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Russian Roulette on Dirt Bikes:

Sunday June 6 at approximately 7:15 PM, coming home from an afternoon of summer fun we were driving south on Vespra Valley Rd. when stunned to see a dirt bike blow through the stop sign eastbound at Hendrie Rd. Then a second followed in pursuit. Hitting the brakes while trying to stay in control we could just see the second rider motion to a third rider to stop at which point we would have collided. South bound view of eastbound traffic at this intersection is hampered by trees untill you are right there. It is the same for eastbound visuals north.

Immediately I began to remember attending motorcycle accidents in my 35 years with Etobicoke/Toronto Fire services. Captain of a pumper/rescue truck, I hated responding to these calls as most times they were really messy with fatalities. Picking up body parts is not my idea of good day.

Sitting on an powerful engine with two wheels evokes as sense of power and the invincibility of youth soars the thrill of near death experiences. Like playing truth or dare at a party when someone brings out the plate of random pills, party world suddenly turns to funeral world when a friend dies of overdose.

In our dirt bike Russian Roulette experience, the rider of the third bike, blue, is still alive because buddy on the red bike was able to look back and give him a signal and I was able to adjust for the split second. Mean while, leader of the pack in the orange/yellow bike was coming down from his 200 heart beats per min. thrill. Sadly the first bike was willing to see his friends die at that crossing when he chose to blow the stop sign having the best visual advantage. Numbers two and three were obviously trying to impress the boss by taking the risk to follow the dare into the black hole of death.

None of these people seem to grasp concern for others because no one considered my life or my wife and two grandchildren on board. A 250 lb bike with a 170 lb rider going 70 Km packs a serious impact when “T” boning a mini van. Usually the biker dies and the potential of fatalities on board is great. Had I hit the blue rider head on at 70 Km he would be dead almost for sure.

If you know these young people, take the time to explain the consequences of such behaviour. Riders, if you live through it the next time, it may be at the cost of someone’s life and that pain is carried the rest of yours.

Thankfully, we are all still alive, take care and consider others. Terry Evans, Snow Valley

In case anyone out there with some spare pocket change isn’t in the know, and you want some beachfront property, there is a parcel of land at Sawlog Point that’s on the market for a cool $10,000,000.    [“BLOCK C”]

It is claimed by the realtor that it is a combination redsidential / recreational – I was always under the impression that it was zoned recreational; we in the neighbourhood always just referred to it as the ‘parkway’.  Lovely sand beach, until the recent high waters hit, now it’s mainly washed up stones.

This is the same parkway that the Sunset Bay Community Association would always use for their annual meetings, with the permission of the owner, becauseit was / is indeed privately owned.  Because they had permission, and the executive directors could ‘choose’ who could attend the meetings… I guess they had the right to ask me to leave the property, whilst just trying to listen in on the annual proceedings (this happened twice; the 1st time I wasn’t allowed to ask a Q ‘from the floor’ ~ ).

That’s all ‘old news’ now, but the real shame, most people wouldn’t know this,is that the property was SOLD to the Township of Tiny for $1.00 (a LOT less zeros), years ago, under the stipulation that the Township develop the land as a proper PARK.    Seeing that they (“WE”) didn’t do this, the (now deceased) landowner bought it back for the same $1.00, I guess, saving himself some property taxes along the way.

Council and such don’t always make the right decisions on the behalf of the citizenry, and it also reminds me of the landsale of aprox 25 acres of ‘recreational lands’, that I envisioned as hiking trails, connecting our crescent walking trails to Awenda Park, to a hunting camp owner, for the paltry sum of (the minimum allowed) $8,000, without open public bidding because the road frontage was cut-off; this a decision made by the planning director of the time, and the same Sunset executive member that not only kicked me out of his Association, but demanded that I leave that $1, I mean, $10,000,000 parkway.

I’ll chip in the first dollar if anyone wants to get together ~ lovely swimming there … See you at the beach!

Peter E Davenport, TINY TOWNSHIP