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Views from the Cottage, Orr Lake


by Melanie Martyn

Hello! Let me introduce myself! I’ve cottaged for the last 24 plus years at beautiful Orr Lake and when it came time to scale down (more about that later…), I couldn’t think of anywhere else in the world I’d rather be!  Real estate is primarily my vocation (some 40+ years), but adventure is my middle name and over the years I’ve built up quite a few anecdotes that may lend a chuckle or a gasp!  An ordinary life injected with the usual highs and lows, but overall (and I’m far from the rocking chair) there have definitely been a few ‘one-offs’ so stay tuned! My two feline friends here have finally had enough and press their tiny li’l paws over their heads now whenever I open my mouth. How’s that for gratitude…? So here I am…reaching out for ears. “Can you hear me now?” heh heh.

You stopped by as you caught the title so let me give you the scoop.  Dr. Mark Terry, a documentarian of many award-winning feature films such as The Antarctica Challenge, The Polar Explorer and The Changing Face of Iceland, is also a Research Fellow at the Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research at York University in Toronto.  Among his many other accolades, he has had the good luck (?) of knowing me for many years and I was so honoured to have played a part in his last documentary on Iceland and the effect that the melting of the glaciers has had on the environment and especially, the volcanic activity of late.  But I digress…

This year, Dr. Terry supervised the production of a series of climate documentaries made by Indigenous youth.  They were presented at the UN climate summit, COP26, in Glasgow, Scotland this past month  amongst almost 40,000 participants.  One of the submissions was from a Barrie student, Emily McCallum who has her roots as a Copper Inuit from the Nunavut territory.  I was chosen to be casually interviewed about my personal observations at Orr Lake over the past 24 years in her short film: “Will There Be Another Rainy Day?”. I noted the loss of the numbers of northern pike that used to spawn at the shores here and the addition of carp that made an appearance and then literally disappeared. We chatted about the proximity to the world’s most pure aquifer and the change in the amount of precipitation over the years. Please note that these were personal observations and I am no expert.  To catch these films and our Orr Lake connection, visit Dr. Terry’s press conference link:  https://unfccc-cop26.streamworld.de/webcast/youth-climate-report

Dr. Terry noted that after the viewing, there were several questions and comments on the Orr Lake example. We truly were there. We matter, we care.  On that note, hope to touch base next issue with more exciting news and ‘Views from the Cottage’.

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Pic: Mel


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Residents of Elmvale are very fortunate to have an outstanding community contributor like Mike Stone.  Elmvale is a much better place to live as a result.  If there was a Hall of Fame, Mike Stone, would be the first inductee.

Big Thank You! Jeff Nahuis


Dear Editor,

This past summer, hundreds of wildfires blazed across BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario, and even in the Northwest Territories. Driven by the extreme heat wave that rolled across the country early in the Summer, these fires made one thing abundantly clear: the climate crisis is at our doorsteps and our politicians simply are not acting at the scale and pace we need.

For years, Justin Trudeau has tried to style himself as a climate leader while failing to do two of the most important things necessary to tackle the climate crisis: stopping fossil fuel expansion and legislating a just transition for workers and communities.

The good news is that over the past few weeks, thousands of people across the country participated in the public consultation process for national Just Transition legislation, and a massive chorus of people have called on the government for it to: 1) guarantee a good, green, unionized job to anyone who wants one; 2) put people first by supporting workers and communities through the transition to 100% renewable energy; and 3) deliver action that’s in line with climate science and ensures a rapid transition off fossil fuels.

Now, it’s time to hold our government accountable. Join myself and others across the country who’ll continue fighting for a big and bold just transition plan from our federal government in the weeks to come.

Sincerely, Justin Laquerre

justinlaquerre@hotmail.com L0K 1N0

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