Letters to Editor

Climate Change
To the editor, letter concerning one of your always interesting facts, this one about co2 and climate change  and how it related to our new Governer Generals remarks because, yes, there actually are many, many, many people who do not believe we can change the climate we believe that climate change, like time, is part of the universe that continues to continue without our help or control.  And, yes, there actually are many, many, many people that do not believe in evolution.   Many, many, many people actually believe that the bible is a guidebook from the creator of our universe and that it teaches us about our creator, his son, his promises and how to use all his physical laws rightously, because it's those known and unknown physical laws that determine the outcome of man's every choice, as our govern general known already having followed many of those laws exactly to get out in space.
  Nancy Weatherall   Wasaga Beach, Ontario

'Taking the Knee'
Dear Sir:  With regard to your comment that “Most people do not understand what the symbolization is anyhow.”, it appears that you, also, have missed the point. They are taking the knee to protest the now many unwarranted deaths of young black men by law enforcement officers in those United States.  As for the players taking their money into the ghettos to offer something more tangible.....$$ won’t fix the problem they are protesting.  Only education can achieve that.  Unfortunately, the present chief of state likes his people uneducated, as he expressed during his election campaign so I don’t believe we can expect much change from that quarter for the next 3 years.
Respectfully, Casey Nesbitt
Editor - And soon the players will be taking to their knee demanding more funding as their fan base drys up.

Whistle Stop CP Train and Colin James
Thoroughly enjoyed the whistle stop CP Holiday Train in Midhurst on the 29th Nov. with Emma Lee and Colin James.  Here are a few pics I took that you are welcome to use free of charge for the Springwater News, if you so wish. I'm a real Colin James fan and so glad to get up close and personal with him for this performance.
All the best and continued success with Springwater News. A true community paper, so badly needed as local papers continue to close.
Don Brundage  TINY, ON
"Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017,"  Not what people think
Recently, in the news, it has been reported that the Minister of Labour, Flynn, and the Liberal MPP, from Barrie, Ann Hoggarth are of the opinion that if small business cannot afford the new minimum wage produced under the “Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017,”  they should “reassess your business plan and whether you should be an employer.”  SERIOUSLY! – how short sighted are these officials and how inept are they?  They aren’t – they’re merely misleading you.
The Minister of Labour, MPP Flynn has stated that with the increase is pay the employees will have more disposable income.  Really?  
So let’s look at this from a reasonable, logical and common sense aspect.  A business has to increase the amount they pay their employees.  Consider this, they will also have to meet dollar for dollar all CPP (which is a percentage of the persons pay) and, for every dollar the employee puts into E.I., the business pays $1.40.  This is an increase.  Then there is the percentage for Health Care added, with a decrease in your pay, based on percentages of your wage.  
The next question is – what entity is the only entity to increase their coffers with this increase?  The only entity that actually receives the increase is the government.  Think about this.  
Businesses must put the costs of goods and services up to cover this increase, and as the H.S.T. is based on the percentage of the costs of goods and services government gets more.  Then there is also the income tax that will be generated with the higher wages, the CPP increase based on percentage of wages paid, the E.I. increase based on percentages of wages paid.  This isn’t an increase for the working people – this is an increase to line the coffers of government – nothing more, nothing less.  
This increase is to trick you into voting for the New-Demo-Progressive-Con-Liberal party because they haven’t explained that (i) you will be paying more for goods and services so business can stay in business, (ii) unemployment will increase with either businesses laying people off or closing their doors (as suggested by the Liberals), (iii) you will have less disposable income because you will be paying more taxes both on your wages earned and on the goods and services you need.  
Most employers want their employees to have a good life and they want to pay their employees a good wage…government on the other hand is making it impossible for your employer to do this and government is making it impossible for you to even survive because of over-taxation, electricity pricing, interference with your everyday life.  Think about it – this wage increase is not for you, the employee, it’s to pay for government mismanagement.  That’s what this is all about.  
We, the Trillium Party of Ontario, know about being an employee, how hard it is to get through everyday, and business.  This is unlike the New-Demo-Progressive-Con-Liberal party – completely clueless with statements of “reassess your business plan and whether you should be an employer.”  
If you want better government try something Different and something Way Better for you – the Trillium Party of Ontario.  
Elizabeth F. Marshall, Candidate – Trillium Party of Ontario, Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound