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Screaming ninnies conspiracy theorist

Hi Michael, 

I read your blurb on Dr.Fauchi with interest, and I have to admit it’s not the first time I heard of some negative comments about him and his professed expertise…

Firstly, I am not a vaccine denier, or a conspiracy theorist…. However, I like to stay informed on such critical issues as this pandemic and the universally accepted single minded solution to this crisis  which seems to be massive vaccinations of the public.  

I have trouble getting non-biassed and scientific explanations on many of the issues surrounding the pandemic. 

Some of the sites harbour on ” screaming ninnies conspiracy theorists ” and of course the sites expounding the virtues of the vaccine solutions are all published by the vaccine manufacturing people.

I can’t seem to find any non-biassed scientific information about the actual mRNA ” vaccines” besides the fact that they were rushed through in the USA under the Emergency Use Authorization  mandate. 

But just with my limited research into the way the human cell functions and the effect of the mRNA on cellular structure, I am just a bit concerned ( actually , a whole lot concerned). 

It may be a matter of semantics or a scientific oversight as it appears to be described to the public about the actual mRNA treatments being called “vaccine” where in actual fact it is a gene manipulating treatment, and not a vaccine in the traditional definition of what a vaccine actually is. 

Just researching the areas of concern like Cell structure, Immunity, and the mechanics of mRNA treatments, I can’t help but wonder if all this mucking about with altering the Cell structure and possibly altering the DNA by such artificial intrusion of the mRNA, could have serious consequences if not in the short term, then what about the long term possible life altering changes as our DNA is forced to adhere to these artificial intrusions. 

I realize I am in the minority for even questioning the professionalism of the researchers, doctors, and scientists, and as I stated earlier, I am not a vaccine denier or a conspiracy theorist,  but I feel there are too many loose ends especially concerning the possible long term adverse effects of the mRNA gene altering treatment. 

The single mindedness of massive vaccination of the entire population of the world, leaves other possible solutions to this Covid-19 pandemic completely out of the picture, and seems to follow the doctrine of only one solution to this problem.

The human body is a really complicated and wonderful organism, which works as complex inter related organism, not as a bunch of isolated entities, and when we isolate areas of concern the imbalance is further amplified, and such is the case in most diseases, and health issues. If we continually treat only the obvious problem areas, without looking at the whole organism, we further run the risk of fixing one problem at the sacrifice of possible health complications developing in other areas….. 

I just hope that we are not opening a huge Pandora’s box with our single minded approach to this pandemic….

Time will tell……

George — Hillsdale

Dear Reader,

I am writing this letter to educate you on the extent of the hardship caused by the caterpillar infestation of 2021. I have previously been in touch with Mayor Allen as well as Councillor Hanna. Both were sympathetic and gracious and I appreciate their listening to my concerns.

My name is Peter Magill. My wife Darlene and I are both retired seniors on fixed incomes. I am battling cancer as well as other debilitating health issues.

This year in the middle of May, we began to notice an unusual amount of caterpillars in our yard. We originally were unconcerned, however they would soon increase to a rate that completely overwhelmed us. They came by the thousands. They totally infested our yard and began to show up in our house. They got into our garage by getting into cracks around the garage doors. They crawled up the sides of our house and got into any crevice they could. One morning as I was typing, one crawled across my computer screen. My dog lay on the couch and one crawled out of his ear. We have been burning them by the shovel load. I have been taking leaf bags full of them to the landfill as yard waste because we have no idea what to do with them all. I collect wheel barrows full of them at a time. The bottoms of my trees look like viper pits where tens of thousands of them congregate every day. Their droppings fall in your hair when you are outside, and have collected at the bottom of my pool and discoloured the liner, so I have property damage. I will have to paint my out buildings as when they die they putrefy and almost ‘rust’  leaving brown residue, which now adorns my soffit, fascia and downspouts as well as the sides of my pool house, so once again, there is property damage.

We do nothing else, our entire day is devoted to battling caterpillars. When I leave my residence, it is to go for more spray, new brooms, etc., everything is about the battle. It goes on day after day.  We have no recreation. We can’t enjoy our property. We can’t swim. Our pool is a bio hazard zone. Our grandchildren can’t come to play in our yard, which now belongs to these pests. Our windows and screens are running with insect spray. But still they come.

Our forests as well as the trees at the front of our property are completely 100% defoliated. It was said that the caterpillar infestation would ‘collapse’ before this happened. This was clearly an error in judgement by the County’s Forestry Department. To date, no one has taken ownership of this error in judgement, this critical miscalculation. 

It has been said by County officials that this is a “nuisance”. This is much more than a nuisance.  Mosquitos are a nuisance. Black flies for a few days in the spring are a nuisance. This is far more than a nuisance. This has been by far the biggest hardship we have faced in our twenty years in Midhurst. One would have to put themselves in our shoes to truly understand the scope of the hardship we have faced, and are facing every day. We start the clean up over again every morning and it lasts until the sun goes down. To completely sweep your house, and to come full circle and to see where you started is once again black with caterpillars is so frustrating. The stench of dead caterpillars is everywhere. Their bodies line the base of our house, our fences, trees, hot tub, sheds, everywhere. This is much more than a nuisance.

We are very disappointed that not one member of council or the Mayor took the time to personally visit our property to see first-hand the scope of the situation we were left with because of the bad decision not to spray. That would have meant so much to us, to know there was concern and support. The Mayor, a Councillor or a delegate should have attended to see what we were dealing with. We feel no one cares and that our elected officials deserted us. I truly feel that as taxpayers and citizens, we are only important to elected officials one day every four years. They have proven to me they really don’t care. Rob Ford once personally delivered a blue box to an elderly citizen. He cared. If these people did, someone would have visited.

As far as the County goes, they don’t even answer emails. If this is the private sector, someone pays for this with their job. Someone is fired. But of course in the magical sunshine list alternate universe of Simcoe County employees, nothing will happen. No one will even stand up and take ownership of this disaster.

As mentioned, my wife and I are on fixed incomes, so private spraying was not an option. As well as that, we have many more trees than could practically be sprayed. A lot of the egg sacs are way high in these trees. Some are 50 feet from the ground so they are completely inaccessible.

It has also been said that the infestation is a “private property” matter, however that is just not the case here. My property abuts Springwater Township land. This Township land has thousands of trees that were never treated by the Township, and are thick with egg sacs. I am sure thousands of these pests that arrive on my property originated from trees on Township property. There are also trees on road allowances that are full of these egg sacs. Furthermore, these caterpillars come down out of the trees and can travel as far as a kilometre before landing, making this truly a community problem. To say it is a private property matter is like saying Covid 19 is a private matter. This is clearly a community matter.

 As rate payers, my wife and I don’t ask for much. We pay our taxes faithfully and take pride in our home and in our community, but I am asking now. Please don’t put us through this again next year. Realize the tremendous hardship that we and others have been through this year and insist the county address this matter. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope this letter is forefront in your mind when the decision is made to spray or not to spray. I will include a few pictures of the infestation.

Sincerely, Peter Magill

Springwater Township Council Meeting 

On the evening of June 16 I tuned in to the Springwater Township Council meeting as there was an item of interest which may have benefited my community and the invaluable work done by our Community Recreation Association. Full disclosure here is that I have a career spanning three decades working in municipal and provincial governments as well as consulting in the federal government. I can personally therefore appreciate the efforts staff members make and recognize that our elected officials come from a variety of backgrounds and do have a sometimes difficult job. 

What I observed was a dysfunctional group of individuals, some of whom gave total disregard to the professional staff whom we employ on the matter being discussed. Several of these individuals were to my thinking grandstanding as they weren’t seeing the big picture and failed to recognize that there are processes in place for reasons. Having been on Zoom numerous times this past year I understand that it is difficult to concentrate on the speaker and to see what others are doing. To call out a point of order demonstrates that the individuals doing so themselves are failing to pay attention. 

If this Council is going to provide the best for our community for the next year and some, they must start by collaborating with each other and staff. The role of Council according to the Municipal Act is “to represent the public and to consider the well-being and interests of the municipality;

to develop and evaluate the policies and programs of the municipality;

to determine which services the municipality provides;

to ensure that administrative policies, practices and procedures and controllership policies, practices and procedures are in place to implement the decisions of council; to ensure the accountability and transparency of the operations of the municipality, including the activities of the senior management of the municipality; to maintain the financial integrity of the municipality; and to carry out the duties of council under this or any other Act”. It is not to micromanage the efforts of the professionals we employ. What has been observed on this and several other occasions is shameful. Perhaps the ward system is not the best method of electing representatives as it was demonstrated by the carrying on of several of the members. Have they forgotten that they don’t just represent a ward but all of the township? As a Council I suggest that they need to publicly apologize to staff for their behaviour and the manner in which they address them as well as to us as the taxpayers of the municipality and continue with a promise to think before they speak and recognize their actions affect all of us. Should you wish you can watch live council meetings by checking the township website and previous meetings on YouTube so that you have first hand knowledge about the proceedings and the way certain members conduct our business.

A Concerned Citizen 


Firstly I would like to thank Mike for the many years of  keeping the community informed through the Springwater News.

Let’s do Lunch and all events of Elmvale Presbyterian Church have appreciated the coverage offered when hosting

a mission event(sometimes placed free of charge or at a reduced rate) that allowed us to put every available penny to use

for whatever mission we were sponsoring and for placing our notice in a spot easily found. (also  for excusing

my lack of expertise in placing a picture)

Mike, enjoy your retirement, your family and all the toys you have at your disposal to enrich your coming years, May they be many. 

God’s blessings,