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My take on “Child and Youth COVID-19 Vaccine Fact Sheet”

Dear Reader,

The first thought that came to mind when I read the article of 24th June was that children and youth don’t need the COVID vaccine, since for them the risks definitely outweigh any benefits.

Young people rarely get COVID, and if they do it’s usually mild or asymptomatic and they don’t spread it. Only 4 people under the age of 20 have died from COVID in Ontario. I know that every death is tragic but this death rate is comparable to the seasonal flu and occurs in those with comorbidities.

It would be a very simple decision to take this vaccine if it had no side effects, but as a new and experimental gene therapy, it is becoming clear that there are many issues. These vaccines are not FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approved but only have an  Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

This shot, unlike past vaccines, injects a genetically modified mRNA (messenger RNA) into your body to cause your DNA to create the same type of spike protein present in the virus, so as to produce an immune response. Scientists, like Byram Bridle, a viral immunologist and associate professor at the University of Guelph, have recently discovered that the spike protein produced is far from a harmless protein, but a cytotoxic pathogen that travels around the body sometimes causing serious harm and even death to some recipients.

The FDA  announced early in May that it would add a CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) vaccine warning concerning reported cases of heart inflammation – either myocarditis or pericarditis – in young adults and children after they received the mRNA vaccines.

Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi MD, Prof of Microbiology & Immunology, Germany’s most cited research scientist warns us not to vaccinate the children.

Dr. Robert Malone, MD, the inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine technology does not recommend these vaccines for children or adolescents.

In the US, according to government statistics, there have now been over 5,000 deaths after receiving the COVID vaccines, and even more in Europe. There have also been many severe side effects some of which may be permanent, but we don’t know since there have been no long-term studies. We also do not know what other side effects may show up in the years to come. People who have taken the COVID vaccines are the study.

For further information, please go to the website below:

B. Consiglio – Tiny

Dear Editor,

This last year has brought our family tragedy and challenges beyond anything we would’ve imagined for ourselves. Last July, our son Jesse Spina was severely and irreparably injured during a swimming accident. His neck was broken in three spots leaving him quadriplegic. He had spent 10 months in the hospital in Tornoto until coming home  May 27, 2021. We are thrilled to have our son home where we can care for him. Thanks to the support we received from our community, we are better equipped to support our son.

We are so fortunte to be surrounded and comforted by the kindness and generosity of our friends, family and community. It feels inadequate beyond measure to simply say thank you, but they are the only words we have to express the abundant gratitude we have for those who have come to our aid at our lowest time.

We sincerely thank the Elmvale District Lioness Club, the Elmvale Lions Club, and the Go-Fund Me supporters for their fundraising efforts. We used the funds donated to make our home accessible for Jesse. Making our home accessible woundn’t have been possible without the efforts of the various local construction crews who worked around the clock some days to get our home ready in time for our son’s homecoming. Thank you to Sargent, Scott Elliott, for donating the concrete needed to support the lift at our front door. As always, our friends and family continue to offer their support in any way needed. From the bottom of our hearts we thank each and every one of you. May the kindness you have given be returned to you tenfold.


Mike and Linda Spina

Dear editor,

I have grave concerns as a Nurse in Ontario. We do not have enough nurses! My parents live in Alberta and I count on nurses to help care for my parents,. I am an ICU nurse looking after patients with COVID in Ontario. I can’t be in both places especially since our government has implemented all these bills that effect nurses. I have now just had my first 5 day vacation off in 15 months . Post 3rd wave , every floor has been depleted of nursing staff.. This is a National crisis.. not just a provincial. Deploying nurses from other provinces when there isn’t a pool to pull from us unrealistic. Real solutions need to be brought to the table and firing nurses to balance the budget affects patient care. Capping nurses wages while politicians take huge yearly increases is shameful. Leaders should lead by example… they should also be capped if they are so concerned about the budget.

In the next 5 years the majority of nurses will retire, although this pandemic has initiated early retirement. The baby boomers are hitting the healthcare system and the government choose to be reactive not proactive with this knowledge.

Covid isn’t done with us either. The world is not vaccinated. We need to Re-evaluate our priorities. 

From a concerned nurse, advocating for all patients, families and Citizens of Canada.

Shame on Tiny Councillors.  Where do you think you are going to go when the water is gone!  How can you face people who counted on you to protect their God given right to pure water?  Right now I’m not proud !

Caroline Kachkowski.  Tiny


   Synchronicity again ~ if it weren’t for the guy who arrived just ahead of me, unloading the 1,000 ~ empty cans, out of the back of his pickup, I never would have headed over from Penetang, to the Hwy. 93 Beer Store.  But there she was, 2m (+) from me, at the head of the line.

   She, being a former ‘cottage waterfront’ customer, waiting to take her cart-full of empties in; as it turns out, her husband inside with the first cart-load.  Life must be good, I suppose. I assume she is now retired, the ‘Mr.’ retired many years ago from his CFO position with an investment company – probably both six-figure incomes.

   I said, “You look familiar”, recognizing her despite her mask & head-garb.  I then asked “what books” her husband had looked at, to determine they ‘didn’t owe me anything’.  She told me to drop it, and I quickly responded, “Easy for you to say with those soft-close drawers in your $40K kitchen” ~

   We had an agreement originally, that I was to be the site supervisor for their new cottage project, replacing the early ’60’s structure.  The offer, (speaking of 1,000), which I accepted, was $1,000 per month, and based on an hourly rate of $15, (stop laughing fellow contractors), if I exceeded the $1K based on hours, I was to charge the extra time – which happened more than once.

   I considered these people friends; she referred to me as family, the afternoon she asked the 2 carpenters to leave, so we could bury their dog, ‘Angel’.  She wasn’t so friendly that day though, in the grocery store, when she ducked down an aisle, pretending not to see me…

    I (apparently) made a big mistake, me being a nice fellow, when I suggested Easter wknd., us squaring up the account at the time, that it was OK to forego the $1K per month, especially it being April, not a lot going on, we were waiting for things to properly thaw so the basement floor could be poured ~ and we could base things on a direct time / labour charge going forward.

   I tried to be as helpful as possible, I had even offered to give input on the design of the cottage; at that point, they had already signed a contract.  This being with a company that paid no attention to what I had suggested to this couple – that most if not ALL issues should be sorted out ‘on paper’, in the planning stages, before any construction was to begin.  As it turned out, the threaded, spring-loaded rods in the squared-off log walls, interferred with some of the trusses and floor joists.  The entire bathroom lay-out had to be changed because no ‘accounting’ was done – on paper – as to where the floor trusses would be, in ‘conjunction’ with plumbing flanges etc.

   A lot of hours I spent on site that summer – running past the Sept. date when the retired Chief Financial Officer forgot to bring his chequebook up (after 2 reminders)…  He had to do an inter-branch deposit for me.  Wow, $2,500!

   But take off the $1,289.– of their materials I had on MY VISA (that’s why I reminded him to bring his chequebook up, didn’t want to be paying interest on that).

   Much more to the saga, enough for a book, and I tried to give good advice and save them money along the way, the Thanks you get from some people.  And it was “TWO” OPP officers that arrived in my driveway, (wonder what was billed to Tiny), to ask me to stop ‘harassing them’, she had called them, after a few polite emails from me, just asking to sit down and go over my (meticulous) records.

   But at least I got my canoe back from them.  They wouldn’t even meet me at the end of their driveway, but took it up to a neighbour’s (w/o consulting him first), for me to pick up.  Reminds me of the day, out in the canoe with the Mr., when I told him I’d rather not get my clothes wet, but he kept tipping the canoe until I went in for a dunk.

   Some people’s idea of a good tip is much different than others … ~

Peter E Davenport