2019 Valley Farm Market Bonspiel

The disco ball sparkled brightly over the Elmvale Curling Club on January 12 as the Women's Day Curling League hosted their annual Valley Farm Market Bonspiel with a "Disco Fever" theme. 

Teams from Alliston, Coldwater, Orillia, Stayner and Midland competed against two teams from Elmvale while getting down to the 70's inspired atmosphere! Midland prevailed with 2nd and 3rd place going to Orillia and the Elmvale #1 rink. Congratulations to Skip Barb Brinkmann, Lana Lyons, Betty Lou Rothwell, and Barb Wackerlin. 

Valley Farm Market Catering served up a delicious dinner, and their support of this annual event is much appreciated.

Peace Baby!

Contributed by Sue Henry


Sports with Patrick Townes

Marcus Stroman is in the news for the wrong reasons.  Stroman is unhappy with the status of the Blue Jays during their rebuilding process.  Understandably, he wants to win, however he has publicly criticized management for not putting a competitive team on the field.  There are certain conversations or opinions that should be kept behind closed doors, and not in front of the media.  At a time when there are so many young players in Dunedin this Spring, the negativity and attitude Stroman is displaying should not be welcomed amongst the Blue Jay’s staff.

There is absolutely no doubt the Blue Jays are going through a rebuilding process.  They took their shot in the recent two playoff appearances and struck out.  It is hard to blame a team for going for a championship when they see a window.  What players like Stroman need to realize is the chance to win may not happen every year.  With the Red Sox and the Yankees being so strong right now, the playoff window for the Blue Jays is closed – the additional free agents they add right now don’t matter. 

The only player to offer these types of comments has been Stroman.  Players like Smoak and Morales have accepted their roles.  The veteran players need to help foster the growth of the younger players with the team during this time period, not complain to the media about the status of the team.  There are two parties to blame in situations like these – the players and the media.

I have never been a fan of some media in sports.  Players get interviewed between innings or between periods and answer the same questions over and over again.  We even have coaches getting interviewed on hockey benches during live play.  Perhaps the slow MLB free agent market has spurred the media into looking for additional stories during spring training.  Shame on both parties for making this news, taking away from all the young talent the Blue Jays have within the system right now.

A late congratulations to Roy Halladay for making it to the Hall of Fame.  Some people did not think he would make it to the Hall of Fame on his first try.  To me, someone deserving of this honour should have statistics that will never be duplicated.  There is no doubt that his mark of 67 complete games will never be reached by another player, especially in the new age world of ‘openers’ who pitch the first inning of a game.  When Halladay took the hill, fans knew that the Blue Jays had a chance to win no matter who the opponent. 

During the 2003 season, Halladay had a record of 22 wins and 7 losses.  When I thought back to this season, it seemed like he lost a lot of close games and I figured he would have been close to 30 wins with a better offensive team.  Checking back, Halladay lost 3 games when he surrendered 3 earned runs or less, and he had 4 non-decisions when he surrendered 3 earned runs or less.  He did not lose a game in May, June and July.  Impressive to say the least.  He also pitched 3 innings in a game once that season – all his other starts were over 5 innings. 

Quote of the Day: “You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I’m not hungry enough to eat six.” – Yogi Berra.


On February 2, 32 curlers from Barrie, Midland and Elmvale met at the Elmvale Curling Club to play in the Mike/Will Masters Bonspiel.

Sponsored by Mike Stone and Will Marshall, the event was open to men of

60 years of age or older, and included Elmer McFadden, who is 89 years old and who has participated in this event for 19 consecutive years.

This year's winner was the team of Pet Kenny (skip), Gregg Giffen, Bill Scott and Rob McClung, from the Elmvale Curling club. In second place was a team from The Barrie Curling Club skipped by Bill Brown, along with Nelson Jordan, Mike Harris and Mike McMahon. Everyone enjoyed a great lunch and prizes were available for all. This is an annual event and the Elmvale Curling Club looks forward to seeing all these gentlemen again next year.

Courtesy of George Kolish Bonspiel chair