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A New Year’s tax reduction helps strengthen seniors’ financial security

It’s Me (The Virus)

You didn’t listen

I’ve been yelling at you

You left the door open

I walked right through.

You will pay the toll

I’m now in control

Nothing you can do

I am the COVID flu.

This is an intervention

Did I get your attention?

As you all ran around

Not respecting the ground.

With no cars anywhere

You now have cleaner air

Learn to live cleaner

I can get much meaner.

I’m here to scare

To yell beware

All the things you did

Now deal with COID.

I’m just getting started

Look at all the departed

Now I’m the Boss

For you, your loss.

Too bad you’re upset

But I’m not done yet

You have much to dread

Just count the dead.

Diane Ouellette Botyanski, Tiny




To those people who have been following Gloria Woods TD Bank Quest

On February 12 Gloria received a reply from the ADR Chambers Banking Ombuds Office. The letter was signed by a Kayla Albin, Ombudsman Officer.

I was impressed by the detail of their understanding and thoroughness, of what we are now enduring because of very little service to the Elmvale community from the TD Bank.

When I followed through with the second request to the Ombudsman, I had to sign a “Consent and Confidentiality Agreement”.  This agreement clearly states that their response is not intended for broader use, circulation or publication. To shorten their lengthy reply, it pretty much states that this situation is outside the ADRBO’s mandate.  Also they cannot recommend the courses of action that we seek. I wish I could share all their comments without having to write a book.

Simply – they cannot help.

If you have read the past letters, that Springwater News have printed, you will know that I have already made the attempt for some answers through the TD’S Customer Care Department.  They too were of no service to us.

The original letter I sent went to Bharat Masrani, the Group President & Chief Execution Officer for The Toronto Dominion Bank.  If you google Mr.Masrani, you will learn that he was appointed to this position on November 1, 2014 and earned 15.3 million in total compensation during the year of 2018.  I would think he never even read my letter, but instead his staff passed it on to the Customer Care Department.  So much for writing to the top with the hope of them seeing or learning what is happening down through the ranks.

The ATM machine has been replaced and operational again.  Yeh !

At no time during this exercise did I want to show any disrespect to our Guardian Drugs and their staff. Their service to Elmvale by having the ATM machine in the store is appreciated.  I can only imagine the number of nuisance calls they received from people wanting to know when another ATM machine was going to be installed.  Thank you to Guardian Drugs staff for tolerating this inconvenience and also thank you to them for putting a notice on their doors stating the ATM was out of order.  A duty that ‘TD Canada Trust’ should have done.

My quest for answers is over.  I have thrown my hands in the air.

Good luck to this community with the service of one TD-Canada Trust ATM.

An interesting fact:  Did you know that the TD Canada Trust building in Creemore was donated to the community.  It was torn down in January 2020 and the property is being prepared for two promenades, a children’s green area, a central square and a stage and canopy which will be used for a variety of community events.

Gloria Woods

Dear Editor,

Re-OLA  Climate Change Belief System by Roger Graves in the Jan. 7, 2021 Springwater News.

The comments of the author of the article are hard to rationalize as factual from the examples given and the extrapolations to today’s analysis of climate change by science proponents. Let’s dismiss the fact he uses bloodletting compared to today’s science based climate change arguments as a move to profit from, as nonsense. Carbon Dioxide, more stable and heavier than air, and Carbon monoxide, very reactive and lighter than air, are both produced in some processes we all know as “burning”.  CO2 is of course also produced by respiration of mammals and used in plant growing photosynthesis. But let us examine this quote from Mr. Graves justifying his first three points as he claims,

“First, CO2 is not, never was, and never can be a pollutant.”

Wow!  Many can refute this by heavier than air CO2  thoughts involving the repair pits under cars that have been outlawed in repair garages in our country and the difficulties encountered by the humans down digging wells where many of us have stories of CO2 damaging or killing acquaintances. Our home fire alarms where measuring of Carbon Monoxide at upper levels warns us of the buildup of exhaust (carbon monoxide and dioxide) from burning.  The fourth and fifth points address atmospheric CO2  historically concluding humans thrive when warm which certainly seems true, our now 7 to 8 billion growing population seems to show.  The planet needs a certain amount of CO2 to avoid being very cold; but enough (atmospheric CO2  over 400 ppm) to be overheated by our own activities?

Skepticism is what science is about and peer reviews are skeptical and investigative; when agreement is concluded it is hard earned.  Climate Change in the “overheating our planet sense” develops into a question to most us but is investigated by a large number of people in very rigorous experiments within a scientific framework of peer review.   These experiments are developed as questions to be answered for guidance to solving problems demonstrated, we as humans do not have answers to.  The conclusions to the experiments are not the final answer as our journey through COVID times is showing us but understanding improves with effort.

Mr. Graves conclusions in the article are demonstratably not science based. Mr. Graves qualifications for serious scientific argument can be questioned and I think unconvincing if compared to those of Dr. Greg Flato (author of about 70 peer reviewed articles) Senior Research Scientist with Environment Canada and adjunct professor at University of Victoria School of Earth and Ocean Science.  I mention Prof Flato because he was featured on the recent Quirks and Quarks CBC segment answering a question about the lasting effect of CO2 in the atmosphere

Prof. Flato explained burning wood or operating an engine, for a few minutes, we release energy in the form of heat and an amount of carbon dioxide.  The CO2 goes into the atmosphere and the excesses contribute to an envelope around the planet providing a one way entry for sunlight energy (short wave radiation) and more blockage for exiting heat (long wave radiation).  The professor moved on to explain researched information that the CO2 released holds in about 6 to 10 times the heat produced by our little burn every year. And much of the very stable CO2 remains in the atmosphere for a long time and continues to hold heat on the planet amounting to thousands of times the released heat by our little burn. Over consumption of carbon-based energy sources all over our only planet should allow most of us to believe that overheating our planet is extremely likely.  Among many Prof. Flato concludes that using carbon based energy sources is a problem we must regulate for survival of many of earth’s interdependent species.

JE Lyon