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Happy Halloween from The Editor and Local Reader

I , Linda Belcourt, the editor of the Springwater News was contacted by a very nice, community minded local reader that wanted to send me a picture of a H.A.G coffee tin for some Halloween humour.

This gentleman, who wishes to remain anonymous, told me the story of how he discovered this old tin. He was fishing at Colbalt ON and discovered an old mine. He explored this mine and found this old coffee tin. It is called H.A.G. coffee and on the can it reads, “Decaffeinated in Switzerland in 1909”. It also reads, “coffee was manufactured at 40 Teobades Road, London, W. C.”

I did some research into this coffee. I found this on world wide web https://en-academic.com/dic.nsf/enwiki/11558843

“Café HAG is a worldwide brand of decaffeinated coffee owned by U.S. multinational Kraft Foods.[1]. The brand originated in Bremen, Germany in 1906 and took its name from the company title Kaffee Handels-Aktien-Gesellschaft, or Kaffee HAG for short.The company was set up by Ludwig Roselius, co-developer of the first commercial decaffeination process.In the 1920s and 1930s, Kaffee HAG was known for the publication of the Coffee Hag albums of heraldic emblems.

The coffee brand Sanka was later spun off from Kaffee HAG in 1910[2] for the French market (“Sanka” is a contraction of the French words “sans caféine”) and U.S. rights to the Sanka name were sold in 1913.

General Foods purchased Roselius’s American company in 1932 and the original German company in 1979. The spelling of Café HAG was standardized in the 1990s. Both Café HAG and Sanka are now owned by Kraft Foods, which merged with General Foods in 1990.”

The local reader and I discussed that H.A.G. coffee would be a good fit for Halloween as we both thought Hag Coffee was appropriate for Halloween because a witch is also called a hag. We talked and laughed about this and the local reader wondered if the coffee comes with a special cup holder for the broom. I can inform the local reader that HAG is short for Handels-Aktien-Gesellschaft.

Here is the definition of hag:

1: an ugly, slatternly, or evil-looking old woman

2: archaic

a: a female demon

b: an evil or frightening spirit: HOBGOBLIN


Source: Merriam-Webster: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/hag)

Word Origin Middle English: perhaps from Old English hægtesse, hegtes, related to Dutch heks and German Hexe ‘witch’, of unknown ultimate origin. 14th century

Source: https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/us/definition/english/hag

Synonyms for hag

  • beldam, carline, crone, hellcat, trot, witch

Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hag

I didn’t realize that, according to some sources, a Hag is an offensive word. I suppose being called a ‘Hag’ would not be a pleasant thing unless of course if you are dressed as a witch this Halloween.


To The Editor: “Shocking Words from Ontario Ministry of Environment”

Submitted by Donna Deneault, Victoria Harbour

As you are aware, FoTTSa is in court right now (LPAT) with the Ministry of the Environment and CRH-Canada Ltd., regarding Permits To Take Water. (Permitting the aggregate companies to take millions of litres per day from the most “exceptional” groundwater in the World in the Waverley Uplands…to wash gravel.

I recently read the LPAT document that came out. (link below)  file:///C:/Users/Meme/Downloads/21-030_appellant_fottsa-issuelist_submissions_03Sep2021%20(4).pdf

What I found very alarming was on Page 11, as follows:  B. Issue # 3: Pristine Quality of Local Groundwater Resources 33. The position of MECP/CRH on Issue # 3(a) is that whether area groundwater is  “pristine” is not a relevant issue for the purposes of the PTTW appeal.30

It is my understanding, that the very reason for going to court, was to halt PTTW for this “pristine” aquifer.  So, saying that the purity of it is not relevant for PTTW makes no sense to me.  No Water Taking should be permitted from this particular groundwater; a universal treasure because it is so uniquely “pristine”.  It needs to be protected for all generations to come.  The public should be made aware of this.  There are 2 options:

1)  We can protect this precious groundwater for all of the generations to come  OR  2)  We can let this gravel company use it to wash their gravel.   It’s not rocket science.  We, the people, choose OPTION 1.  The Ministry needs to halt what they are doing immediately with regards to PTTW in this critical area.

Also very Important:The aggregate mining expansion at French’s Hill also needs to be halted.   The digging and excavating will surely disturb the fine layers of silt/sand/soil.  This will likely destroy the natural filtration from Mother Nature, which filters this water, thus making it the purest in the world. Scientists want to research and test the soil/earth layers to confirm this once and for all.  We, the public, should be heard.  Halting the PTTWs and the aggregate expansion is the right thing to do.  There are numerous other places to mine in Ontario.  Time is running out!


They should not be allowed to do it in this very environmentally sensitive area.   Everyone, please write to:  minister.mecp@ontario.ca      Ask that they save the special groundwater.  No more Permits To Take Water from this special groundwater.  There are other locations to mine gravel (6,000 in Ontario alone).


In response to the Hendrie Tract Forest and others in the area..

I have lived here for over 30 years.

Forests, once enjoyable, have now become the domain and playground,  solely  ,for ATV’s  and dirt  bikes.The terrain,  impassable in many areas.The troughs,  that were once roads,  formed by heavy traffic,  are , in some places  8 feet deep !

The muddied and more gnarly,  the better , for these riders.Tree roots disturbed, erosion  worsened, and trillium  habitat decimated.Wildlife terrorized, and exhaust fumes permeate the air in these forests. No longer can you walk ,ski, bike, or ride a horse(much too dangerous).

I’m  deeply saddened  and appalled,  this has been allowed to occur. You have approximately  3 to 5 seconds to run out of the way  ,once you  hear one of these vehicles approaching. Forget dog walking.I’m  all for fairness, and sharing nature.This isn’t  that.

For a truly depressing example of forest destruction,  I implore you to take a walk  in the tract across from Settlers Ghost golf course on Horseshoe Valley Road.

I look forward to your next article on what you observe  there.         Sincerely, Frances Poole


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