Letters to Editor

Debt reduction just latest Liberal math myth
 QUEEN’S PARK – New analysis shows Kathleen Wynne’s so-called “debt reduction” plan is fiscal fallacy based on “questionable assumptions” and “wishful thinking”, Ontario PC Finance Critic Vic Fedeli said today.
 Fedeli pointed to a new Fraser Institute report that questions the credibility of the government’s claim it will reduce Ontario’s debt-to-GDP ratio back to pre McGuinty-Wynne levels by 2029-30.
 “After years of Liberal waste, mismanagement and scandals, the province's debt is crippling,” Fedeli said. “Ontario families will be saddled with huge costs after the election and for decades to come.”
 The Fraser report states debt ratio reduction will have to nearly triple the current pace to meet the target, and that essentially no new debt be added after 2021 – something Kathleen Wynne has shown little appetite or ability to achieve, noted Fedeli.  It also states the government is relying on questionable economic growth assumptions in its projections. Fedeli says this continues the pattern of Liberal dishonesty about the state of Ontario’s finances.
 “The Financial Accountability Officer has repeatedly contradicted the government’s fiscal claims.  In his annual report last month, he stated his ‘fiscal outlook was not consistent with the one ‎in the budget,’ and projects ‘a significant deterioration in Ontario budget deficits in the coming fiscal years,’” Fedeli said.
 The Ontario PCs have continued to say the government’s finances are a sham, and once again, independent experts confirm it, added Fedeli.
 “To fix the mess they've created, after the election, the Liberals will go back to raising taxes, cutting health care, and jacking up hydro rates,” he said. “Some might say math is hard, but Wynne Liberal math is downright impossible. Under the Liberals Ontario families will continue to pay more and get less.”
Nicholas Bergamini I 416-325-8505 I This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Green Energy
Dear Editor
There seems to be a statement being brought forward by the PC Party, in Ontario, that they will repeal the Green Energy Act.  This is curious because either their leader doesn't know, or chooses to mislead the people, that there are some high ranking members of the PC Party on the Board of Directors of entities, invested in wind and solar, etc.  Having just found this information, I find this scandalous to say the least!  I find it even more concerning that some of the entities involve pension plans, energy companies, and may involve other public private partnerships (corporations).  
In regards to the Green Energy Act, suffice it to say, with the investment, under the direction of the Board of Directors of the various entities, which may involve those high ranking members of the PC Party, and with the Carbon Tax to remain at the instruction of the Leader, it is highly unlikely that the PCs will be repealing the Green Energy Act or the contracts that are costing Ontarians so much; being the contracts that the PCs seem to very seldom mention.  This will only increase the cost of electricity and all energy in Ontario, to the detriment of the everyday person who is on the hook for footing these bills, including business.  
Ontarians already know where the NDP and the Liberals stand on renewable energy, but now the PCs are in the exact same position, and they all should be ashamed of themselves.  How can any of the PC MPPs, who have worked so hard, keep their promises, when their party is going to be doing the same as the other parties regarding energy costs and/or the effects of the wind-turbines on people.  
Perhaps the local MPPs are unaware of what is happening because the leader and the back-room cronies haven't informed them.  In the long run, though, these PC MPPs will be forced to swallow every promise they had made, regarding wind and the cost of electricity, just because of some high ranking members of these Parties.  This is another reason why I refer to them as the New-Demo-Progressive-Con-Liberal Party.  Time for a change in Ontario.
Elizabeth F. Marshall,
Director of Research Ontario Landowners Association
Author – Property Rights 101:  An Introduction”

Well Water Contamination
Midhurst  Hello,
I am contacting Springwater News in the hopes that you can help get the word out to all residents whose water source is a well (drilled or dug). We especially want to get the word out to Midhurst residents that anyone in the area on a well should be testing their water (even if they have a filtration system).
We are on Finlay Mill Road (near Doran) and have a drilled well. We got a water test on July 14 from Simcoe County Public Health that showed that our water was heavily contaminated with coliform and ecoli. We sent a second test the following Monday which came back so overgrown that they could not detect the number of contaminants/bacteria etc. In our family two out of the four os us were unexplainably sick for the first weeks of July (perhaps longer) - one an adult and one a child and now with these results we know why. We were both put on antibiotics and are doing better now that we are drinking and using bottled water. I’ve read a lot about this now and symptoms can range from an unexplained rash, vomiting, diarehea and upset stomach - and these symptoms can come and go depending upon the level of continuous exposure (i.e. the amount of water to drink, cook with etc.).
We have since installed a UV system and are trying to disinfect our well (with the help of Jay Milne from Full Moon Plumbing who has been amazing at helping us deal with all of this). When we got the results from the public health water lab they instruct you to call your local public health unit. We did. Our public health unit told us that we should not use our water for anything (so we have not been able to shower, bathe, do dishes or laundry in our own home). We were also told by public health that since we are a private residence they can’t do anything to help us - they can’t send their water inspectors or help in any way other than emailing instructions on how to disinfect a well. They also do not inform communities when contaminations occur because each resident is responsible for their own water.
My only intention of sending this email is to get the word out to residents of Springwater so that everyone can stay healthy. In Midhurst, we draw from the same water table. Regardless of whether or not we are responsible for our own wells if our family is experiencing this it is likely others are as well. A friend in Oro just received the same results about her well water (her children have been sick too). There has been a large amount of rain water and run off this spring and summer. Regardless of why this is happening residents should be informed.
Our family will need to get three clean water tests back from the public health lab before we can say that our water is safe to drink or use. This will take at least two-three business days per test if we drop off to the lab in Orillia ourselves. If we take it to the public health unit to deliver then it takes four - five days.
Thank you for helping to spread the word!
All the best,
Kat Ennis

   It's funny how some things are so obvious once they're 'accomplished' - as in, "Why wasn't this done sooner?"
   A Kettles Beach 'right-of-way' / deeded waterfront access, finally opened up after decades of being a somewhat hidden secret - another one to come, soon, we hope.
   For the past few years, a porta-potty @ the Kettles parkette; so I suggested to one of the local association executive, same 'facility' for the (busy on long wknds.) beach access @ Sawlog Point.
   Lo and behold, in place this year, and in asking the adjacent cottage owner, he thinks it's great too.
   All it takes is a little open communication and 'ACTION'.
   In other 'good news', upon asking, I was informed I would be 'allowed' this year,  to 'attend' the "open / public" community (SBCA) association's annual meeting and picnic (not being a paid member, just wanting to 'listen in').
   Good, that's a refreshing change.
   "Can I ask a question?" (from the floor).
   Answer, from the executive member, out on collections,
   "Well, that's another matter"...
   Hope you had a great Civic Holiday Wknd.  Cheers Peter E Davenport Tiny, ON

Minimum Wage
Dear Editor
           Is there any doubt, in anyone’s mind, that the increase in minimum wage is to buy votes – Nothing more, nothing less (does gas-plant closures come to mind)?   But was there any thought put into Bill 148, “The Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017,” that raises the minimum wage, pays part-time workers the same as full time workers, paid sick days for everyone, paid vacation time for everyone, and make employee scheduling fairer?  Seriously?!?
Face it, the majority of employers want people to prosper, it’s just good business sense.  But government is effectively destroying business, and the everyday person with this rash increase.  The report “Minimum Wage Increases, Wages, and Low-Wage Employment:  Evidence from Seattle,” by the U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research, is a prime example of government interference, with private sector wages, putting business and workers at risk.
There are various groups, in Ontario, telling people to go out to local barbeques and speak with their MPPs about this, but is that actually going to assist small business?  No, because an MPP will be in fear they won’t get elected.  They will pay lip service to small businesses; they will pay different lip service to special interest groups who are looking for this increase – but will anyone tell the people that an increase to $14 in 6 months, and then another increase to $15, within a year, is going to put people out of work and ruin the economy?  
And what about using some reason, some common sense and looking at the reality of life in Ontario?  Obviously government hasn’t used any, or government wouldn’t be out there promising subsidies to small business because they want to buy votes. Question – what about Canada’s international trade deals?  Aren’t subsidies in violation of those trade deals?  Oh, and don’t forget NAFTA – How are the Americans going to deal with these subsidies?  
Businesses will have to lay people off; they will close; or they will have to increase prices by over 31%.  
So what happened to that increase in pay?  You won’t be able to afford anything because the prices are too high.  You’ll be working less hours because your employer can’t afford it.  Co-workers are gone – laid off because of the costs.  And taxes will go up because of the subsidies government will pay to select businesses to stay in business.  The money has to come from somewhere, doesn’t it?
Add onto that, the price of electricity, after those subsidies run out; the carbon tax, etc., and there will be very few businesses left in Ontario for anyone to work at.  That’s the New-Demo-Progressive-Con-Liberal Party for you – no sense, no reason and not in the best interest of Ontarians…shame, shame, shame.
Elizabeth F. Marshall,
Candidate – Trillium Party of Ontario, Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound

Ontario Colege of Trades and Apprenticeship Act (OCTAA)
Dear Editor
You may be wondering what the Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act (OCTAA) has to do with the "do-it-yourselfers"  – far more than one might think.  People, throughout history, have been their own welder, their own mechanic, their own carpenter, their own electrician, their own plumber, and their own all around handy-man, but now, with the College of Trades Compliance and Enforcement policy, and even the Act, each and every person may be at risk of being in contravention and/or violation of this Act and policy.  
How you may ask?  In the Compliance and Enforcement policy it states:
"1.2 Prohibitions against the unauthorized practice of compulsory trades
The unauthorized practice of compulsory trades is prohibited by sections 2 and 4 of the OCTAA:
Section 2 prohibits an unauthorized individual from engaging in the practice of a compulsory trade.
Section 4 prohibits a person from employing or otherwise engaging an unauthorized individual to perform work or engage in a practice that constitutes engaging in the practice of a compulsory trade."
So this means that if you do not hold a certificate you aren't to be doing any work.  This means you, anyone helping you, or the local handy-man, should not be welding anything, doing maintenance on anything, building anything, repairing anything as you, or they, may be in violation of the Act.  
And what is this Act and policy for?  The policy says it is for worker/consumer safety, and in the public interest. But with the statement of "Promote compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements in a way that fosters and maintains public and trade confidence in the regulatory scheme and the College as a regulator," it would seem the College is more concerned with its own power, its own interest and its own reputation, than worker's safety or consumer protection.  
Also when one considers there is the Labour Relations Act, the Workplace Safety Act, the Consumer Protection Act, the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act, the Criminal Code of Canada, etc., why exactly is there a Ontario College of Trade and Apprenticeship Act?  This, it would seem, is merely another layer of bureaucracy that could be considered another private police force as you can be charged, under the Provincial Offenses Act, if you violate it.  
So what is this College all about – one might think it is more for the job security for those involved because the only thing anyone will learn, from this College, is to be non-productive or you will be charged and/or fined.  We already have enough regulators we don't need another waste of tax-payers money.  But that's the New-Demo-Progressive-CON- Liberal Party for you – take and just keep taking for their bureaucratic cronies.
Elizabeth F. Marshall,
Secretary – Canadian Justice Review Board
Legal Research – Green and Associates Law Offices, etc.,
Legislative Researcher – MPs, MPPs, Municipal Councillors,
I am not a lawyer and do not give legal advice.  Any information relayed is for informational purposes only.  Please contact a lawyer.