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Anten Mills News  by Dennis Gannon

Before the snow started to fall on Sunday, a small but dedicated group of volunteers following social distancing protocols, assembled at the community centre to get the lights installed on the large spruce tree in front of the pavilion. Within a few hours nearly 1000 LED lights were strung in anticipation of the annual tree lighting this year. The tree lighting, Christmas in the Village and Santa Claus parade have been events planned by the Anten Mills Community Recreation Association for a number of years. Donations had been greatly offered and accepted resulting in Anten Mills having the best display locally. The tree lighting first came in 2015 when the CRA had the first 500 lights installed on the tree. The event has grown with additional lights, a tree topper, ground displays and lights on the smaller tree. There have been fireworks, movies, lots of hot chocolate and who can forget about the SnoTube ride courtesy of Snow Valley. Santa Claus has graced us with his presence annually with the firefighters. Like most things there will be a significant change this year. For the 6th year, the trees will be lit, the ground displays installed and lit up along with a new one, but there will not be the festivities that go with it. Through good sources we understand that Santa Claus is still scheduled to attend with the firefighters and light up the park but there will be only a limited number of people who can attend. To solve the issue of resident participation, work is underway to make the tree lighting a virtual event held still on the second Saturday of December which this year is December 12. More details will be available in the next edition of the paper as well as on the Anten Mills Facebook page so mark it in your calendar. Donations to the tree lighting are still welcomed.

Springwater Township is assisting with a trail map of holiday decorations installed by the CRA’s and community groups so everyone can have a family outing and enjoy the efforts. This will be on the municipal website page in the coming week. In the past we have had great community participation with decorating our homes. This is a tradition that needs to keep going particularly along Horseshoe Valley Road where the inspiration for the park tree lighting came from. Let’s all do our best to light up our homes and keep the tradition alive. This will also be the 3rd annual Anten Mills “Unofficial” Christmas Decorating Contest. We will do our best to get photos of the best displays in the community in the last edition of the paper for the year so get your displays up. As a note of caution, there are unfortunately some individuals who get pleasure from destroying the work of others as was displayed in Barrie this past weekend at the lights installed along the Lakeshore. If you see or hear of any damage please contact the appropriate authorities. We can work together to stop the damaging acts before they get out of hand.

Through the efforts of several gentlemen of the community, the community sign along Wilson has been refurbished and is now in good condition. We thank them for their efforts as well as the Watkins family who has now taken over the sign duties including adding some inspirational or comedic comments when it is not being rented. To rent the sign send an email to antenmillssign@gmail.com and they will work with you to get your message posted.

At the last Springwater Council meeting and the Springwater Recreation Advisory Committee meeting, a presentation was done on a beautification plan and potential recreation improvements to the community park. This was done by the Anten Mills CRA in preparation of the 50th anniversary of a community association in 2021. The presentation included having the ground under the pavilion hard surface along with an enlarged rear deck with stairs going in both directions. Of interest to the community was the development of a Native Plant, 50th anniversary garden along the east side of the pavilion. Within that garden there was a request to have Legacy Stones installed. Many families moved into the community in the late 1970’s and early 80’s and have remained here.  A significant number have had their children make this their home as well. It is felt that these modern day pioneers who have made our community what it is today should have a way to be recognized. The recreational enhancements included a walking path, pickleball court and outdoor exercise equipment. No decisions were made at the time of this writing and as more details become available they will be shared.

Our community rink will be available for skating this year but the change room will not be accessible. Chad Muir has agreed to take on the leadership role again and is looking for volunteers. Contact Chad directly if you can assist.

That’s all for now, Stay Healthy, Stay Strong, Stay Safe, antenmills1@gmail.com .