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Minesing Moments

As I write this the sun is shining and the skies are blue for a second day in a row.  What a nice change from the dull streak of weather we’ve had lately.  As I looked out my back window today the frost was still on the trees and the sun was melting it away and as it did there appeared to be sparkles falling.  It was a beautiful sight but I could not capture it on my phone the same way as I saw it.  I’m no professional photographer but shouldn’t your camera take a picture of what you see?  Perhaps a real photographer would know the secret…I’m sure a more technical camera would have more luck than my iPhone.

I find myself very frustrated but not surprised by the recent rising numbers of COVID cases in our province and more so in Simcoe County.  I know Christmas came and it was very different for most people this year.  Some people didn’t care, they weren’t going to be frightened by the orders to stay home and not visit others.  It’s some of these people that are now experiencing the COVID bacteria and have spread it to their families. Strange how that works isn’t it?  What a horrible feeling to have infected others of your own family and friend circle. I can’t even imagine being the one to pass it onto my loved ones.   My family did Christmas in their own homes and gathered by Zoom which was a new experience for some of them.  It worked out great to be able to see everyone and talk to those we haven’t seen in almost a year.  Can you believe we are coming up to a year of this?  I hope that your family was able to enjoy the quiet, quality time and maybe you experienced some new traditions to try out in the future.  There is always next year to celebrate the way we “used to”

I knew after Christmas, about 14 days, we’d see an influx of cases and we will also have 14 more days after New Year’s for those that chose to mix with other households to celebrate.  Sometimes you can’t believe what people will do and sadly there is not much we can do about it but do our part, and then sit back and watch the chaos unfold.  Please, please folks do your best at keeping yourself and others safe and healthy.  Keep in mind that if your extended family is still working, that they are around co-workers who have families who may be at school or don’t care to wear masks, wash hands, etc…those people are exposing YOUR extended family!   Everyone thinks it won’t happen to them…until it does.

I would like to thank the local folks of our communities who are trying to keep our ice rinks going.  I know Mother Nature hasn’t been co-operating with the warmer temperatures but I know that the work is being put forth to do what is possible to keep outside rinks operational.  Please be mindful of the limitations put in place and posted at the rinks and also be considerate if you see others patiently waiting to go on the rink and there are 10 people already on the rink.  If you have had your turn, be kind and let others take their turn.  Everyone would like a chance to enjoy.  I like seeing the kids walking by on their way to the rink with their skates, it makes me think back to when I was young and we skated every available hour we could until dinner time.  As we lived across from the rink, we would get a whistle to come home for dinner time.  After dinner and a warm up, we were back out at the rink until it was time to come home.  The front light would flicker on and off a few times and another whistle would sound out and we knew it was time to head home for the night.  I recently had a conversation with friends about how many times we had to shovel the rink in Anten Mills so that we could skate on it.  We always did it without snowblowers and did it without complaint just to be able to skate.

For anyone who has made a New Year’s resolution, I wish you luck and hope you are sticking to whatever it is you are doing.  Even though some days it’s so hard, keep on trying and remember if you fall off whatever you are trying, try again the next day and remember it was only one day, one extra snack, one whatever. There are 7 days to the week and you have many more to try and try again.

So 2021…what are you going to deal us this year?  We continue with the pandemic thankfully we are starting to get vaccinations to the most vulnerable and front line health care workers.  Let’s think positive and hopefully the worst is behind us.

Until next time, keep your chin up and remember that good things come to those who wait.