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Anten Mills – by Dennis Gannon

The Anten Mills Community Recreation Association will be holding another Zoom meeting tonight beginning at 7 PM. Last month’s meeting was well attended and there was great discussion on some of the future activities. Those included the 50th anniversary of a community association and possible activities that would support it. The meeting tonight will continue those discussions including a potential Anten Mills exclusive artisans and craft fair along with the creation of a 50th anniversary garden. Community participation is critical to the success and to join the meeting get onto Zoom and the meeting number is 819 5340 1436 with the passcode 708803. A link will be posted on the Anten Mills Community Facebook page for those wishing to join that way.

The CRA has been working with Springwater Township representatives regarding the garden and beautification of the park in general. The proposed garden will primarily consist of perennial plants that will encourage pollinators to fly about the garden. Native plants will be used such as Sweet Joe Pye, Butterfly Milkweed, Virginia Bluebells , Black-eyed Susan, Coneflower, Lobella and Lupine. Along with that it is envisioned that native grasses and other perennial plants will be planted. As you start to clean up and garden this spring consider dividing any plants that you can to be included in the garden. It is hoped that the generosity of the residents of the community will provide all the plantings required. For more details feel free to contact me directly.

If you went down Wilson Drive anytime in the past week you were likely shocked to see the clear cutting that has commenced for the new Estates of Anten Mills subdivision by Fernbrook Homes. This subdivision is to be the home of 76 new families with road entrances on both Wilson Drive and Binnie Drive. There were a number of iterations of this subdivision over the years and the number of homes reduced to the agreed upon 76. While developers need to clear the land for roadways and services, many in the community were shocked at the clear cutting that was undertaken. Previous developers in the community and to the south end of the township selectively created the roadways and services without clearcutting. It will take a number of years for the development to be built out and many more for the mature landscape to return.

The Province of Ontario has issued a Stay at Home order for the entire province until May 6. Everyone can acknowledge that this has been a difficult time for all. The ice rink had to be closed with a short season due to the previous orders and the number of people congregating. This new order limits the outdoor gathering of people to 5. Springwater Township sent out a tweet noting that while passive recreation is permitted in parks, open spaces and trails, group gatherings, games and sports are not permitted. Enjoy the outdoors but please be mindful of the restrictions. With vaccinations now occurring, hopefully we can soon enjoy our facilities without restrictions.

The Anten Mills Community Facebook page has been an effective tool to announce community events and information. Communication is almost instant and reaches a broad number of people. The community Facebook page now has over 1000 followers. Prior to technology coming to the forefront, news and event information was sent into the community through newsletters from the community association. While going through the archives of the association some of those newsletters have been uncovered. Check the photos accompanying this article for some interesting reading.

Finally at the council last week, the community centre designation as a property of cultural heritage value or interest under the Ontario Heritage Act moved forward. For more details on the background and evaluation check the Township of Springwater website.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Strong. antenmills1@gmail.com