“Stay Home and Save Lives” is a repetitive statement that has been bombarding our information/advertising sources since the beginning of this pandemic.  After doing a bit of research to find out how I should care for myself should I become ill with covid-19, I sadly discovered that there is still no actual treatment being offered by “those in charge,” even though I have been reading about alternative treatments from “informed” doctor platforms worldwide.  All the public health literature I have read simply commands us to “Stay Home and Save Lives.”  Some websites even instruct us NOT to self-medicate.  Considering the high standards of care our health system promotes on their behalf, I find this lack of available treatment somewhat puzzling.   And so, strictly out of curiosity I wrote a letter to my personal and local physician.  I felt, as a responsible citizen that I should be made aware as to what kind of care I could expect in my local community if I myself became ill.  I presented the following questions:

Does your personal office have a current standard of care protocol in place with respect to ‘treatment’ for your patients if they should contact the Covid-19 illness and call upon your office for help? 

Do you have access to “recommended/alternative medicines” to treat Covid-19? Could you please tell me what treatment options are now approved in Canada, and easily available at this time?  In addition, what would be the treatment choices you have available in your office that you would offer to your patients should they become ill?

The secretary/nurse(?) called me back within a week and informed me of the following:

My doctor is not seeing or treating any covid patients at all.

I must follow the protocol on my local health website if I suspect I have covid.

My doctor’s office did not know our local hospital procedures for the actual treatment of covid. 

My doctor’s office has had very few known incidents of patients who might have had covid and as a result have not been busy with such.

And so now, I am even more puzzled and have even more questions.   I especially found it rather curious that my doctor’s office didn’t know his/her local hospital’s standard patient treatment and care for covid. (I will be contacting the hospital next.)  The whole situation just seems so sadly mishandled.  After over a year, nothing has changed as far as ‘treating’ covid goes. Those in charge keep telling us there is no treatment. Their biggest push is the vaccine itself and in Canada, that may be a long wait for those who want it.  In the meantime, if you get sick, stay home so you can save other people’s lives.  Yours may not be worth a dam thing!  (Sorry. I’m getting a little perturbed!)

Beverley Dujay-Macdonald   

What Has Springwater Become?

As I was flipping through the 598th edition of the Springwater News, I was appalled to come across a piece titled “What has America become” on page 18.  For those of you who may have missed it, it was a letter to the editor from a US paper highlighting the so-called “double-standards” in today’s society. Excerpts from this letter included “If we dislike a black person, we’re racist and if a black person dislikes whites, it’s their 1st Amendment right,” and “in public schools you can teach that homosexuality is OK, but you better not use the word God in the process”.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Elmvale. As a university student who has spent the past two years living in Ottawa, I have often missed our small town and the many friendly faces I have grown up with. However, as I get older, I have become aware of the more harmful values that are present within parts of our community. I regret that one of my best friends from high school who is Black feels unsafe here. I am frustrated that just weeks ago one of my high school peers tried to convince me that wearing the confederate flag is not racist. When working for a local small business last year, I was angry to be told that because I am a girl, I was automatically not strong enough to help a customer lift a 50 lb bag of product into their car. As a small town, many of our values operate to maintain the status quo, but for as long as we continue to uphold the oppression of people in the name of tradition, our society and community will never reach its full potential. I want Springwater to be a safe and loving community for anyone who lives or visits here, regardless of their sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or race. We cannot continue to oppress people and exclude entire strata of our population from the benefits of small-town life while justifying this oppression with certain religious beliefs or other traditional ideologies. On behalf of myself and those who support this letter, I would like to apologize to the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities as well as other marginalized Peoples for the oppression you have experienced in Springwater. You deserve safety, respect, and representation in our community and I hope that more people in privileged positions join me in advocating for these rights. As a white cis-gendered woman, I know that I have priveledges that others may not see in their lifetime. Although I cannot change the fact that the colour of my skin and my sexual orientation has granted me privileges in our society, I can use this privilege to elevate voices of those who are oppressed. It is my recommendation that the editor of the Springwater News sets aside a column for marginalized peoples to share their voices rather than giving newspaper space to oppressive pieces such as “What has America become”.

Rachael Ozerkevich with the support of other passionate change makers.


I really love reading these letters about the above subject from people who are obviously very ignorant about said subject! 

Most people are very passionate about this, obviously!  However, the debate is still going on, despite what the climate alarmists tell us!! THERE ARE MANY DIFFERING OPINIONS OUT THERE! BEFORE WE BECOME HYSTERICAL AND PANICKED, PLEASE READ OR VIEW ANYTHING YOU CAN ON THE SUBJECT! EDUCATE YOURSELVES! THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS JUST THAT: MAINSTREAM(who knows what mainstream means anymore, anyway?) Here is an article that will make you think: A PLANET OF HUMANS…. a movie by Michael Moore! 

A Tarant

Good morning,

I just read your paper and I was saddened by a few of the things that I read.

First of all, I enjoy getting your paper as it helps me keep informed with what is going on as my husband and I moved here last August and because of COVID we would not know as much about this town if it was not for this paper and to read that it may be cancelled has upset me.  I know that I am not alone when I say that not everyone in this world likes to go on a computer to get updates and the fact that the Mayor was in agreement adds to my sadness. Since I am new to Elmvale (I moved here to be closer to family) does Elmvale have it’s own Mayor or is Mayor Allen the Mayor of Springwater?  Is there any way for us to stop what seems ridiculous to me or is this a done deal? My sister and I walk the town of Elmvale almost every day and we both chuckle when we read the BIA signs that say shop local, we ask ourselves where would the BIA like us to shop and wonder why we have a mattress store and a very overpriced computer store, this town needs a pub not a cannabis store and we need our beer store. The fact that it is closing makes no sense to me as I do not think it would be lacking in sales as it is probably very busy under normal non COVID days.  The guy at the LCBO who made a rude comment to me one day in the summer because I was grabbing some beer, he reminded me it was an LCBO not a beer store, will not be happy learning the beer store will be closing as the resident of Elmvale will be definitely buying beer at the LCBO now.These things upset me and being a new resident I would like to know if there is something that can be done?  Does the BIA have a revitalization committee for the town?  My sister and I have a lot of ideas on what we think would help the town, unfortunately for us we do not have the money to start opening up stores and pubs or we would. Not sure if you can answer my questions and so hope I have not taken up too much of your time but I will miss this paper if it does stop publishing. Thank you for all the great work you do keeping everyone informed with what is happening in this sweet town.                    


To the Editor

I have meant to write several times to say thank you for publishing the bi-weekly column by Bill French.  I have great respect for our former Mayor – and while I might not always agree with him politically – I think his interpretation of the current council of Springwater is right on the mark.  My thanks also to Mr. French for his commitment to our township – without him we would have a very one-sided view of the happenings down in Minesing.

D.R. Moulden

P.S. I also liked his remarks about your paper, Mike – I have meant to say thank you for ages.  So this is it – Thank You.

THE FLOW in Elmvale on Country Road 27 at Risk?

Dear lovers of The Flow! We enjoy filling our jugs with this exceptional and clean groundwater gushing forth, thanks to Nature herself.

There is some cause for concern for its “well being”.  The Team of Scientists, who have been studying this exceptional and pristine water are saying it is at risk of contamination.  http://aware-simcoe.ca/2021/04/scientists-sound-the-alarm-contaminants-found-in-cleanest-groundwater/

Want to help us protect it?  Please call or send emails to

MPP Jill Dunlop:  

OFFICE:  705-326-3246   TOLL FREE:  1-800-304-7341



Premier Ford:  PREMIER:  premier@ontario.ca

Tel. 416-325-1941

We thank you and the WATER thanks you!