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Musings: sharing my journey as it unfolds daily

Occasionally, I survey the flyers from various grocery outlets…so when grapefruits cost $1.49 each, red mangos 1.99 each, cantaloupes $4.99 each, avocados $1.79 each, plums $3.29 a pound, oranges $2.29 a pound, grapes $1.99 a pound, sweet bell peppers $2.99 a pound, where/how do I find out which purchase has the most nutrients per dollar spent?

To carry that a little further, when you see beef at $6.50 a pound, steak at $10+ a pound and hamburger at $4.00 a pound – per pound dollar value – is hamburg the best?

Than you can throw in fish varying in price from $8 to $12 a pound. deli meat at $3.49 per 100 grams, your beyond burger or sausage at $6.99 per 226-400 grams and wonder how to spend your dollar wisely. Or when vegetables are priced at $2.69 per iceberg lettuce, $2.29 per red or green lettuce, $2.49 for tomatoes per pound, onions at $0.99 a bundle and radishes at $1.79, is there a best buy there. Canned corn, peas, beans, fruit and much more – I am glad I am not the person doing the shopping for the least expensive health foods.

I see a headline from Wasaga Beach that by the end of April, they may know if they are getting a high school. In the same release, there was a mention of the new Collingwood hospital go ahead. The redevelopment project is estimated to cost $500 million dollars. There are 2300 ICU beds in Ontario. 1400 are occupied with non-COVID patients leaving 900. There are 600 COVID patients already in the ICU so there are 300 empty beds – which isn’t many and that is why there is a lot of concern. The beds are spread across the province. The government just said they would transport patients anywhere in the province to the available ICU beds without getting the family or the patients consent.

When asked in a recent EdChoice survey what type of school the parents would select to get the best education for their child, if they were given the option, 29% of parents chose a private school, 27% a traditional public school, 24% said they would home school their kids, and 9% chose a charter school. I read that the government in United States is on the verge of enacting education savings account legislation that would allow many more families to use their share of state per-pupil funding for a variety of educational experiences. ESAs typically can be used to pay for private schools, traditional public schools, charter schools, virtual schools, tutoring, textbooks, classes and programs provided or contracted by a school district, and other approved expenses. That sounds fair, right? But in Ontario, there are 4 publicly funded school systems and if you want to send your child to a private school, or if you want to home school the student, despite the education taxes we pay, you pay out of your own pocket.

I read an article suggesting that the baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964 are out of style. There was a list of uncool things baby boomers still think are cool. Although we once made up 40% of the population, we now make up 20%. Uncool things are cursive writing, China plates, 24 hour news channels, diamonds, patterned wall paper, unpaid internships, crocs, home shopping channels, high waisted jeans, knee socks on men, writing checks, (telephone) land lines, fossil fuels, the Mall, Khaki capri pants, denims, jello, encyclopedias, socks and sandals, phone books, shag carpets, visors, fuzzy toilet seat covers, records, not so skinny jeans, ironing, bar soap, meatloaf, patterned vests, cop dramas, complaining about political correctness, linoleum flooring, conspiracy theories, Avon, gendering (girls in pink and boys in blue), golf (so will the sport die?), throw pillows, transition lenses, souvenir shot glasses, wire hangers, fuzzy dice (hung off our mirrors), tights with runs or holes, high heels, plastic stemware, scunchies (to keep your hair up), college-esque decorations, plastic furniture, tube tops, uggs, low rise jeans, stuffed animals,  cheap jewellery, sorority shirts, massively distressed clothing (my favourite 11 and 13 year olds wear them all the time), halter tops, red solo cups, cute hair ties, broken furniture, a futon, cheap or mismatched silverware, twinkle lights, bean bag chairs, cartoon figurines, childhood doll collections, novelty pillows, glitter makeup, neon signs, butterfly chairs, novelty salt and pepper shakers, a black light, gladiator sandals, wicker furniture, glass walls, waterbeds and more. I was going to mark what I had in red ink but if you notice the things that are masculine, I fit into some of those.

I think the person who made up the list is young and instead of learning things that we think are sensible and save money, probably got paid to make this stuff up.

Cursive writing – most contracts say signature here, print name here. For some of the young, that is redundant as they print in both spots.

Writing checks – I just tried to e-transfer some money to an American company. The person replied back saying unfortunately he could not accept the payment I sent as it offers Canadian bank options for deposit. I was asked to send a check. (When someone does an e-transfer that cannot be accepted, does it automatically get refunded to my account with no $$$ penalty?) I now look forward to someone commenting on how out of focus the Gen X (1965-1980) or the Millenials (1981-1996) or the Gen Z (1997-2010) or the Gen Alphas (2011-2025) are. I wonder which group is more responsible for the Cancer Culture has infected nearly every industry in America  from social media to universities to the work place. Millions of people have been banned from Twitter, Facebook and Google because someone does not like or believe what someone said. People have been lost their jobs because of their comments. Costco in the states quit selling one man’s products because he believed the election was unfair. Businesses, the press and Corporations are now running the world. We are electing people and if these organizations don’t like them, they are vilified. Back to the day when we use to have free speech, maybe there  is still a chance. This week, a new platform/app named FRANK is suppose to come online. They claim their will be no censoring of opinions. Let’s see!!!

Many of the things that transpire in the US, filters its way into our Canadian Society.  So in California, where a child is sexless until they decide whether they want to be referred to as a she or he, in the prisons they have asked every individual entering the department’s custody to specify their gender identity and whether they identify as transgender, non-binary or intersex. It is then required to house the individual in a correctional facility designated for that sex. Since January, 255 inmates have been transferred to female facilities and six have been transferred to a man’s facility. No request has been denied.

The transgendered, individuals born with male parts, have been taking part in sporting events generally limited to individuals born with the X chromosome and setting records and taking away opportunities i.e. scholarships. These ‘men’ as some might refer to them have taken part in female wrestling and boxing, which in one case led to the fractured skull to the milder sex.

That bothers me but not so much as seeing a male, someone with the Y chromosome, wandering into the washroom and/or change room as our female  grandchildren.

Charles, this is the end!