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Anten Mills – by Dennis Gannon

Since the beginning of July our community has received nearly 3.25 inches of rain. Compared to what we received earlier this year that is a significant amount and much more than usual. The rain has immensely assisted our Community Association 50th Anniversary Garden as the material that was planted is getting well established. Since the last article a number of new donations have been offered and will be greatly accepted as we move forward. This is our community garden and as such we will be responsible for its upkeep going forward. If you have any plants that you wish to donate or other items that may enhance the garden please feel free to contact me directly. Also anyone wishing to assist with the garden maintenance is asked to contact me in order that scheduling can be arranged. Students looking to get some community hours are welcomed as well.

Our community thoughts go out to those who were affected by the tornado that touched down in Barrie last week. By now you likely have heard that there were at least 5 separate tornadoes that occurred that day and possibly more. Weather conditions at this time of year can change in a moment particularly when thunderstorms are predicated. Weather isn’t an exact science and while the weather people do their best at sending out warnings, we have the responsibility to be aware of our surroundings and take heed when necessary. There are a number of apps available for use on our phones and tablets. You are encouraged to download them and refer to them now and in the winter when the weather is unsettled.

Did you know that tornadoes have touched down in our immediate area?  There are reports of four just north of here and one south. The first was on June 2, 1998 just after 4PM in the area of Flos Road 8 and County Road 27.  Several buildings and equipment at the Co-op were damaged and moved as well as a number of trees taken down. A second one was reported in Elmvale on July 11, 2003. A third again in the Elmvale area occurred on June 14, 2005 and on May 25, 2013 near Rounds Ranch on County Road 92. The Dalston area was also affected the same day. Fortunately these have all been low grade events and the damage minimal. Let’s hope we are never the recipients of what has hit our neighbours.

Blueberry season has just begun and one local location where you can pick your own is Clarke’s on Nursery Road. Open daily except Saturday, in the mornings and early evenings, it’s a great location to get large delicious and healthy berries. They also offer their own seasonal produce when it becomes available at a roadside stand with an honour system payment. Help support a local family and eat fresh local fruit and produce at the same time.

With restrictions lifted the Anten Mills Community Recreation Committee is happy to announce that some of their planned activities can go forward. The first is this Sunday, July 25 from 11AM to 1PM when kids pick up baseball will be offered at the community park. Two other dates for the kids are Sunday August 15 and August 29. Adults will have their fun on Wednesday nights from 7 to 9 on August 11 and 25. More details will be available on the community Facebook page for these events. These will be great opportunities to connect with other members of the community and particularly those who have moved in since the health crisis began.

Movie nights were also planned under the pavilion. Two Friday nights in August will have family oriented movies. Those dates are August 13 and 27. There will be more information again available on Facebook.

In conjunction with the 50th anniversary celebrations on Sunday, October 3, the CRA wants to hold an Anten Mills exclusive artisans and crafters show under the pavilion. This event is scheduled to run from 1PM to 3PM and will be limited to the first 14 entries from the community. We know that there are some very talented individuals in the village and this event is being held to showcase to all what we have to offer. More specific details will be posted on the Facebook page and if interested you are encouraged to sign up as soon as you can. 

That’s all for this edition. Enjoy the summer weather, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Strong, antenmills1@gmail.com