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Wyevale grow-op raided April 20, 2021 (215 Concession 6 East)

10,000 plants seized worth $10 million (plants have estimated street value of $1000-$1500 per plant)

56,000 sq ft greenhouse capable of growing 4 crops per year with an estimated value of $448 million MUST BE STOPPED

An additional 56,000 sq ft greenhouse is in the process of being erected

Smaller grow-ops are popping up in Lafontaine and other areas of Tiny

Tiny Township will no longer be the bucolic community that is the envy of all

Property values will decrease drastically, crime will increase

                   Please sign the petition to stop grow-ops and voice your request to Council

Information RE: Marijuana Grow-ops (MGO) and why they should be stopped in Tiny

Houses are converted into grow-op nurseries then the plants are transferred to a greenhouse to mature

Extreme humidity renders a grow-op house uninhabitable

Constant noise and hum from high volume fans 24/7 venting the greenhouses

Intolerable toxic fumes and obnoxious odours exhausted from greenhouse plants, processing and production

Use of high intensity lights in greenhouses eliminates night sky

Biohazard from poisonous fumes from chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers

Dumping of hazardous liquid sludge, by-products, pesticides and fertilizer that leach into soil and potentially poison our pure drinking water

Fire hazard from overloaded electrical systems and extreme heat generated by high-intensity lights

Potential chemical fires

Fires caused by illegal activities are NOT covered by insurance companies

Neighbourhood becomes an undesirable place to live PROPERTY VALUES DRASTICALLY DECLINE

Children are particularly vulnerable to the hazards associated with MGO’s

Wyevale school is within walking distance of the 215 Concession 6 grow-op

Grow-ops tend to attract illegal activity, gangs, violence, money laundering and corruption

Reputation of the Township is destroyed and high value of real estate begins to plummet if Tiny becomes identified as a supporter, facilitator and enabler of grow-ops

215 Concession 6 East – History

2018 property is purchased

Adiman Family Farm sign is erected at entrance

House and sheds are renovated inside and out

2019 house used as weekend “party house” – atv’s, dirt bikes, riding up home owners’ driveways and concession roadways at all hours of the day and night

“race track” is built on side farm field – noise intolerable on weekends – no permit?

Early 2020 permit obtained from Tiny Township to erect TWO 56,000 sq ft greenhouses (the size of a Walmart) to grow “vegetables”

no visible signs of occupants at house, no mail, no garbage, but van, bbq and boat parked as “props”

2020 spring construction begins on 1st 56,000 sq ft greenhouse and filled with marijuana plants

Late 2020 “skunk” smells start to be evident around the property both Con 6 and Dawson’s S.R.

Smells become more frequent and pungent and identified as marijuana – usually around 1-4 a.m.

Production of marijuana is occurring in house and 2 sheds high intensity lights visible 24/7

Numerous complaints in 2020 from neighbours to OPP, Crime Stoppers and Township to no avail

3 crops have likely been produced in house and 2 sheds over 2020/2021

Deliveries occur at night in and out

April 20, 2021 OPP raid – grow-op called highly sophisticated and significant

April 21, 2021 Adiman Family Farm sign is removed


OPP estimates the street value of 1 plant is $1000 (others estimate value at $1500 per plant)

9,027 plants seized (one crop) (10,000 rounded up) Apr 20, 2021= $10,000,000 ($10 million!)

able to do 3-4 crops per year

4 crops yearly = $40,000,000 ($40 million!)

crop seized was grown in house (approx. 1000 sq ft) and 2 sheds (approx. 2000 sq ft each) for total of 5000 sq ft.

summer of 2020 construction began on 56,000 sq ft greenhouse #1

early spring of 2021 construction started on 56,000 sq ft greenhouse #2

Total = 112,000 sq ft – THE SIZE OF A WALMART STORE

5000 sq ft yielded seizure of 10,000 plants,

56,000 sq ft greenhouse will yield 1 crop approx. 112,000 plants @ $1000 per plant = $112 million!

2 greenhouses will yield 2 x $112 million = $224 million!

4 crops per year x $224 million = $896 million in a single year!!!!

Total between house, sheds & greenhouses = $936 million – THAT’S ALMOST 1 BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR!!!


once full production begins, the smell and noise will be unbearable

traffic will increase substantially

construction of packaging and distribution facility likely

mandatory fencing of property with razor wire (drive by Sunnidale Concession 12 facility and see for yourself)

there is no benefit to Tiny – no taxes paid on the $1 billion, no local employment opportunities, no money spent in the community; just extra policing and enforcement costs for Tiny that the taxpayer will be burdened with

Con 12 facility started with 20 plants grown by a doctor in the barn and turned into an industrial complex that was allowed as a LEGAL grow-op by Clearview Township – we need to put a stop to the 215 Con 6 E. production facility BEFORE it evolves into what has happened in Clearview!


A Special Meeting of Tiny Township Council was held virtually on May 18th, 2021.

This was an informational workshop for Township councillors.  Two consultants, hired by the Township to help make recommendations and draft the Township’s new Zoning By-Law, made a presentation to Council.  The meeting was open to the public via You Tube, but public participation was not permitted. An agenda item at this meeting was how “Cannabis” cultivation and production might be addressed in the Zoning By-Law.  (“Cannabis” is now the politically correct term when referring to Marijuana Grow-Ops.).  Issues which the consultants will be addressing in the process of developing the Zoning By-Law will be location, area, indoor vs. outdoor production and cultivation, use definitions and standards.  The By-Law is intended to address “legal” operations as licensed and sanctioned by various government authorities. The consultant making the initial presentation and commentary to council stated he did not “know enough” or “how big an issue” this was in Tiny, and thus required further evaluation.  His presenting partner interjected to make clear that when talking about “Zoning By-Law”, they were “not talking about illegal” operations.  You can view the presentation segment of Marijuana on YouTube, doing a search for Tiny Township Special Meeting – New Zoning By-Law.  The Marijuana presentation starts at the 1:38 mark.

It is obvious that the consultation, input, drafting and review process will take the better part of a year.

To curtail the re-birth and transformation of the illegal Grow-Op at 215 6th Concession in Tiny into a full-fledged grow-op facility outside the restraints of any existant By-Law (and thus be grandfathered when the new by-law comes into force), Tiny must enact a strategic and focused interim Control By-Law.  It must be designed in such a way as to prevent this facility from expanding from the current mega greenhouse to two mega greenhouses (for which the footings are in place) and becoming the largest manufacturing facility of its kind in Tiny (the size of an average Walmart store).


George Cornell, Mayor mayorcornell@tiny.ca 705-526-4204

Steffen Walma, Deputy Mayor deputymayorwalma@tiny.ca

705 526-4204

Tony Mintoff, Councillor councillormintoff@tiny.ca

705 526-4204

Gibb Wishart, Councillor councillorwishat@tiny.ca

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Cindy Hastings, Councillor councillorhastings@tiny.ca 

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Ford vs. Fauci

Letter to the Editor

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a medical expert, commented on CNN ( May 11, 6:30 news) that being outdoors was very safe with respect to the spread of the Corona virus.  He noted that sending children to summer camp was a positive option which he recommends, and masks should not be needed in playgrounds and parks.  Meanwhile Premier Ford continues to advocate that playgrounds are unsafe and tennis courts must remain closed.  He defends his government’s closing of outdoor facilities as an attempt to limit mobility, keep us all at home.  Shallow thinking, but there it is.  If the mobility of people were truly an issue The Beer Store would have been closed months ago.  As it is, I can browse at Zehrs garden center with a dozen other shoppers (with reasonable restrictions) and not feel that I am in danger of infection. But I can’t play tennis or take my children to the park?  Really? I’m guessing that our premier doesn’t play tennis, but I’m sure he is impatient for the re-opening of the swings and slides. When medical experts such as Doctors Fauci and Isaac Bogach (CTV news May 14) tell me that the risk of infection while outdoors is minimal, perhaps our premier should walk down a fairway and note the distance between golfers. Would do him good. Clearly this is an example of over-regulation, inflexible thinking, and poor decision making. Some outdoor activities, recognized by all medical authorities, are safe.  

Joffre McCleary,  Barrie

I sent a letter to the Southern Georgian Bay Asociation of Realtors

Folks – What are the rules for listing people’s properties? I thought that after listing a home, the agents were to have the listing on the MLS in a speedy fashion. In the Barrie Board, I was told it was 24 hours.

We now see signs that say coming soon. I called about one place (only out of interest because although there was a sign, I could not find the property)  and was told the price but there were no showings until the coming Monday. When I speak to people, they all agree loud and clear, the listing office/agent wants to sell the property themselves so they are shutting out agents from other companies despite the fact that agents from other offices may even have a very motivated buyer and maybe, the buyer would have got a better price. When I took the course and sold real estate out of the Century 21 office in Midland (1992 to 1998), there were rules set out as to the conduct of the agents and I wonder if those rules have been changed of ignored. One of the biggest problems with the agents listing and selling the same property is that we were taught to get the best price for the buyer or seller. One has a hard time doing the best for their clients when they are dealing on both sides of the transaction.  Even lawyers who are only doing the paperwork in a transaction cannot work both sides of the fence. Anyhow, it would appear the agents who put up a sign saying coming soon have found a loophole in the legislation. I wondered what are the rules and if it is being discussed at the MLS board level.

Springwater News – Michael Jacobs

The reply to the above

On behalf of President Matthew Lidbetter:

Good evening Michael,

 In regards to listings which sellers wish placed on the MLS® System, you are correct that REALTORS® are required to post these within a short time frame, which is determined by each board/association.

 Coming Soon signs fall under advertising which is the jurisdiction of the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) who is the licensing body of the REALTORS® across the province, as well as the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). REALTORS® follow their sellers direction when determining the timing of posting their listing to the MLS® System. In many circumstances it provides REALTORS® the time they need to prep the marketing material such as virtual tours, marketing brochures, etc..

 We’ve heard the issues you’ve described where it appears listing salespeople are trying to double-end a sale. Firstly, the provincial government reviewed whether this should be prohibited and after a long debate, it remains an option under the  new Trust in Real Estate Services Act, 2020 (TRESA 2020) which can be found https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/bills/parliament-42/session-1/bill-145.  

In addition, when we receive a complaint of a possible double ended Coming Soon listing, we audit the paperwork to ensure the brokerage is in compliance with the various timing required to post the listing on the MLS® System. Further, we are one of 22 real estate boards/associations which belong to ITSO (an integrated MLS® System providing seamless MLS® listing data to members of these boards/associations) and this very issue is currently being discussed as to whether a more restrictive Coming Soon policy should be considered.

Thank you for your inquiry Michael. If I can be of further assistance, please let me know.

Sincerely,   Matthew Lidbetter, President

                   Sandy Raymer, Executive Officer

County Rd 90 by Ed Donnelly

On the farm where I was raised on L 21 Con 10 W1/2 Vespra (which is now Grenfel Road) sits a farm on the side of  a hill with a tremendous view. In thdistance to the south you see 5 miles across the valley to Ivy, west 20 miles too Base Borden and east about 5 miles to Barrie. And in the middle runs county road 90 with its 5 lanes of pavement and 4foot paved shoulders for cyclist and foot traffic on both sides. It was built in 3 contracts and is a very safe impressive roadway. I do not remember when it was first paved but I do remember seeing the World War 2 tanks rumbling along on the shoulder with 1 track on the pavement returning to Base Borden. I would have been 3 years old in 1946 and that is probably the time I remember. They left cuts in the pavement where the tracks had run for years in many places. It was a 2-lane road in those days that run between Barrie and Base Borden following along Tiffin Street into Allandale. It was all they needed for the traffic at the time. Along in the 60’s the road got changed to join up with Dunlop Street and access to the 400 interchange. That was all bush and swampy soft land, but it got into a good road with lots of fill. However, the City of Barrie who patrols this section with radar must have collected Millions of $ by enforcing 60 km/hour speed in this short section, about 1/4 mile of broken down chewed up pavement in 2 lanes. They have not upgraded this road for whatever reason, maybe waiting on the Ontario government to pay?

I just heard on the news that the council is talking about spending millions of tax dollars on facelifting the Molson Center. The idea was to enlarge the size to attract bigger events and compete with conventions. This makes sense to me and is a worthwhile project in the making.

But to leave the main entrance to Barrie from the west side in such disrepair doesn’t.  The southern entrance being highway 400 has 6 lanes now and more coming, the north entrance has 4 lanes in good repair and the Highway 11 has similar. But the  poor old west entrance needs to be upgraded,  but will it be high on some to do list for Barrie counsel?