Letters to Editor

Is this truck a LEMON???

I would like to talk about my 2012 GMC Duramax Diesel Pickup with 80500 kilometers on it. I purchased this vehicle March 2012 at a local GMC Dealership for the approximate price of $68000.00 + tax with a warranty of 5 years or 160,000 kilometers.

I purchased this truck to pull my 40ft. 5th wheel camping trailer and my 20ft enclosed trailers.

At 4 months--low coolant light comes on. Dealer cannot find out why. At 9 months light comes on again. Dealer found small leak in reservoir hose which is repaired and then topped up.

All valve stems had to replace within first year as they rotted.

All the rims were replaced under warranty as finish came off them. The finish is off the replaced ones but warranty would only cover them once.

December 2016 glow plugs were replaced under warranty.

March 2017 heard noise under dash. Dealer updated heater inlet hoses and repositioned them. I paid for this update. Noise is gone. If these were an update why am I paying for them?

July 2016 service light stays on-dealer replaced emission reduction fluid tank reservoir under warranty.

In March 2016 red fluid leaking but dealer could not find where it was coming from. They checked all fluid levels all where ok.

March 2017 having to keep adding power steering fluid. Dealer found leaking hose from booster to box. No Warranty-Dealer gave me goodwill customer deductible at $175.00.

April 2017 I take vehicle in for Coolant flush which was my choice.

July 2017 My worst experience-I was in Barrie ready to turn into a parking lot when the power steering fluid leaked out. I had a hard time turning wheel but I managed to get in parking lot and get parked. My GMC dealership towed my truck to their shop. They told me that the steering box was rotted out and not covered by warranty as my 5 years ended in April 2017. Dealer gave me Goodwill Customer Deductible. When I got my truck back the running board was still covered in fluid. The mechanics are all on piece work. They don’t get paid to clean.

I had to return my truck the next day as power steering was stiff. Steering wheel would not come back on its own. Dealer replaced lower intermediate Steering Shaft as the u joint was seized and rotted also. And they cleaned off running board.

The day before this mishap happened me and family came home from camping with my 5th wheel trailer. If this had happened with the trailer on I would not have been able to steer my truck.

I have contacted General Motors with regards to the power steering leak as I feel it is a safety hazard. My truck has only 80,500 km on it. Why is an oil component rusting out already? I’m still waiting on a reply.

I have contacted the Ministry of Transportation safety. I’m waiting on a reply when the guy gets back from holidays.

I have spoken with the Ministry of Transportation safety and they tell me this is the only truck that has been reported to have the steering box rot out. There is nothing they can do at this time but to keep this report on file.

Terry Truax


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Ontario Landowners Association not affiliated with Freeman-on-the-Land movement

I want to bring some understanding to what the Ontario Landowners Association believes and stands for, as well as to clarify that recent accusations about me being a "Freeman-on-the-Land" are absolutely false.

The "Freeman-on-the-land" core belief seems to be something along the lines of them believing they can lawfully refuse to give consent to be governed and therefore no laws or statutes apply to them. I do not support or agree with that belief.

As an active member of the Ontario Landowners Association, I echo and support the Ontario Landowners Association beliefs in the Canadian Constitution and Charter, who's opening line states "...Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law..."

The Ontario Landowners Association, like myself, believe that holding police, government and their agents accountable to the same "rule of law" that applies to us, is important.

The Ontario Landowner's Association is primarily focused on private property rights, and members in general, agree that these rights include freedom to own land, freedom to use it for our own enjoyment, freedom to profit from our toil on it, freedom to have jurisdiction over it, and if any of those rights are ever infringed upon for the public good, the expectation of reasonable and timely compensation. Along with this freedom, would come the responsibility that actions on our property would not harm our neighbour's property.

In conclusion, the Ontario Landowners Association and myself are not affiliated in any way with the "Freeman-on-the-land" movement, and do not support its beliefs at all.

Jeff Sherk, Tiny, ON



This is just my way of saying thanks.

The other night I passed a farmer hauling bales of hay and it dawned on me. everyday we pick up the paper and read about somebody complaining about their wages, benefits, taxes or free trade. But we never hear about the great work done on the family farm. As I passed this fellow I wondered how long he had been up that day and when he would get his dinner or family time.

It's a huge commitment the family farm. These families  often work long hours. There is no shift premium here, no double time for weekend work and many have family members working off the farm to make ends meet. Today in a world were you are measured by the fancy car in your driveway or the size of your house and boat I think we need to take time to thank the Farm family. The only expensive vehicle they have is a John Deere convertible with it's great mudder tires. Their time off is only if it rains. Even that has a cost. Where would we be without them. It's their sacrifice that allows us to enjoy the farm fresh meat and vegetables we enjoy each day. They give us so much yet we give back so little.

So today I suggest we pay tribute to these families of farmers and say thanks. Maybe stop in and buy them a coffee, a Tim card. A simple wave as you drive by and please as you pass them remember they have family to get home to as well so do it with caution.

Thanks!   Garry Pryor Tiny Ontario  


CTF to Morneau: back off your small business tax hikes

Airplane banner greets MPs as they return to Parliament  -  Banner urges Minister Morneau to back off his harmful small business tax hikes

OTTAWA, ON: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s (CTF) took to the sky over Ottawa today to express its opposition to the contentious small business tax changes being proposed by Finance Minister Bill Morneau. The banner towed behind a small plane read: “No Small Biz Tax Hike”

Supporters of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) from coast-to-coast sent in donations over the past two weeks to hire a plane to fly the banner, underscoring taxpayers’ outrage with the proposed tax changes impacting Canadian farms, professionals and small businesses.

“We support tax reform – but what the minister has put on the table misses the mark.” said CTF Federal Director Aaron Wudrick. “The government claims they are going after “the wealthy,” but in their hurry to push through changes, thousands of middle class Canadians could end up as collateral damage.”

Wudrick noted that the last time a government attempted such dramatic changes to the tax code, it took a Royal Commission and several years of work – as opposed to a 75-day consultation period launched in the middle of the summer.

“If the government is sincere in saying it wants fairness it will slow down and back up,” said Wudrick. “A true commitment to fairness would also address many other distortions in the tax code, including the wide gap between personal and business tax rates, subsidies to industries, unions and political parties, and the use of offshore tax havens.”

“If this is about fairness, the government must commit to making any reforms revenue neutral,” said Wudrick. “Otherwise, Canadians will see these changes for what they really are: a cynical tax grab by a government that can’t keep its own spending under control.”


Some of the Cleanest Water on the Planet or a Gravel Pit Instead.

According to William Shotyk, professor of environment at the University of Alberta the water from the public well in Elmvale is some of the purest water in the world. However, permits have been issued for the operation and expansion of gravel pits, which will remove gravel vital as filters for aquafers which lowers water qualities.

Some of the cleanest water in the world would put Elmvale on the map I would think. Township leadership seems to want a gravel pit instead!

At the present site represents only1/2 of a percent of Dufferin’ss, CRHS, Gusiness in the province according to their representative. It doesn’t seem worth the sacrifice of what would seem much harder to find than gravel. As well as the risk of ill will amongst the local population and national and international bad press after they ruin the water quality and they will if they say go ahead with the gravel pits

Yours Truly

Al Vilutis, Tiny, ON


Destroying the Waverley Uplands

Dear Minister McGarry,

I find it extremely unconscionable that your ministry has recently informed the Township of Tiny in a letter that it had consented to eight amendments to the site plan of the Beamish gravel pit. These included:

An increase in the depth of extraction

Allowing the importation into the pit of asphalt, concrete, aggregate and topsoil/fill for transfer or processing, and

Permitting a wash plant and wash pond on-site

The owners of the pit, who have failed to rehabilitate their original site, asked for a significant northward expansion of the area for aggregate extraction. The land in question is directly east of what was known as Site 41.

The current owners intend to remove gravel to a depth of 10 meters at the shallowest and 41.2 meters at the deepest point, virtually eliminating French’s Hill – the Hill whose power of filtration produces some of the cleanest water on the planet according to Dr. William Shotyk, Professor and Bocock Chair for Agriculture and the Environment at the University of Alberta.

Dr. Shotyk appeared before Tiny Township Council on May 8 to talk about the Alliston Aquifer that, for decades, was threatened by Simcoe County’s plan for Dump Site 41, until it was stopped by huge public pressure.

“The Cleanest Water on Earth – is it worth protecting?” is the title of Shotyk’s presentation: Monday May 8: Scientist addresses Tiny on the Cleanest Water on Earth    http://aware-simcoe.ca/2017/05/gold-standard-groundwater-is-areas-most-precious-natural-resource-scientist-tells-tiny/

Contact info for Dr. Shotyk:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    http://www.ualberta.ca   

Now, concerns are being raised about the potential effect of a proposed expansion of the quarry below the water table on the nearby Waverley Uplands which are a component of the still-to-be-determined unique combination of natural mechanisms that provide the filtration that results in such a clean aquifer. The water from this aquifer is cleaner than ancient arctic ice before there was any pollution on the earth, and is now used by Shotyk’s SWAMP laboratory and elsewhere as the reference against which other waters are measured.

The water table is to be protected from the extraction of gravel, the importation of asphalt, and the creation of dirty wash water (as much as 6 million litres a day!) by a buffer of only a meter and a half if this plan is approved.

Recently Beamish sold its company and gravel pits to Dufferin Aggregates, owned by CRH. CRH is a foreign company based in Dublin, Ireland.

Please do everything in your power to stop the destruction of French’s Hill in the Waverley Uplands and preserve this precious treasure of clean water for future generations.

Sincerely, Ann Truyens   Oro-Medonte