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Minesing Moments

Minesing Moments w/ Lorrie Norwood  lorachalli@sympatico.ca/ (705) 728-9784

Greetings to all!  The Christmas season is definitely here, with movies on tv, music on the radio and beautiful Christmas lights on houses all over our communities.  I have to say how pleased I am to see such an effort by so many to bring some Christmas spirit to everyone who drives by.  This year has been such an awful one, it is so nice to be able to pause and enjoy the pretty lights.  I know many different communities are making their area sparkle and shine.  I highly recommend you go for a little drive around Springwater Township…there are so many to admire! We have a little red fox who’s been touring our village lately, through back yards, down the road and sometimes just simply sitting for a picture.  Just a little word to keep an eye out if you have your pets out.  I know foxes won’t bother larger animals but it’s always good to be aware of their presence. At this time of year it can always be difficult for people and this year in particular with having to stay home so much, it may be a great idea to check on your neighbours or friends who have been on their own a lot.  Drop them a note in their door, pick up the phone to say hi or send a Christmas card.  All of these things can make someone’s day and it’s such an easy thing to do. I heard on the radio this morning that the food banks are going to be a little behind in their food drives this year as so many activities that usually collect for the foodbank for admittance to their functions haven’t been able to do it this year.  So if you are in a position where you can spare some food or monetary donations this year, please try to do so.  A little can go a long way. Christmas is going to look very different for everyone this year and I hope that we can remember that this is one year, there will be more Christmas’ .  Let’s be very careful about keeping within the COVID guidelines and stay away this year so we can share next year together!  Take care and until next time be safe and stay healthy.