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Wyevale’s News

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Gregg Webb, Lorne Belesky, Kitty Burnett, Yvonne Molto, Glen Molto, Jackie Stott, Avery Riley, Wilf Magee, Greg Withall, Nicky Gamble, Rebecca Lawler, Anthony Hillis, Jim Blow, Cathy Marcellus, Glenda Knuff, Jean Priest, Bob Ritchie, Donna Kalinchuk, Russell oreau, Mary Beth MacLachlan, Brian Marshall, Lorna Capling and Madison Wakelin for the month of July.

Wyevale United Church is having a roast beef dinner, takeout style on Saturday, August 14th. Reserve your tickets online at www.wyevale.ca. If you cannot order online call Cathy at (705) 309-4945. Dinners are $30.00 plus a fee of $2.84. Dinners are to be picked up on Saturday, August 14th at the drive-thru area of the church during the alloted time. Reheat at your convenience.

Those who enjoy bingo can purchase bingo cards at the Jug City store. Bingo is on Tuesday nights fromm 6:30pm -7:30pm on channel 53 and is hosted by Midland Rotary. The cost of the cards are 2 for $5.00. Anyone with any news for the paper, please call me and leave a message at (705) 527-5274.