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Musings: sharing my journey as it unfolds daily

For all those people who love round-abouts, they are going to put one on Highway 93 between Midland and Penetanguishene where the road intersects with Golflink Rd and Vinden St.

Wasaga Beach – Shoreline road to remain a beach area.  The sand stays despite the water level being 9 to 11 inches lower than last year. But that is right now. If it rises any, and we get the storms and we have to clear the drive, it cost $15,000 four times in one year in the past.

On the plus side

• Less traffic?? Won’t the traffic will be someplace else?

• It will stop people from driving around and around the same route – more than 50 years ago, I can remember us trying to see how many times we could go round. It was fun. An awful waste of gas I would suppose but fun.

• Rids the shoreline of those noisy cars and awful music. Remember when it was the fashion to carry a getto blaster on your shoulder – and burn rubber when driving our souped up cars.

• Safer – but I don’t recall anyone getting hit. It was a traffic jam most of the time. We were hardly moving.

• The businesses??? Fewer parking spots – fewer people.

But since the fire, and the changing times, some suggest Wasaga Beach is not the draw it once was. It is time for a rebranding.

Have you seen the Olympic jackets/uniforms to be worn by the Canadian athletes at the closing ceremonies of the Japanese Olympics. Some call them a disaster that will garner significant ridicule from the internet. Some suggest the airbrushed jean jackets aren’t inspiring. In fact, some thought it was a joke. Usually, they wear a red blazer with Canada or a giant maple leaf on it. In an online poll of 2429 people, 46% thought it was ugly, 30% thought it distinctive while 24% shrugged and said they have seen worse and they have seen better.

Because Canada’s deficit for the last two fiscal years will reach more than $420 billion, or about 20 per cent of Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP), “the highest among all advanced economies and seven percentage points higher than the average for G20 countries.” a think tank’s report expects that by 2023 the federal government’s accumulated deficit will be roughly double what was projected before the crisis, reaching 56 per cent of the GDP. To help Ottawa chart its way out of this sea of red ink, the report proposes a two per cent hike in the Federal Goods and Services Tax (GST), a reversal of the expansion of employment insurance, and a reduction in corporate tax rates. It also calls on Freeland to cut by a third its proposed $100-billion stimulus package among other things. The report envisages balancing the budget by 2026 and bringing Canada’s debt-to-GDP ratio below 30 per cent by 2041.

If you were watching the Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling on television (April 20 to 25th) which consisted of the top 12 teams on the world tour year to date, on the women’s side, Team Einarson (Gimli, MB) won $40,000, Team Homan (Ottawa) for coming second received $25,000.

On the men’s side, Team Mouat (Edinburgh, Scotland)also won $40,000 and Team Gushue (St. John’s, Newfoundland/Labrador) won $25,000.

There was also money awarded for the third and fourth place finishes but since the essence of the game is the sport, I suspect they don’t publicize it much. In fact, once upon a time just for winning a game you might receive $1000 but I could not find that either. And while publicizing the winners share, on another site it said the prize money was $75,000 for the winner and $40,000 for the second place finisher, 3rd $25,000 and 4th $10,000.

Over time, the sport has become very competitive. Once upon a time, the winning team may have come from Hometown, Province but now it is winning with the best team possible and the lawmakers at the head has allowed that to happen. Team Homan which is supposedly from Ottawa has three players on the team residing in Alberta.

Team Einarson’s vice comes from Edmonton. The team plays out of Gimli, MB which is over an hour from Winnipeg where the lead and second reside. Einarson lives in Camp Morton a mere 10 minutes further north of Gimli. Team Gushe’s lead is from Edmonton. Team Mouat is from Edinburgh but three players live in Glasgow which is 74 kilometres/46 miles away. Kudos to Niklas Edin of Karlstad, Sweden. All four team members live there. Team Jennifer Jones curls out of Winnipeg, MB. Three of the players live there. Jennifer lives in Shanty Bay, ON. The prestigious event predates the inception of the Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling itself. Known originally as the Seagram’s V.O. Cup for branding purposes, the powerhouse foursome of Russ Howard, Glenn Howard, Wayne Middaugh and Peter Corner claimed the inaugural title with a decisive 8-2 victory over Paul Savage’s team in the final at the Calgary Curling Club on Feb. 21, 1993. It was a dream season for Team Howard as they also won Brier and world championships that year.

The women’s division was added in 2006.

A Liberal MP went for a jog, came back to his office and behind his desk, changed out of his jogging clothes showing him nude before he donned into his office attire and the whole process was caught on camera. Liberal whip Mark Holland suggested there was no intent and that it was an unfortunate error.

First, is there not a washroom in his Ottawa office to change in.

Second – you mean to say after running/jogging, the man did not have a wash but lingered all day with the smell of body odour.

Third – are any of you stupid enough to turn on the camera before changing in your office. I just cringe at the unsanitary suggestions/thoughts about the whole hygiene process.

With tearful eyes, Doug Ford said he made a mistake. He did not suggest that he was running the province like a dictator and not involving the other elected Conservatives in Ontario. He should have.

Charles – If I have more than one mouse to run my computer, is two or more called mice or mouses?