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Musings: sharing my journey as it unfolds daily

It is frustrating.

I have contacted the Beer Store, formerly the Brewer’s retail, twice asking for some information i.e. when did the Elmvale outlet open and whatever trivia they might be able to offer – no reply.

The contract for the bridge at Hamillville cost $13M on the second time around but I wanted to know how much was spent on pre-engineering, soil tests and the first offering of the contract which did not work out.

I guess if I had more time and did a few freedom of information requests, I might find out but why is this not more readily available.

We were charged tax (13%) on non taxable items like milk and eggs at the Walmart in Wasaga Beach.

I have sent two emails to head office and two weeks after the second one, no reply.

I called the 1-800 number, decided that if I pressed three, I would get to the right person. I was told to call back and press two. Some places transfer you.

I called back, pressed two and everything was in French which I can limitedly understand. (I brag about how I got an A in French at university.)

I called back and waited until I had heard all the options, pressed two and the nice lady said it was the wrong place but she could transfer me.

The next fellow said I had to contact head office and when I asked for the number, he put me on hold, came back 5-10 minutes later, probably surprised I was still there and said he (an employee with Walmart) did not know head offices number.

I dropped into the store with our receipt. They photographed it, and said they would review it the next morning when the office lady came in. A few days later I received a call that using the numbers and codes, they were working on it. Time passed. Days passed. They called back this past Monday. The manager sounded as frustrated. He had found a glitch in the register. After reading one certain item on my list, every item after that was irregular.

He rebooted the til and found that it worked fine until that one type of item was read by the decoder.

He was honest and said he didn’t understand.

After a few tries, and finding an error too many times and still not knowing how much tax I had overpaid, he had contacted head office. He read me the letter that they had sent him. Again, he sounded frustrated and said all he could offer was maybe a gift card if I ‘ever’ came into the store again.

I haven’t dropped in yet but it was suggested that it might be for $50, significantly more than the few dollars of tax I wanted refunded but nowhere near the $1000 card I was hoping for.

Personal income tax and corporate taxes were introduced in 1917 to help finance the First World War.

The Canadian tax structure changed profoundly during the Second World War. By 1946, direct taxes accounted for more than 56 per cent of federal revenue. Today, is it 100%?

Our governments need more money. They hope to get it by taxing the rich and the corporations.

The corporate tax in Japan is 39.5%, US is 39.25% and in Canada, it is 26.5%. The corporate tax rate in Ireland is 12.5% but only 6.25% for revenue tied to a company’s patent or intellectual property.

Approximately 50% of the industries registered in Ireland are related to operations in other countries. Other countries like Dubai and the United Arab Emirates have a 0% corporate tax rate which  attracts business headquarters and employment which leads to more money spent and a higher income for their residents.

This week, the G7 is near a historic deal to set a minimum level for business tax rates around the world which they say would bring in billions of dollars.

There will be special rules to change how much tax some large companies will pay, and where those taxes are paid. If Countries like Ireland does not comply, they will face penalties from those economies committing to the new pact.

This is the New World Order that some say does not exist.

 A cyber attack is an assault launched by cybercriminals using one or more computers against a single or multiple computers or networks. A cyber attack can maliciously disable computers, steal data, or use a breached computer as a launch point for other attacks.

I am surprised that with all the software available, and with all the silicon valley experts, they have been unable to thwart the attacks on our towns and cities, our pipelines, our electrical facilities and more.

In a 2020 cyber security report, it shows that 28 million Canadians had been affected by a data breach. Many of these data breaches were not the result of someone hacking into their personal computers, but rather into some of the major companies data bases which may hold the records on people’s health, employment, criminal history or credit card numbers.

To get back to normal, many organizations have had to pay a ransom. The US fuel pipeline hack in early May resulted in a $5 million ransom. The interruption to a Danish transportation caused a $300M interruption and the loss of 20% of their business.

According to the Tech Transformers, ransom ware attacks costs smaller companies an average of $713,000 per incident, a combination of the expense of downtime and lost business due to reputational harm.

Recovering files from backup and restoring encrypted systems is often easier said than done. According to Intermedia research, nearly three out of four companies infected with ransom ware suffer two days or more without access to their files. Around 30% go 5 days or longer without access.

Although the past has been expensive/tragic, it is the future that scares the experts. If an electrical supplier is hacked, customers could immediately be left in the dark with no heat or AC. Without the payment of the ransom demanded, there is fear about the sudden loss of power for water supplies, lights, hospitals, life support, food and the list goes on.

Let’s hope someone can come up with a counter attack.

This is not science fiction. This is not April Fools.

This is fact.

Remember when UFOs were fictional and if you believed in them, you were a candidate for the looney bin. Well now, the sightings are being recorded and publicized with a slight change of wording. They are now UAPs – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

There were 15 in May, 22 in April, 21 in March, 20 in February and 17 in January.

Although the article I read at www.ufoinsight.com had the majority of the sightings in United States, other places mentioned included Spain, Thailand, Canada, Argentina, Italy, Germany, South Africa, Mexico and more.

Some reports are of triangular shaped objects that hover and then once they start to move, they would disappear in an instant. Another report was that this model was round with a hole in the middle like a donut.

Others report the UAPs could produce a bright light while others reported that the lights changed colour…white and black and orange.

A diver reported seeing a UFO under water.

A lady reported seeing seven at the same time, flying in unison all at the same speed.

There seems to be no engine for projection as one might expect. There is no noise.

Another report with pictures suggests the object recorded there was 3000 feet long.

Whenever we were kids, comic books and movies depicted the aliens, the extra-terrestrial objects, often as something to be feared.

Today, this year, of the 95 reported/recorded sightings (they have case settings as high as 114659), there has nary been a report of anything to fear – unless the lack of an explanation causes fear in some people.

In fact, now scientists are looking back to suggested sightings in years gone by to try to put the story together.

So when you are having coffee this Friday at one of those outside patios when they open and someone tells you they saw, or even went for a ride on or in a UFO, do not ridicule them.

In fact if you are out driving around the countryside and you see somebody standing in the openings yelling to the sky as I would imagine with the advanced technology, the aliens can understand our languages and can probably hear sounds 100s of miles away, please stop and come out into the openings with me and help me yell.

Maybe all of us can get a ride.

Well folks, after producing 600 copies of the Springwater News between the period of June 4th, 1998 and May 27th, 2021, someone has come forward with the intent of helping me retire.

The new owner is Deanna Woods, the wife of my (favourite) nephew. She has been helping me with the book-keeping for almost a year. She has done  almost everything else but put the paper together but that’s not new to her because in one of her other lives, she was in the magazine business. She said she wanted to be her own boss and not have anyone telling her to be at work at 8, go home at 5 and have two weeks holidays a year.

I admire people who run their own businesses. The entrepreneurship spirit is alive in that lady.

I have a boat, a motorcycle, now a travel trailer and a bunch of points on my Aventura card to use up.

And of course I am looking for a ride on an UAP.

 And Charles, you so enjoyed seeing your name mentioned in the paper. Get use to it. It may not appear again.