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Musings: sharing my journey as it unfolds daily

Editor’s Musings

Amongst the first people to get the Covid19 vaccine are front line workers, those in the hospital and at seniors and nursing homes (including the bureaucrats who may be working from home but never wondering amongst the patients) and seniors, there are other front line workers being ignored. If you go into the stores that are allowed to be open, there are numerous people stocking the shelves and offering customer services including the checkout crew, people that have to go to work each day both to make a living and to offer the businesses services to you and me, they seem to have been forgotten. Maybe in that group,we could include those who run stores to make a living and offer us services, or work in public service i.e. restaurants, theatres, etc., but the governments have shut them down.

We expect the news to be correct.

We expect the news to know facts and figures.

So it irritates me that each day, when they release the Covid19 numbers for Ontario, the complete numbers, instead of saying there were 3845 new cases, they have to say more than 3800.

Or if there were 75,981 tests done, why do they say almost 76,000.

You have the figures people. GIVE THEM!

Or we could dream – they could go even further by saying, we had 3845 case today. Since 80% of the people show no symptoms, they could say 3076 were given no antibiotics and asked to self-isolate for 14 days.

Or out of the 4249 cases identified on Thursday, that there were (by BBC News) 0.8% false positives.

According to data from the FDA, if an antigen test has 98% specificity, and 10% of the population has the disease, 20 out of 100 people who test positive will not have the virus.

They could even tell us that there were some false negatives – that’s comforting – and that some tests which come back indeterminate, invalid or inhibitory could be treated as a positive which by all reports is why Our Lady of Lourdes school in Elmvale was mentioned as one of the elementary schools with a positive test.

But don’t do too much looking. At www.bjm.com, thebmj Interactive, the Covid-19 tester indicates that out of 100, 56 who test positive have covid-19, 1 person (mentioned before) who tests positive does not have covid-19, 24 who test negative have covid-19 and 19 who test negative do not have covid-19.

BTW, while checking for these figures, I found the interesting prediction from midsummer which said in 2020 their will be 225,000 new cancer cases in Canada and 83,000 deaths from cancer. In 2020, Canada had 16,750 deaths from COVID19, far less than Cancer.

The CDC estimates a 99.997% survival rate for those from birth to age 19 who contract COVID-19. It’s 99.98% for ages 20-49, 99.5% for 50-69 and 94.6% for those over 70. Significantly, those who died of coronavirus, according to the CDC, had an average of 2.6 comorbidities, meaning more than two chronic diseases along with COVID-19. Overall, the CDC says, just 6% of the people counted as COVID-19 deaths died of COVID-19 alone.

There are differing opinions on the goods and/or bads of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms whose genetic material has been altered using engineering techniques).

Japan rejected Canadian shipped products because their test showed the presence of GMOs,

Peru just instituted another 15 year moratorium on the import and production of GMOs.

A Scottish survey found that only one in ten citizens would be likely to buy GM food even if it was significantly cheaper, but adds that under the terms of post-Brexit legislation, Scotland could be forced to accept gene-edited foods in shops.

I see the Ontario government is investing $1 million in a company called Merit Precision which manufactures bottles for hand sanitizers and disinfectants. It will create 10 new local jobs and retain 75 positions.

Is that good or bad – my point is whether this is necessary anymore?

When the Covid19 virus started, sanitization was one of the recommendations. Hoarding started and prices ballooned. But gradually, it subsided. In our house now, there is a sanitization bottle in each bathroom – two full and two halves – there are three on the book shelf, I carry one in my pocket, there are two in the truck, at least one in the car and I imagine my sweetie has one in her purse. I am sure there are probably/possibly more around here.

At the entrance to most every business, there is a squirt bottle. On the shelves in many stores, there is so much that the price borders on bargain or liquidation prices.

You can also buy a UV Sanitizing Wand ($14.99 each or two for $19.98) that kills 99.99% of the germs on whatever you pass it over i.e. door knobs, keys, your phone, toys, whatever. It is battery powered much like a flash-light.

And now that the vaccinations have started, will the need  exist – it is a good idea – anymore?

There is an omni calculator which tells you where you are in the lineup for the vaccine. Because of my age, it says I could be in Stage 1 so I am somewhere between the next person in the lineup to the 5,139,574th person and my two doses should come between February and May 2021.

How accurate is it? You can check out 57 similar general health calculators including eyesight and there is a lot of valuable information there. Try www.omnicalculator.com/health and go from there.

I read an interesting “Letter to the Editor” from the New Tecumseth municipality in reference to whys behind the forced amalgamation of four communities into their present governing system. They have 10 councillors/wards to represent the 42,000 (est) people in 2020 (34,242 in 2016 and 30,234 in 2011). The letter writer says that with the introduction of the ward system would protest the identities of the smaller communities. Council would respect the position of the ward councillor. Especially in the case of development.

Beeton is being overwhelmed by massive development, and council refuses to respect the position of its own councillor, Stephanie MacLellan. This is enough to scrap the system and reduce the council to five members.

But it gets worse. Council has decided to pass development decisions back to the province.

The writer continues – Since the county and, ultimately, the province now control our future, I would like to make the case that we no longer need or can afford our municipal government. We should transfer all our departments to the county, since they make the final decisions anyway.

We need an elected county councillor paid the same as an MP or MPP, so we can attract a person capable of looking after the interests of the town. Take the millions we save and fix our infrastructure, give the land intended for the now-redundant municipal office to the province for affordable housing. Everybody a winner. Well, almost everybody.

Food for thought!!!

Just a heads up – Springwater is asking for tenders on a crosswalk across Cty Rd 27 (Yonge St, North), in Elmvale from the condos and the old schoolhouse (approx 65 units) across to in front of the Anglican Church. There are other houses and apartments on the east of the street and in the  northeast quadrant of Elmvale who may want to go to Foodland or the arena. Many of these people may not move as fast as they once did and there is an observance that once people pass through the stoplight at the corner of Yonge and Queen going North, there appears to be some impatience in getting their vehicles up to speed. The argument could be made that there is more need of a light at the Foodland than any of the other 3 or 4 places around town.

If you might wonder why the crosswalk would be on the north side of George street where the sidewalk takes you to the arena/fairgrounds, apparently there is a tube under the highway there making it easier to wire the lights and controls together.

A thanks to Gloria Woods, Councillor George Cabrel and other associates for the concern.

I’m done Charles!