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Happy birthday wishes go out to Betty Hall, Mandy Stott, Joanne Hall-Jones, Landon Stott, Karen Moreau, Sharon Foster, Candy Wakelin, Grace Howard, Emily VanderVoort, Grace Caston, Freddy Pantrey, Connor Smith, Robert Hall, Logan Moreau, Grace Handy, Pat Smith, Linda Blow, Crystal Molto, Cole Trew, Michael Blow, Helen Large, Wanda Marshall and Sharon Caston.

Sympathy goes out to Marg Caston & Family in the sudden passing of her husband Vern. There will be a graveside service in the spring.

To all those bingo players, the TV Bingo was again on Tuesday nights on Channel 53 at 6:30 p.m. Good luck to all our Wyevale Bingo Players.

We are still wearing masks, keeping our distance, washing our hands often and hoping this pandemic will soon be over.

Anyone with news items for the paper please call me and leave a message at 705.527.5274.