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Minesing Moments

Happy Spring!  As the past weekend ticked by I noticed the trees sprouting buds and perennials in the gardens popping up through the earth.  Spring is a fun season to observe.  It creeps up on you and all of a sudden, if you aren’t paying attention, the trees are full of leaves and the flowers are blooming!  I hope you take a few minutes to stop and notices these things. 

 It’s also so nice to see so many people out walking and biking enjoying the fresh country air and nice weather.   It’s great to hear the laughing and chatter of the kids going by on their bikes or scooters. We all remember the days when we knew everyone in the neighbourhood and now there are so many new faces that we may not recognize.  We welcome all those who are new to the neighbourhood!  You’ve joined a great little community here in Minesing.  Once we can all be back socializing again there are many events that can be enjoyed in our village.  We know you will love it here. 

 Our neighbourhood does continue to have great concern about the speed that people are travelling, specifically during the times that children are walking to and from school.  Minesing is a rural community and we all moved here to enjoy the country appeal.  The school has sent home many notices and emails advising parents of the dangers with the parking and speeding.  The Township by-law officer appeared one day and for a day or two people slowed down, but then it goes back to the same thing…children having to walk in the ditch to avoid cars going too quickly.  Parents, please adjust your schedules and leave a few minutes earlier so you aren’t running late.  I know it’s tricky to get out the door in the mornings with children, I’ve done it.  There are definitely folks who are great and I do want to acknowledge that not all cars are speeding.   Imagine if this was your child who is walking and has to veer off into the ditch to avoid a speeding vehicle or if you were walking with your children and a car brushes your pant leg as you walk on the side of the road?  It has happened!  What we as a neighbourhood would ask is that if you live here, visit here or if your children go to the school …please slow down and acknowledge all stop signs!  This isn’t a request, it’s the law.  I have written about this in the past and I’m sad that I have to continue to do so.  Please, please everyone do your thing, we cannot have an accident!

 Wishing everyone who is celebrating something in the next few weeks, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, birth, or a graduation, have a wonderful day!  Next year we hope celebrations will be back to normal. 

 Until next time, although the roses aren’t out yet, stop and smell Spring!