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Musings: sharing my journey as it unfolds daily

Thank you! Last fall (October and November), I went to Soldier’s Memorial Hospital for cataract surgery.

One of the significant things I notice now is how white some things are. What I thought was white was actually sort of beige.

On the advise of the surgeon and the Doctor from the Eye Centre in Elmvale, we waited a couple of months for my eyes to adjust.

In mid January, I was told that my eyesight was 20/30 for distance and maybe, if I wanted, we could use a pair of 2.5s for reading. It was not necessary but the option was mine.

I decided to buy some new glasses. A week later, my $600 glasses with arms that would not ever break off, blended lenses ($$$) and automatic darkening (sunglasses$$$) were on my face. I could see better but in these COVID days, glasses may fog up and masks hook unto hearing aids and you risk losing them.

We went shopping (I won a Tassimo coffee maker at Barber and Haskell’s in Midland) and delivered some papers. We got home and I realized, I had no glasses. I searched the house, the truck and I called the stores we had been to….all to no avail.

Before leaving Elmvale, I had filled the truck with gas at the Circle K. I noticed that in the store, they had security cameras. Not convinced that I had even wore my glasses, I had a gas receipt dated and timed. I went into the store and started to explain my dilemma. The fellow smiled at me, pointed to my glasses hanging on the plexiglass over the counter. He said that I was gone before he noticed them, did not know me and figured I would be back in.

My THANKS to Dinesh and his great team at the Circle K in Elmvale.

In the last paper I had a picture from Van Vlack school. My contributors could not remember the name of the teacher – after all it was 66 years ago.

Sheldon Culham sent a note telling us it was Florence Jones. Why is he so sure? He married her.

Be careful – the CDC estimates a 99.997% survival rate for those from birth to age 19 who contract COVID-19. It’s 99.98% for ages 20-49, 99.5% for 50-69 and 94.6% for those over 70. Significantly, those who died of coronavirus, according to the CDC, had an average of 2.6 comorbidities, meaning more than two chronic diseases along with COVID-19. Overall, the CDC says, just 6% of the people counted as COVID-19 deaths died of COVID-19 alone.

But don’t be paranoid – notice the above report said who had contracted Covid.

Presently, only about 2% of the Ontario population has contracted Covid-19 so to get the survival rate of those in Ontario, as it stands now, it would be 50 times better than just those who have contracted it. And 80% of the people who test positive have no or very little indication they were ever sick.

I would like to know how this COVID vaccine works.

As I understand it, if you get the best one, it is 95% effective. That seems to mean, 5% will get it.

Since 98% of our population has not contacted Covid today, 2% have (actually worldwide 1.4% have contracted the Covid germ), one might suggest a person is better without the vaccine.

Somehow, I can’t to get my head wrapped around that.

Does anyone know Angela James? Apparently, she is an athlete from the Elmvale area whose name is mentioned in a new book called Proud to Play by Erin Silver. If she is really from our area, we should be suggesting her for the Sports Hall of Fame.

In Ontario, approximately 10,000 people per day are getting the second shot of the Covid vaccine…which means that at that rate, in 1500 days, in four years we will all have been immunized the first time.

In Canada, of the 10 provinces and 3 territories, Ontario ranks 9th. Compared to other countries, Canada is in 50th spot as to the percent of the population who have been vaccinated.

We didn’t really think we were that bad off and hope was on the way as the leader of our great country came out the door of his mansion/cottage – he has not gone to work in Ottawa apparently for a LONG time so I read – and told us that more vaccines where on their way.

Then shortly afterwards, we learned that he had misspoke. There were not vaccines on their way.

The definition of misspoke is to speak incorrectly, improperly or misleadingly. No where could I find the word lying. But when we looked up lie and lying, I could find definitions that said ‘a false statement deliberately presented as being true; a falsehood; to speak untruthfully with intent to mislead or deceive; something that is deliberately intended to deceive.’

If you google ‘Trudeau, lies, misspoke’ you will get 27,300 results. Try Trudeau lies and you will get 1,910,000 and if you try Trudeau misspoke you will get 22,600 results.

Someone sent me a list of 60 things and we could add more, of the – may I use the mild word –  ‘mistakes’ the inexperienced drama teacher has made.

I know the list does not include the $50 million he just gave MasterCard so they could set up in Vancouver. It doesn’t even have the $2.7 mill he gave Canadian Tire, the $12 million he gave Loblaws or the $40 mill he gave BlackBerry that they didn’t need or even ask for.

He also gave $4.8 to Huawei, the Chinese company funded by China’s Military and Intelligence, which many countries will not deal with because of the accusations of spying. But are you really worried that the phone you use that was made in China, and which will be parlaying information on the Huawei 5G network has any software on it for spying purposes?

If you want the list, send me an email…address at top of page.

A warning – if you were in Collingwood a year ago and bought a Lotto Max ticket with the Encore attached, you have until February 25th to claim your $100,000 if your encore numbers were 3-8-7-4-5-8-5.

Since this virus hit us, and we have not been able to go to  the Doctor’s office, virtual visits by doctors have skyrocketed by 5600% in Canada so the article says…followed by what does this mean for the future of Canadian Health Care.

By comparing march to July in 2019 and 2020, they found that the number of office visits per 1,000 per day went to 1.57 from 7.53, for a drop of 79.1 per cent.

The number of virtual visits per 1,000 people per day went to 3.92 from .07, for an increase of 5,608 per cent.

I have had a number of these virtual meetings. I can look at my blood test online (Life Labs) and when they talk about my tested levels, I am understanding better.

I wear a very inexpensive watch that gives my blood pressure, the number of heart beats per minute and the oxygen level of my blood. It even tells me how many steps I take per day, how many calories I have burned and interestingly enough, how many heart beats when I am in a deep sleep. It even tells me that I had 5 hours of REM sleep and the rest was just dozing.

Almost, I am getting better medical care now than before and I don’t have to drive 22.2 kilometres each way for an appointment.

I wonder if the doctors are still getting the same pay per patient visit.

As you drive around the countryside – I know, we are supposed to stay home – you may see solar panels covered with snow. I asked about getting up on my roof and cleaning the snow off of my panels but it was suggested the risk of falling, and the effort to optimize what little sunlight we do have on many winter days, that it was not worth the risk.

The power generated in January and February has always been the lowest with revenues as low as $30 ($29.95 this year) compared to the almost $700 we receive in the month of July.

BTW, I sell it to the Ontario Hydro grid for 10 times what you pay for it.

This January was maybe an exception but it still shows that we need at least 15 times as many solar panels in the winter versus the summer.

As well, wind turbines have been covered with ice so the blades have not been turning there.

Green energy is not rich.

Is the vaccine allotted to Ontario being sent someplace else?

Charles – it looks like we can go shop at Princess Auto and other places again?