Editor's Musings

Margaret Ann and moi have at least five reasons (son, daughter-in-law and three very wonderful grand-children) to go back to Hamillville. (If you have never been there, the old steel bridge is still standing although the contract said it is to be gone by June 30th.) When heading back home, we often saw the signs about Lemonade and ice cream and wondered where it was. Then one day, we were driving on the 12th concession of Sunnidale (the west end of Flos Road 4 West) when we saw the signs and there on the south side of the road (3829) a couple of kilometers west of Hamillville we saw the little red stand.

Last Friday, we stopped.

Initially, it was to be for a soft ice cream cone $2 and a lemonade $2 and by the time we left, we had two cones, a lemonade and some King of the Caesars (extra garlic) salad dressing which we have used as potato chip dip, salad dressing and condiments on a hamburger..

The hostess is Wendy West and family. Seventeen years ago, she came up with the delicious tasting Caesar in her kitchen. Ten years ago, they located to this home. They have a field of organically grown garlic and were selling scapes out of the little red stand named ‘King of the Cone’ along with ice cream sandwiches, cones and many other things (peperettes). They make all their products with fresh, natural Ontario produce to make eating local easier for you. Before Covid 19, there were a dozen employees mostly family.

They sell their products at local markets and at Foodland, Food Basics, Metro Ontario and Sobeys. In late October 2019, they were one of the ten companies chosen by the Provincial Government to represent Ontario at the Grocery Innovations Canada convention.

The website is www.thekingofceasars.com.

When you stop, tell her the Springwater News was impressed.


Last week I whizzed by an article about Vodcow, which is an alcoholic drink made from milk. On Monday, I noted an article about Cowcohol. Now I’m interested.

Milk is made of two proteins, casein and whey. Whey protein can be separated from the casein in milk or formed as a by-product of cheese making. Whey protein is considered a complete protein as it contains all 9 essential amino acids. It is low in lactose content.

From the whey, it takes 16 days to make a crystal clear liquid that is smooth, sweet and tastes a little carmally.

Since it is illegal for a farmer to sell me their milk, I am going to have to partner with one of our local dairy producers and hopefully before long, we will be selling a yet unnamed alcoholic beverage. Are you thirsty?


I started recording the predicted weather just to see how accurate the forecasters are. I used the weather.com app that I have on my phone. I actually had three apps that did the same thing (predicted the weather) but I deleted two because I was wasting time comparing one to another.

On Friday, June 12, the long range for Sunday, June 21st (summer) was a predicted high of 22 and low of 12.

On June 13 it had increased to 24 and 12

On June 15 it had increased to 27 and 17.

On June 17 it was 29 and 17.

On June 18, it was to be 31 and 16.

On the day of June 21, it was predicted to be 30 and 17.

The actual weather that day was 33 and 17.

Most every day, it predicted clouds and lightning. We ended the day after having experienced sun, clouds, lightning and almost 15 mm of rain.

Monday, as I write this, the first prediction was for 22 and 13, then as the week progressed it was predicted to be as much as 28 and today, it predicts 27 high and 18.

I wonder if the weather.com app is hooked to some computer program which calculates what might happen. Within hours, the prediction for Tuesday went from 26 to 27 and then to 25.  (It is now Tuesday - high predicted of 23.)

Canada Day is predicted to be 29 and 18 with a little cloud and sun...let’s see what it really turns out to be.


The government passed a law (Bill 156) which said that no one could trespass on your farm - and some people are upset about it.

Do you want people parked in our driveway and partying on your lawn?

Do you want people walking around your property stepping on rakes, stabbing themselves with pitch forks, scaring and releasing your animals?

Do you actually trust any trespassers to not pick the flowers or tramp your garden and other crops?

If I wandered into the houses and sheds of some of the complainers, you can bet that if I don’t get hit on the head with a ???, that the cops would be called.

But some people want to be able to go across your property and into your barns under the auspices that they are there to protect the animals. The animals are the lively hood of many farmers and if the animal(s) get sick, or are not fed properly, that’s the farmers livelihood. In my encounters with many of these farmers, their livestock is their family.

I wonder what degree some of these PETA protesters have to make an assessment with out an understanding?


If we can afford it, and I guess if you have the urge, it is nice to donate to some of the charities that exist and hope the majority of what you gave goes to a good cause.

It is afterwards, when you start getting requests for more money week after week that you begin to wonder whether it was a good idea.

I suppose some of the people behind some of the fund raising (gives the rest of the fund raisers a bad name) are professionals and the more money they can get, the more they are remunerated.

I suppose that because I gave once, they find me an easier mark and so deluge me with more requests. After a while, I begin to think that they have spent almost as much money sending me requests as I gave in the beginning.

Giving is a good cause. I would like to see in every request a short financial statement which says we  collected $x.xx and 97% (or whatever) of it went directly to that use.


Somewhere I read an interesting article about the people who have been diagnosed with the Covid 19 virus. Three scientists realized that more people over 49 were not as immune to the virus as the under 49 group.

So why?

They found that in 1971, 49 years ago, it became compulsory to get the MMR (measles, mumps & rubella) vaccine. The first dose is generally given to children around 9 to 15 months of age, with a second dose at 15 months to 6 years of age, with at least 4 weeks between the doses. After two doses, 97% of people are protected against measles, 88% against mumps, and at least 97% against rubella. Death from measles has been reduced from 2.6 million to 122,000 (mostly in low-income countries) a year. Prior to that, it being optional, although many of us got the needles and today still have a scar the size of a penny on our upper arms, some didn’t and don’t.

It is never too late to get the MMR vaccine and with their research, they are rather disgusted that those in the upper scientific world have ignored that fact.


My little Covid Chart shows that since the peak of the Covid 19 virus, we are in a much better state today versus  two months ago.

Not being a BIG believer in any conspiracy theories, I do think the reporting was geared to scaring the burgesses out of people. Every day they try to make sure you know how many total cases there have been as if that is a catastrophe but each year, a new class of students increases the number of kids that have gone to school but although not the same thing, it is not a dire report.

What should be the bad news is the number that have died and the good news should be the declining number of  people with the virus which you can only find out thru mathematical calculations.

What’s news - the good and bad - 78% (168 of 216) of Tuesday’s new cases were in Toronto.

There were almost 20,000 tests and only 216 positive so just over 1%.

At its peak, there were over 1,000 patients hospitalized and on Tuesday, there were 288.

82% of the deaths have been in long term care. There were 471 people on the streets or in your workplace die. You had one chance in approx 30,500 of running into one of them.


Charles! You’re almost a senior. Are you thinking about getting tested?