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Win Yourself a FREE Eastern Bluebird Nesting Box

John Quick is a member of the Ontario Woodlot Association. If you have a woodlot, he says, “I can help you improve woodlot health over the long term. I collect detailed inventory data to identify minor tree species that should be protected and enhanced for biodiversity. I determine whether a surplus of trees is compromising optimal growth and identify the diameter classes to thin. I write long term management plans with your objectives and conduct tree marking for stand improvement thinnings.” With John’s work as an arborist you could find him pruning fruit trees and/or removing hazardous landscape trees.

But he has another hobby.

In his free time, besides being an avid bird watcher, he builds wooden nesting boxes for native birds at risk.  In 2017, he celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday by giving away 150 Tree Swallow boxes to draw attention to pesticide overuse. 

Until recently he has been supplying the Farm View newspaper with the nesting boxes for their annual Spring giveaway contest.  Although the event was always a popular one, that publication is increasing its distribution area, and unfortunately, delivering prizes to winners became too labour intensive to continue.

He has approached the Springwater News. Because it is 2021, he has donated 21 Bluebird Nesting Boxes for you to win. This is something to cheer our readers while we wait for our vaccinations. 

At the website “Cornell University Eastern Bluebird Photos” you will find “The eastern bluebird is a small North American migratory thrush found in open woodlands, farmlands, and orchards. The bright-blue breeding plumage of the male, easily observed on a wire or open perch, makes this species a favorite of birders. The male’s call includes sometimes soft warbles of jeew or chir-wi, or the melodious song chiti WEEW wewidoo.”

Our contest, which includes everyone from 6 to 100+, will run in the two papers we put out dated March 4 and 18.  The winners will be announced in the April 1st issue for pick up shortly thereafter as the Eastern Bluebirds will start nesting in mid April.

You can enter twice, once for each paper.  •  What do you do?

You go through all 24 pages of this paper and find all the pictures of the Eastern Bluebird.

Then send your answer, your name, your address and telephone number to one of:                     

email to springwaternews@rogers.com,  text to 705.321.2653 (BOLD) or call 705.322.2249

If your entry isn’t successful you have the option of purchasing nesting boxes for the bird species listed below in John’s L.E.N.T. business card ad.

We have nine pictures of the Eastern Bluebird repeated numerous times throughout this 24 page paper. Find them and…   Start Counting!!

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