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Minesing Moments

This past weekend I was able to enjoy a group of friends who gathered together to have a weekend away playing games, sharing many, many laughs, bon fires and great friendship of course.  As rustic as it was, as we were at a friend’s camp, we had the best time ever.  Everyone was relaxed (except during mosquito witching hour), no pressures, no covid discussions and we were all double vaccinated.  It was wonderful.  Once home I thought how nice it will be if we can all fall back into “pre-covid” times but then I thought, hopefully the past year has taught us a few important things.  If there is anything we can learn from the last year or so it’s that we only need those around us and not the rat race of running from place to place, and constant running around for the kids. I have seen more children outside in our neighbourhood over the last year and think how great it is that they have figured out how to entertain themselves.  It brought us back to the basics of things, quality time together with family within the four walls of our home and okay maybe Netflix and the LCBO may have helped here and there too.  I do hope people will continue to have game nights, and quality time with each other. 

We will have to adjust a few things in our lives, like no longer blowing on birthday cakes…maybe have a separate cupcake with a candle in it so the birthday boy/girl can still blow out their candle to mark their day officially.  The people who previously invaded your personal space when talking to you will hopefully not fall back into that trend again.  Shaking hands may also be something that doesn’t return.  Who knows, but it’s important to be mindful that everyone has a different level of comfort so don’t be offended if they don’t return your offered hand to shake.

It’s been a little while since we thanked all those who have been on the front lines while we stayed away.  The hospital workers, all of them!  Of course the doctors and nurses, but also the pharmacies, the kitchen workers, the janitors, housekeeping and administrative staff.  To all of you who have worked at the vaccination clinics, thank you as well.  It takes all of you to keep the hospital running.  To the truckers on the road delivering the goods, you are not forgotten.  Thank you.  To all those working in grocery stores, you were there helping all of us out during what must have been a very difficult and stressful time.  You are amazing and we thank you.  Front line emergency workers, paramedics, police, fire fighters…you didn’t miss a beat and continued to be there doing what you do best.  You are all appreciated. 

Seeing the recent tornado that struck in southern Barrie last week was very upsetting.  Such destruction brings back awful memories to many who were in the area in 1985.  I will say that hearing that there were no deaths was a relief, and I’m hoping that those who suffered injuries will recover quickly.  To those who have lost their homes and belongings, we hold you in our thoughts.  The community and surrounding areas seem to be coming together to assist and it is very impressive to see all the small and large businesses stepping up to offer services free of charge or at discounted rates.  What a wonderful community. 

With that being said, I will bring to your attention that this is the time when there are scammers out there.  So please be very cautious of who you donate to.  Always be skeptical of phone calls requesting monetary donations.  If you wish to donate, you can reach out to the Salvation Army or Red Cross, but anyone contacting you over email or by phone for a donations is highly unlikely so beware!  My daughter already had someone reach out to her as she is selling her car.  This person said his car was destroyed in the tornado and couldn’t afford what she was asking and wanted her to sell it for a quarter of she is asking.  She declined and the person then asked her to donate towards his “Go Fund Me”.  It had a very crooked feeling to it and thankfully she recognized it as strange.  Always do some research before you donate money to someone calling you on your number.  If they are legitimate, they will be ok with you taking their number and calling them back.  If they won’t…do not give your credit card number out!!

Until next time, enjoy your day and remember to wear your sunscreen!