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Anten Mills – by Dennis Gannon

We all remember being taught in school that the season of Summer begins on June 21. That is when the number of daylight hours greatly exceeds the darkness hours. Meteorologists now put the season of Summer beginning on June 1. The prediction for this year is that it will be above normal in temperature and drier.This past week has definitely demonstrated the above normal temperatures and the month of May was definitely drier than normal. According to the records that I report daily on, there were 19 days in May when no rain fell, two days with just a trace of rain and in total we received 28.2 millimeters of rain or just over one inch with the greatest rain fall occurring on May 3 when we received 16.5 millimeters. The Springwater fire department has raised the fire danger rating to High and we shouldn’t be surprised if it is raised to Extreme and no open air burning, including recreational bon fires will be allowed. For those who have municipal water, remember that there are water restrictions on when you can water your lawn. The reason for these water restrictions is so that there is sufficient water in the system for normal household use and more importantly, that there is adequate water in the event of a fire emergency. With a structure fire, tens of thousands of gallons of water can be required which will draw down the amount in the reservoir. Be cautious this summer and follow the guidelines for recreation fires and water use. We don’t need unnecessary risks in our community. 

With the Stay at Home order lifted this past week the amount of traffic on our area roads has significantly increased. With the kids not returning to school we see many of them on our local roads and streets. Now would be a good time to remind them of road safety, about wearing helmets at all times and us as drivers, watching our speed as we travel and to keep looking out for our community children.

The Fry Guy has been steady with cars, dirt bikes and atvs all parking alongside the road. Unfortunately there have been individuals who see the vacant land across the street as a place to park their machines and even loading and unloading them. If you have friends who use the local trails or enjoy the Fry Guy, please remind them that the property is not public land and is owned by a local family. Stay on the trails and use the snowmobile club parking lot to load and unload the machines.

With the ability to travel more opening up we may come across a time where we are not exactly sure where we are and may require the use of emergency services. The OPP and other emergency agencies are using an App which can be downloaded for free to any smart phone. The App, what3words can assist them in locating the exact location that an individual is. Recently in Barrie, the police service used it to locate a family who was out hiking and darkness was rapidly approaching. If you have walked in the county forest you realize how quickly a path can change. Download the app and like insurance, hope you never have to use it but it is there if needed.

Checking our local history about the pavilion at the community centre, we learn that on June 16, 1997 the construction was complete. All the metal was installed and the screening placed and packed down. The Grand Opening was held on July 5, 1997 and it was a day filled with activities which local families participated in.Several local council members were in attendance, the ribbon was cut and the pavilion was officially christened the Edwards Pavilion in recognition of the community contributions by the late Dennis Edwards. In order to make the project a reality, the community association raised funds through a raffle. It is important to recognize not only Dennis but the efforts of Karen Lilley who continues to live in and support the community along with Helen Murray. Both played pivotal roles in ensuring that the pavilion was built and the necessary money raised. The raffle winners that day include Patricia Wilson a recent chair of the CRA who won a fishing boat, Dylan Strack who snagged a canoe and Mark Moreau who took home a cash prize. In the next column the final instalment of the pavilion construction will occur.

Canada Day will soon be here and last year local MP, Doug Shipley, offered Happy Canada signs to display on your property. If you saw them last year and would like one feel free to contact his office by calling 705 728 2596 or emailing him at doug.shipley@parl.gc.ca, he is offering them up again this year.

For many years now an opportunity has existed for our community news to be published in this newspaper. Before my start Randy Sweet and Kim Tyler wrote about our community. This was all made possible by Mike Jacobs the owner, editor and publisher of Springwater News. As already seen somewhere in this edition, Mike has sold the paper and is embarking on his well deserved retirement with Margaret Ann. Thank you Mike for allowing the community of Anten Mills to have a publication to keep our community informed and we as a community wish you and Margaert Ann many years of continued health and enjoyment. We appreciate all that you have done for us.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Strong, antenmills1@gmail.com.