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Another Thanksgiving Day has come and gone. Was it hard to find things to be thankful for this year, or were you counting your blessings? Could you sum up your thankfulness in three words?

Elisabeth l. (she didn’t publish her last name) wrote a short book called, “Twelve Steps for Overeaters – An Interpretation of the Twelve Steps of Overeaters Anonymous”. I learned the value of three words when I read the following passage. See if you can find the three words I am referring to.

When we are in tune with God, we are living in the present instead of fretting over the past or fantasizing about the future. God is now. God gives us strength for what is actually happening right this minute.

When we try to rewrite what happened a long time ago or when we worry about what might happen tomorrow, we lose touch with our source of strength. Wandering around in a daydream makes it easy to get lost.

We can’t know what tomorrow will bring. The best way to prepare for whatever may arrive is to maintain spiritual contact today. Amazingly when we stay attuned to God today, whatever comes up tomorrow turns out to be okay. Often it’s even better than okay – a lot better.

It stands to reason that God has access to information that you and I do not have. If we insist on acting only according to our limited vision, we restrict ourselves. Turning our lives over to the care of God frees us from our own limitations. If we are listening now, one day at a time, to inner promptings, we become more creative. The pieces begin to fall into place. Situations that seemed impossible begin to untangle. We get the strength and the insight to deal with them on a daily basis.

Three words: God is now. We already know that God is love. Now we have six life changing words.

My long time friend, Dalton Amell, sent me 282 sets of three words. Here are some of them. Enjoy the word pictures they create.

Bright crisp mornings. Late afternoon breeze. Miracles do happen. Use your skills. Southern fried chicken. Smiles all around. Knock on doors. Symphony of colour. Lead by example. Follow your dreams. Plain and simple. Joshua One Nine. Get your rest. Go Leafs Go. Do the dishes. Life goes on. Believe in love. Everything to me. Etched in stone. Feel the wind. Heroes save lives. Read the Bible. One day soon. Pets are family. Don’t give up. Howling coyotes’ melody. John Three Sixteen. Rosy cheeked children. Tell the truth. Change your mind. Remember good times. Don’t be bullied. Walk the talk. Shoot the puck. Feed wild birds. Win by losing. God is everywhere. Fresh mowed hay. Stay on track. Old porch swing. Wear clean socks. Try again tomorrow. Follow a butterfly. Give and take. Eat your vegetables. Needs over wants. Praise the Lord.

It’s your turn. Three little words. What are they? Blessings to you! Amen.

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