somehow, however I feel like my solo voice will go untouched.

Sincerely, Chad

An Opinion Piece

Dear Editor,

I  was disappointed to read yet another article from Rita Be-Still in your newspaper November 12, 2020 Page 6.

This rant was full of ridiculous statements ,  fact-less information  and just plain lies.  Sounds so familiar these days as far too many people are being fed this type of misinformation on a daily basis. Time for people to think critically and stop believing every single thing they  read. Watch “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix you will find out how you are being manipulated in your thinking simply by going to sites which feed you misinformation in the first place. Scary really.  Rita Be-Still….get off the internet!   Find alternate sources of information. Then, check your facts. There are safe places on the internet where you can do that. Stop seeing the world as one big hoax. . You might be surprised. Your “Highter Spiritual Divine,  feminine energy , and Divinity could be put to better use by spreading fact checked truths. Oh and by the way, my husband has been waiting for weeks for urgent surgery and has been cancelled due to Covid.  He and many others, are having to sit and wait for something that normally we take for granted…good health care. Why? Because the hospitals are overrun with cases of Covid 19, a disease which you seem to think is a hoax. What I wouldn’t give to take you to the local Barrie hospital and walk you through the urgent care, emergency units and ICUs. What those doctors, nurses, paramedics, health care workers and support staff are going through is more than a nightmare. You insult those who are working so hard to save lives each and every day. One more thing…wear a mask, wash your hands, don’t go out if you don’t have to and be kind to others.

Janet Lord-Genyk

Utopia, Ontario