Sports by Mike Townes
When I was just a kid, I dreamed of being an NHL player and a Major league baseball player but the talent was lacking in both these sports. Then I took up refereeing minor hockey and my thoughts of making the NHL as an official quickly came to an end because I was small, wore glasses and was not the greatest skater.
I then thought that maybe I could make it as a broadcaster for both baseball and hockey but, again, the talent level was just not there. So, in high school my old friend, the late John Brown, asked me to start writing a sports column for the old Elmvale Lance and I thought that maybe was my calling -- but as life got busier that calling went away just like the Lance.
I took up curling in high school and again lack of talent only took me to local bonspiels and competitions but it is still a sport I enjoy playing today.
I was good with numbers so I was a statistician for local hockey leagues, an intermediate hockey league and baseball leagues. But jobs like that were hard to come by that paid a salary.
I continued to play and coach baseball and after that I took up umpiring so I could continue to be close to the game. At 64, it was time to hang up the mask and counter as the legs started to go.
Sixteen years ago, I talked to Michael Jacobs about a sports column in the Springwater News and he said to go ahead. I thought I would give it a try but never expected to produce 416 consecutive columns in the paper after I first appeared in Michael’s paper.
Like everything in life, anything you start has to come to an end at some point, and for me that day has come. I may still send in a column or two but only when I have the time and something to say, but the consecutive columns will end at 416.  
I would like to thank Michael for the chance to appear in his paper for 16 years, my wife Sandy for proofreading my column, and all the readers who took the time to read my column once in a while. It was a good run!