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ANTEN MILLS NEWS by Dennis Gannon

There were a number of celebrations in the community lately and most evident over this past weekend. Of course there was Father’s Day which saw families reuniting in some form after the imposed social distancing and isolating. No doubt there was some hugging going on and quality family time. Then there were the celebrations in honour of those graduating. Throughout the community there were lawn signs and decorations adorning homes where the graduates live. It was nice to see recognition for our community students whether they graduated from nursery school, kindergarten, grade 8 or 12 or university. Your accomplishment is saluted and we wish you all the best in the next chapter of your life.

Today is the last official day of school. For those mothers, fathers, big brothers, big sisters and grandparents who accepted the challenge to help educate the children you may take a big bow and give yourself a pat on the back. It has been 12 weeks of learning about computer programs that you haven’t used in the past, math skills and equations long forgotten and geography and social science needed for the success of those learning. During the summer the children will learn new skills and enjoy life outdoors. Come September it may be back to some homeschooling for at least a while so rest up you new educators, you deserve the break you are receiving.

As a country it is often stated that we like to talk about the weather. In the last column it was noted that we were going to have very warm days followed up by cooler ones. Two weeks ago we had just exactly that with temperatures in the high 20’s followed by those in the mid teens. The wind and rain on the Wednesday night when hot and cold collided left us without power for several hours as trees and limbs fell on hydro lines. The most severe damage came to a property along Horseshoe Valley Road where a large section of a tree came down on top of a car and the hydro line to the house. Fortunately no injuries occurred that night and the homeowner has insurance to cover their loss. This past week has been very warm again and perhaps most notable is the pollen that has covered everything. Living near a coniferous forest and with many homes having spruce and pine trees, the pollen was significant covering everything. Hopefully it will come to an end shortly.

Wildlife sightings have become more noticeable this year. Just recently there was a black bear spotted at the forest's edge along Horseshoe Valley Road, flying squirrels, fishers and of course the ever present skunks and racoons. Wildlife is abundant in our community so watch your pets when you put them out for the last time at night.

The community lost one of our longtime residents on June 14 when Jim Campsall passed away at home with his family at his side. On behalf of the community our sincerest condolences to Roberta, Jason and the rest of their families.

On July 1st we celebrate Canada’s 153rd birthday. As a country we are proud of our culture and in a quiet way we acknowledge our successes.  With the holiday being in the middle of the week many of us will be at our homes.  MP Doug Shipley is giving out Happy Birthday Canada lawn signs and you can contact his office to receive one. As a community we can’t get together like was done in the past when a Strawberry Social was held on Canada Day. What we can do though is decorate. Talk with your neighbours and decide on a theme to decorate your homes and yards and let us celebrate the wonderful country we call home. Put our Canadian flag out in full display so everyone knows how proud we are to be in the best country in the world. As an added bonus and on good authority I have learned that the members of the Springwater Fire and Emergency Services are planning a special motorcade on Canada Day. Information received is that the firefighters may be replicating their Christmas Eve Santa Claus tradition but in a different manner. On Canada Day the Anten Mills Community Facebook page will update those interested with the most current information. You can also watch for information on the South Springwater Firefighters Twitter page as well as those of the Township of Springwater and the Springwater Fire Department.  Let’s consider those less fortunate that day as well. The food bank bin will be out in front of 3947 Horseshoe Valley Road to accept donations and we will be working to do pick ups on Canada Day so check the community Facebook page for updates. And if you are going to have fireworks, please follow all safety guidelines and enjoy a safe display. The Anten Mills community can make Canada Day 2020 one to remember.

Stay healthy, stay safe,stay strong. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Minesing Moments with Lorrie Norwood

Happy Thursday to everyone!  I know everyone always looks forward to Thursday when they receive their copy of the Springwater News.  It’s a day that we can look forward to and find out what’s going on in this little part of the world.  In each edition we can usually identify someone that we know or news that we are waiting for or even some information that we had no idea about.  That’s the nice thing about this newspaper, it’s full of great content.

 We have a very important announcement in this week’s version of the Minesing Moments. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Alan Johnston who is celebrating his 95th Birthday on June 29th.  We wish you all the best for a wonderful day that I am sure you will celebrate the best way possible! 

 With the re-opening of many new businesses and services, I’m just hoping that everyone will continue to be safe and respect the new rules and recommendations that are being put in place.  While we are all anxious to get back to the way it “used to be”, I think we need to realize that those days are behind us and this new way of living is here to stay.  Our patience will need to be ever present for lineups, wearing face masks, space between everyone and just new rules all around.  We have to keep in mind that those that are serving us, do not make the rules, they have to abide by them.  They are trying to do their jobs the best way they can without any exposure to potential contamination.  Remember that businesses have been hurting over the last several months and are just trying to keep their doors open for customers.  Thank those people when you get the chance, smile and be friendly.  Do not give them grief, it’s been an experience that no one wants to go through again. 


Elmvale Lions Complete their Food for Frontline Workers Program

With the funds made available to the District through an emergency grant by Lions Club International Foundation in support of front line health care workers, local fundraising and support from Carol and Mark at MacDonald’s Restaurant Elmvale, Lions have been able to deliver snacks of appreciation to the front line workers at the Sara Vista Nursing Home in Elmvale over the last few months. Thanks go out to the community and to the Front Line Workers for their dedication during these extraordinarily challenging times.


Tiny Swedish Midsummer Fest

Midsummer Fest in Sweden is celebrated on the Friday before the Summer Solstice. A Midsummer pole is decorated and erected as a focus of the celebration. A smorgasbord  consisting of marinated herring, new potato salad and various other traditional dishes are enjoyed while singing drinking songs and imbibing beer and schnaps. Skol!

Everyone dances around the midsummer pole pretending to be little frogs with no ears and tails. For dessert there is angel cake topped with whipped cream and mounds of strawberries.  As the solstice is the longest day of the year the celebration ends when the sun rises shortly after setting.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic restrictions in effect, guests observed safe protocols by bringing their own utensils, observing social distancing by sitting at separate tables and wearing masks while serving their food.


Summer reading is for everyone at Midland Public Library!

Summer reading at Midland Public Library has moved online! We’re thrilled to announce summer reading fun for all ages beginning June 19th. Download the free Beanstack app or visit for a link to our summer reading challenges. It’s easy to set up one summer reading account and do a whole family’s reporting! You can read, report and repeat, all online!

Kids and teens (ages 0-18) can join our TD Summer Reading club to record their reading and do fun activities with their families to earn badges and win prizes, including free pizza, a Razor scooter, or a gift card to Georgian Bay Books. For teens, there’s also a $50 Visa gift card grand prize!

Adults don’t have to let kids have all the fun – if they log their reading on Beanstack, people who complete our adult summer reading challenge will get a cool MPL camping mug, and can put in their ballots for a grand prize draw!

MPL is also pleased to be joining in on Simcoe Reads – 5 libraries, 5 books, 1 winner! Our competitors are Barrie, Essa, Innisfil, and Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Libraries, but we know we’ll come out ahead! MPL’s Champion, Kristi Presse, has selected Jesse Thistle’s moving memoir From the Ashes as the book she thinks Simcoe County should read. Jesse’s even joining us for a virtual visit August 13 at 7pm to talk about his book – watch our website for updates and join in to show you’re #mplproud.

You can find great free online activities and details on our online programs for all ages under the Programs tab at We hope to connect with you for an exciting summer!

Midland Public Library aims to foster lifelong learning and creativity in Midland and neighbouring communities. The library strives to be the learning and leisure hub of the community providing knowledge, ideas, and technology in a collaborative space that sparks connections between people.

For further information about library events and programs, visit

For more information, please contact:

Jennifer Paquette- Adult & Teen Services Coordinator

Tel. 705-526-4216 Ext. 3307

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Elmvale & District Food Bank Receives a Grant from the Huronia Community Foundation

Scott Warnock, Executive Director of the Huronia Community Foundation presents a cheque to Jan Drinkill, Chair of the Elmvale & District Food Bank Board of Directors.

The Elmvale & District Food Bank received a grant from the Huronia Community Foundation (HCF) for the purchase of a computer and printer for the Food Bank’s new home that is currently under construction on Yonge Street North in Elmvale.  The HCF provides grants to local charities based on the needs of the community.  This year the granting process focused on the vulnerable population that have been impacted by Covid-19.  “We applied for a grant to purchase a computer and printer that will be used to assist with the processing of our clients” said Jan Drinkill, Chair of the Food Bank. “We will be purchasing the computer and printer locally at G&S Computers.  We were so happy to receive the grant and thank the Huronia Community Foundation for their generosity”.


Springwater Libraries


Curbside pickup has been getting rave reviews and it is wonderful to provide materials for all of our library patrons.  We continue to offer this service and are pleased to report that new items are now being added to our collection. 

Drop boxes remain open.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  705 322-1482

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  705 737-5650

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  705 722-6440

Holds can be placed through our website, through the Branch emails or by calling the branches during curbside hours.

Curbside hours are as follows: (Hours may change according to demand)

Elmvale & Midhurst: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 12-6, Fridays, 12-4, Saturdays 12 -3

Minesing: Thursdays, 2 -6

Pick-up is by appointment only. Once the holds are available, staff will be contacting you to set-up an appointment time.


We know that with curbside pickup it is hard not to be able to browse the shelves of awesome items in the library. Never fear! Your friendly Springwater Librarian is! Just take a moment and let us know a few of your preferences and we'll hop right to it and help you find your next favourite author or book! You can find the link on our website: and click on the How Do I Tab.

This is a free and confidential service for adult and teen readers. If you have any questions, please email our Technical Services Librarian, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her at 705 322-1482.


Calling all Online Readers to claim your chocolate bar at the Springwater Library Branches. Your reading log, complete with name and phone number, can be put in our book drop. The last day to claim your prize and to be entered into the draw for the Candy Bouquets is June 30th, 2020. Upon receipt of the reading log, a staff member will call to arrange a pick up time. Stay tuned for our exciting online Summer Reading Program to commence mid July.


Even though summer is different this year, summer reading will still happen at Springwater Public Library. We will be moving reading online, but there will still be missions, prizes and most importantly, FUN!

Sign up on our website.Stay tuned!

Harry Potter

Who needs to watch Daniel Radcliffe reading Harry Potter when you have the Springwater Public Library staff who can read it to you?

Catch up with library staff and see them have fun doing theatrical voices and lots of silly things! Keep an eye open for our special guest readers throughout the novel. Begins the first week of July.


On our Virtual Programming page and on our YouTube channel you’ll find Miss Amanda doing the Storytime Program with new videos posted each week every Tuesday morning!  New Summer Storytimes will include themes such as: bugs, gardening, the outdoors and more!  Tune in to sing some silly songs and hear some great stories.

Silly Matilda

Watch Joanne’s puppy Matilda experience new things. Visit the Virtual Programming page of our website to see the adventures that Matilda has had including:  her first haircut, getting into mischief and summer fun.   Matilda will train to become a future Springwater Library literacy dog.

For more information:


Looking for something to do.  Take a peek at the Krafting with Kathy video series that Kathy has recorded.   You will find them on our Virtual Programming page, and on our Youtube channel.  Kathy has shared crafts and projects for the whole family to enjoy.


Signing up for our e-newsletter is easy and fast!  This will provide you with updates, the latest e-book/e-audiobook purchases and what’s going on with our virtual library programs. 

To sign up please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


GBGH readies to resume elective procedures

June 15, 2020 – After spending weeks conducting detailed planning to safely resume some elective surgeries and procedures, Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) has received approval to start some surgeries and diagnostic imaging. The hospital is still awaiting approval of ambulatory care and endoscopy procedures, but anticipates this approval by June 22.

Elective surgeries and procedures were halted in mid-March based on direction from the provincial government due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This action was taken to ensure hospitals could maintain inpatient beds, supplies (personal protective equipment - PPE) and medication to care for a potential surge of COVID-19 patients.

“Although necessary, we recognize this situation has been frustrating for patients whose care was postponed due to COVID,” says Gail Hunt, president and CEO, GBGH. “Hospitals never want to make the difficult decision to delay elective procedures because people have been patiently waiting for their care. Now we must carefully plan how we re-schedule these patients in a timely manner while taking into consideration their condition, enhanced cleaning measures, physical distancing and patient flow through our hospital. Re-opening under these circumstances is a much more complex process than pausing services.”

The resumption of services is based on criteria laid out by the government which must be approved before a hospital can proceed. These include a stable rate of COVID cases in the area, a reliable supply of PPE and medication, having a plan for pre-operative diagnostic testing, and having staff and space to care for patients in the event of a COVID patient surge.

During the past several weeks, GBGH has worked with other hospitals in the region to develop a gradual, staged recovery plan. The first phase of GBGH’s plan focused on resuming surgical and diagnostic imaging procedures. Other procedures will return in the coming weeks as additional approvals are granted.

“GBGH continued performing urgent and emergency procedures during the past three months, but our physicians and staff are eager to return to elective work,” says Dr. Vikram Ralhan, chief of staff and Emergency physician, GBGH. “We know there is a significant backlog in cases and we want to work through these safely and efficiently in the patients’ best interest. Over the coming weeks patients will begin receiving calls to schedule their procedures.”

Patients will have a different experience than they may anticipate when coming to GBGH. The hospital appreciates their cooperation and patience as new precautions could include:

Changes to the physical environment - how patients enter and travel through the hospital

Changes to the pre-operative and post-operative process – virtual pre-op appointments, self-isolation for 14 days where feasible and required, recovery

Safety measures to protect patients and hospital staff - wearing a mask, visitor restrictions


“Nancy Green was a remarkable woman... and has just been ERASED by politically correct bedwetters.”

The world knew her as "Aunt Jemima," but her given name was Nancy Green and she was a true American success story. She was born a slave in 1834 Montgomery County, KY... and became a wealthy superstar in the advertising world, as its first living trademark.

Green was 56-yrs old when she was selected as spokesperson for a new ready-mixed, self-rising pancake flour and made her debut in 1893 at a fair and exposition in Chicago. She demonstrated the pancake mix and served thousands of pancakes... and became an immediate star.  She was a good storyteller, her personality was warm and appealing, and her showmanship was exceptional.  Her exhibition booth drew so many people that special security personnel were assigned to keep the crowds moving.

Nancy Green was signed to a lifetime contract, traveled on promotional tours all over the country, and was extremely well paid.  Her financial freedom and stature as a national spokesperson enabled her to become a leading advocate against poverty and in favor of equal rights for folks in Chicago.

She maintained her job until her death in 1923, at age 89.

It is estimated that her estate is worth $10 million.

Nancy Green was a remarkable woman... and has just been ERASED by politically correct bedwetters.


Elmvale BIA

Next BIA Meeting

Stay tuned for more information regarding our next meeting.  Information will be shared via email and posting on social media

Classes of 2020!

Congratulations to Elmvale Graduates 2020!

Well done! Best wishes for continued success!

Elmvale BIA Business Highlights:

#elmvalebia Business Highlight:
The Corner Cut Salon & Spa
2 Queen Street East - Elmvale 
#haircut #local #elmvale #cornercut #salonandspa

Steelers Restaurant & Pub

Adapting to COVID with take out & delivery...and expanded parking lot patio

 23 Queen Street, Elmvale ON

 #Supportlocal #StrongerTogether #Elmvale

The Country Diner

10 Yonge Street South,  Elmvale

A great local place to eat

To find a current listing of businesses visit