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Anten Mills – by Dennis Gannon

There was some wheelin and dealin going on in the village this past Saturday. None of it was of the illegal nature so you don’t need to worry about law enforcement. For many years there has been a community wide garage sale usually held in early June. For the past two years that has been able to occur but this Saturday, thanks to a few organizers, a successful garage sale was held. It appeared that over 30 homes participated and from what I was told they were very happy with the turnout and the sales. Perhaps next year the sale can return in June when most garage salers are out in full force.

The countdown to our 50th anniversary celebration is on. Mark your calendars now and save the date of Sunday October 3 to come to the community centre and park to help celebrate the anniversary of a community association. Now officially called the Anten Mills Community Recreation committee, the association has been responsible for the recreational, social and facility building that has bound the community together for such a long time. It all came from the vision of the late John Shannon who thought the children of the community should have a place to skate in the winter. Now 50 years later there is a great multipurpose pad that is transformed into an ice rink in the winter looked after by our community volunteers as well as a pavilion and a community hall that is one of the best around even if it is on the smaller size.

Members of the first community association were John Shannon (d) President, Vice Presidents Glen Wagner and Ivan Skinner, Robert VanNispen Secretary and Roland Wagner Treasurer. Along with them, a committee for recreation was established. It is hoped that we may see one or more of these founders that day.

The Artisans and Crafters show spaces have all been filled and it looks like a great event. There is an artist and author, wooden sign maker, wood carver, homemade goodies of various varieties along with knitters, crocheters and card makers to name but a few of the vendors. The fair will begin at 1PM and end at 3PM. There is no cost to attend and all of the vendors have donated a gift for a door prize draw. The event will also be following the COVID-19 rules in place at the time. To ensure the safety of all attending, everyone will be asked to wear a mask. At 1:30 the dedication of the anniversary park will take place along with several unveilings. The program will acknowledge the contributions Anten Mills residents have made over the years and it is hoped that many former executive members will be in attendance.

With the onset of fall, gardeners turn to seeing what they have in their gardens and what they can add or part with. We are still accepting plant donations as we continue to build the anniversary garden as well as the berm gardens. A perennial garden can look a bit barren in the spring so to liven it up we would like to plant tulip, daffodils and hyacinth bulbs. Many retailers have now put the bulbs out for purchase and if you happen to be at one why not consider purchasing a bag to donate. It will make the garden even more special and your donation will be greatly appreciated. Hopefully there can be an Easter Eggstravaganza next Spring and spring flowers would certainly be a cheerful addition.

Thanksgiving is not that far off and there will be 2 opportunities to assist the Elmvale and District Food Bank in the coming weeks. The first will be on Wednesday September 29th when all of the Springwater Fire stations will be out in their communities with the Stuff the Truck for the Food Bank drive. Fire trucks will be making their way around the villages collecting donations. The event will begin around 6PM. The second opportunity will be on October 3 at the community anniversary celebrations. Make a donation to the food bank and you can take home a pumpkin for your Thanksgiving decorating and then for Halloween. This is our community fall food bank drive and as always, your generosity is appreciated. There will be a collection site at the pavilion.

Finally a reminder that while walking in the county forest or on the rail trail it can be seen as a great opportunity to let your dog off their leash. Regrettably there was an incident recently where a dog off of leash injured several children of the community along  the trail. As a dog owner the responsibility lies with you to control your pet. Not everyone is comfortable around dogs, just like many other animals. Be considerate, look around, and if you decide to release remember your dog is your responsibility.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Strong, antenmills1@gmail.com

MINESING MOMENTS by Lorrie Norwood

The days are feeling quite a lot like autumn is upon us but the calendar hasn’t caught up to that yet.  It is very nice to not have the humidity that we dealt with in August and I am sure all those who don’t have air conditioning or who work outside are also happy to have it behind them as well. 

As you have all noticed, the new garbage/recycling/green bins have been delivered and I am sure many of you thought the same as me…where am I going to put those?  Well, it seems like many of them are outside of people’s garages for the time being.  I’m hoping that those who may have disabilities or are up in years don’t have difficulties getting them to the end of the driveway on garbage day.  I think that could be an issue especially during winter months.  It may be a time that we have to support our neighbours who could struggle.  I ask you to keep an eye out come November.  We know that the snowbanks get plowed back so you can’t leave them out there or they will be destroyed.  Plus I don’t think we want to see the containers by the roadway all the time, it will be an awful sight.  I hope the program works because if it doesn’t, what do we do with these big containers?  We shall see.

School is back and the kids are walking and taking buses into our nice rural school.  A fresh reminder to those who drop your children at school in your own vehicle…Minesing is not the local raceway…slow down in the village.  How about you leave a little earlier, take your time and prevent any mishaps that could arise by speeding.  To all drivers, keep your eyes open and be aware of school bus lights and the stop arm that comes out the side of the bus.  Keep our roadways and our people safe.

Best wishes to all the students who have been able to move away from home to begin a post-secondary education. It’s time to spread your wings and make yourself and your family proud.  Parents, congratulations for raising your student to this point and supporting them during their next chapter of education.  I know tears have probably fallen but remember, you raised them the best you can, they will do great!

To the students who have chosen to stay back and do some upgrading, good for you too!  Everyone can use some support and second chances to do this.  There are also students who chose to go into the workforce.  Congratulations to you as well.  Not everyone is meant to continue on for post-secondary.  Just do your best at whatever you do, every job is necessary!

If you haven’t voted yet, please get out and vote!  The only way to make change or to move forward is to vote and if you don’t vote, you aren’t allowed to complain about things.  Simple as that.  Do your research, listen to debates and come up with your selection…any selection is better than no selection.

Congratulations to a few local couples who have married in the last little while.  Justin Maw and his new bride Narelle were married in early August.  Justin is the son of Jim and Barb Maw.  Another wedding between Katherine Giffen and Brayden Hunter took place at the Giffen home farm on September 11th.  Katherine is the daughter of Dale and Debbie Giffen.  Exciting times for everyone and we wish them all the best for this new adventure together.

Until next time, remember to be kind and keep smiling.

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