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Minesing Moments

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Greetings readers!  I am not sure if you all know but the Springwater News has been sold.  I would like to say a big thank you to Michael Jacobs for his many years of hard work and efforts in keeping the folks of Springwater Township in the know of what’s happening in our area.  The new owner, Deanna Woods, has stepped in and is going to continue on with bringing us all, this wonderful newspaper.  We wish Michael all the best in his retirement and Deanna, good luck with this new adventure!  

For those of you who are reading this from Minesing, I would like to give you all a reminder that if there is something you would like to announce, a birthday, anniversary, or something that will be of information to those of us in the village and outskirts of Minesing, reach out to me at lorachalli@sympatico.ca and I will send it off for the next issue.   

To the parents and teachers of the students who won’t be returning to the classroom this school year, I feel for all of you.  Especially those who have children who are graduating from Grade 8 and leaving the school that has formed them this far.  Minesing is a wonderful school and just feel confident that your students have been prepared to enter the next phase of their schooling lives.  Mr. H. does a wonderful job making sure his students are prepared to spread their wings going into high school.  Our students rock!  

For the students who are graduating high school:  this last year+ has been extremely challenging for you all, but remember…YOU DID IT!  The struggles were real, changing the way you learned, not seeing your friends, not interacting in real life has been tough.  But YOU DID IT!  Preparing for your next stage in life, whether it’s post-secondary education or entering into the work world, whatever it looks like, remember YOU’VE GOT THIS!  

A reminder to folks travelling in our community and surrounding communities that the kids will be out more playing and bike riding so keep a watchful eye, slow down as you enter and drive through all small towns.  

Until next time…please remember to continue wash your hand, socially distance and follow the rules, this thing isn’t over but is headed in the right direction.  Have yourself a super day!