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Musings: sharing my journey as it unfolds daily

Editor’s Musings

There was a reason that my musings went to another page – probably because we generally did not need colour very badly. I have received numerous comments and when someone from out west called to say they were missing it, I guess I should have left it here.

I spend copious amounts of time on the computer. While my wife reads a novel almost every two days, with the amounts of articles I partially read, I may be as prolific at reading as she is. Granted, she may stay on the same subject while I wander from one to another sometimes wondering if I have a really short attention span.

So…I wondered if the temperature in Barrie had changed much over the years. I read that because of Global Warming, the heat units, the amount of heat/days we get to grow a crop of corn had increased over the years. The more heat units we have, the longer the growing season therefore we can plant a corn that needs a longer growing season so that we can get a better yield.

My research took me to this website – https://www.currentresults.com/Weather/Canada/Ontario/Places/barrie-temperatures-by-month-average.php. Here we have 40 years of Barrie weather recordings broken down into the first 30 years, and then the last 10 years.

If you compare the 1981 to 2010 era to the neat 10 years, I have marked the warmer months in red, the colder days in blue and if unchanged, I left in black. It would appear, the temperatures in our area have dropped in the past 10 years. How many readers wish they were younger or at least wished they looked younger? There are all kinds of offers you may see. They include a cream that you put on your face everyday thru to miracle drugs that may have that magic ingredient from a natural herb that grows only in the mountains of Timbuctoo. You know that place. Everyone looks like they are 21 when really, the masses are into their 80s and 90s and still reproducing like horny rabbits. But since we can’t get there, it will be mailed to us on a buy one, get 2 free. This is a onetime offer for only $99.99. Get yours now because there are only a few bottles left – they are almost sold out – don’t hesitate. Actually, it irritates me to read about these offers. The stories go on and on. I guess they think that if you stay that long, you do not want to admit reading all the way thru a hoax so you buy. I think a better salesman is someone who can convince you in 100 words or less. I think I have told you that the average person has an attention span of one minute and most can read at about 325 words per minute.

So back to the magic days of youth.

As we get older, we may encompass a group called Zoomers located at 70 Jefferson Avenue in Toronto and owned by Moses Znaimer. You may even watch some of their VERY informative shows on TV. In fact, my sweetie and I have been involved in the taping of four shows. They do one in the morning and another in the afternoon. Once, we took my sister with us. Hey! Once I was one of the people at the round table. That show had to do with funerals. This organization has a lot of credibility. I respect their ideas and gobble up some of their information. Since their inception in 2000, they occasionally have had guests who speak on longevity and anti-aging with the hope we’ll do what we can to squeak every last drop out of life.

One of the most promising topics for anti-aging researchers are Telomeres; these are the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes. When we’re born, they start off long and then shorten as age-related decay begins. Recently, The Telegraph published a story about an anti-aging study, which is using oxygen therapy to lengthen Telomeres (to as long as they were 25-years ago!) and halt the aging process altogether. Pretty amazing. So if you see someone walking the streets that looks like me 25 years ago…

I have a little friend. He is eight years old. He’s an outdoorsman. He likes to fish. He’s gone hunting with his dad. He has a bike for jumping, a bike for racing and another bike for touring. For an eight year-old, he knows more about his dad’s side by side and ATV than some 16 or 20 or whatever year olds. He loves tools. For years, he has known the difference between a Phillips and a Robertson screw driver. To him, the best part of going to school is recess. He is not intimidated by his older sisters. And when we play a board game, instead of checkers, he wants to play chess. Chess? Really? Does your grandchild want to play chess?

Some 55 years ago, Doug Hill owned the Tasty-Freeze located where now there is a little mall in Elmvale with Clover Variety, B2 Pizza and A’s. Many of us had a milk shake, fries and a hamburger there. They had a kid named Rick. When we were 18, he was probably 5 and he always wanted to play Chess. I remember playing more games against him then playing against university buddies or my wife. He was the  Grandmaster back in those days. I wonder if he still plays today. Although I know grand-dads are not supposed to beat their grandchildren, I need a lesson or two so I know the right move to make a mistake and let him win.

One of the more controversial subjects centres around genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and whether we should allow them. As with any subject, you can find pros and cons anyplace on the internet. Some argue that GMOs are just a means of hurrying the natural evolution of a growing plants while others suggest that by alternating the DNA of a plant, we could have unwanted or catastrophic side effects. Many of the western countries i.e. Canada, United States, Brazil and others allow the GMO products when approved and realize that other countries do not allow them. Those countries include China and Japan and when a boat load of soybeans or corn arrives in those countries, and they find a positive test for the altered DNA, the GM crop is rejected. Switzerland has had a moratorium on such crops and are considering extending it until 2025.

I was at an agricultural meeting only a few years back where the question was asked, “Should farmers be looking at growing non GMO crops?” The presenter said no. Meanwhile, some processors pay a premium price for the non GMO crops.  Just saying – I don’t have an answer.

Charles, I guess our family Christmas is a bust. No place will allow the descendents (and their significants) of our mom and dad, I think the number is almost 50, assembled.