Council Approves 2019 Couty of Simcoe Budget: Midhurst. Simcoe County Council today approved a $548 million budget for 2019, which focuses on the resources necessary to  maintain  existing  services & service  levels  in  the  region,  while  continuing  to  invest  in infrastructure, Transit, Paramedic  Services,  Solid  Waste Management & Social Housing.




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Winter Parking Parking is NOT permitted on roads from November 1 to March 31 between the hours of 2 a.m. and 7 a.m. as per By-law 2005-18.

Blowing Snow Don’t move or blow snow onto or across the road, into ditches or onto neighbouring properties.

Clear the Way Remove items such as bins, basketball nets and planters from the end of your driveway and do not place steel stakes at the edge of the road to ensure the way is clear for snowplow operators.

Street Transformation Grant Digital Transformation Grant Program Interest Ramps Up Fa

January  8,  2019:  Mississauga,  Ontario.  
The  Ontario  BIA   Association   (OBIAA)   with   the   Government   of   Ontario  announced  today  that  more  than  1,000  Ontario small main street businesses have started the qualification process for a Digital Transformation Grant.   The  Digital  Main  Street  initiative  is  awarding  2,000  Digital Transformation Grants of $2,500 each until March 2020  to  qualifying  main  street  small  businesses  to  help  them invest in digital technologies and training to compete and grow.

“I’m  pleased  that  so  many  businesses  have  begun  the  process  to  enhance  their  online  capabilities,”  said  Ernie  Hardeman,   Minister   of   Agriculture,   Food   and   Rural   Affairs.  “The  Digital  Transformation  Grants  will  help ensure that Ontario is open for business by helping small businesses  to  increase  their  knowledge  of  today’s  digital  economy. They can learn to build an online presence, use social media effectively, or use a mobile app to increase business.”

The  Digital  Transformation  Grant  program  launch  was  held  October  15,  2018  in  Ottawa  at  the  headquarters  of  Shopify,  a  partner  in  the  Digital  Main  Street  Program  originally initiated by the Toronto Association of Business Improvement    Areas.    The    subsequent    rapid    uptake    by  businesses  starting  the  qualification process  shows  that  Ontario’s  small  business  community   sees   high   value   in   adopting   digital technologies.

“With   over   1,000   businesses   starting   the  qualification  process,  we’re  seeing  the beginning of a tidal wave of interest in Digital Main Street across Ontario,” said Kay Matthews, Executive Director  of  OBIAA.  “Our  small  main  street  businesses are  a  critical  contributor  to  Ontario’s  economy,  social  and  cultural  health,  and  it’s  vital  that  we  work  together  to ensure their success. The Digital Transformation Grant will help them compete in an increasingly digital world.”

Part   of   the   Government   of   Ontario’s   Main   Street   Enhancement   Initiative,   Digital   Main   Street   helps   to   improve   how   small   businesses   use   digital   tools   and   techniques  to  become  more  successful.  Today’s  digital  economy is vital to small businesses, and DMS will help enable them to adopt digital technologies from e-commerce and social media to back-office systems such as payroll and inventory.

Applicants can begin the grant process through the Grant Program Portal at digitalmainstreet.ca/Ontario OBIAA is the network that represents unique and vibrant BIAs  across  Ontario.  The  Association,  incorporated  in  2001,  supports  and  advocates  on  behalf  of  its  members  through the building and nurturing of strong relationships and  partnerships.  OBIAA  is  a  leader  in  the  development  and  sharing  of  information,  tools,  resources  and  best  practices,  and  is  the  ONE  voice  on  common  issue

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