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Patient Care This Holiday Season

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) is once again partnering with Bell Media’s CTV, Bounce 104.1 and Pure Country 106 to kick-off the second RVH Spirit of Giving fundraising campaign. This year’s fundraiser aims to inspire the community to wrap its generosity around patient care at RVH, and give listeners an opportunity to make a holiday season gift.

“RVH’s first Spirit of Giving fundraiser was such an incredible demonstration of generosity from our community, and lifted the spirits of so many,” says RVH President & CEO, Janice Skot. “As RVH moves forward with planning the region’s future healthcare, fundraising initiatives like this will enable us to continue being there for patients and families in the moments that matter most.”

The full day radiothon, which will be hosted on Pure Country 106 and Bounce 104.1 from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. is proudly sponsored by title sponsor PureHealth Pharmacy. The broadcasts will share inspiring stories and testimonials from patients, insightful interviews with care providers and community supporters, and a virtual thank you to the community for its ongoing generosity.

In the true spirit of giving, proud RVH supporters, Paul and Lawrene Larche, are matching up to $150,000 in donations made to the RVH Spirit of Giving Fundraiser starting November 24. We are so grateful to Paul and Lawrene for this tremendous show of generosity and support of patient care at RVH.

“Our teams were thrilled to once again partner with RVH for this year’s Spirit of Giving Fundraiser,” says Trina Duncan, Program Director, Pure Country 106. “We are so fortunate to have a regional health centre like RVH, and we know that as our region continues to grow, so too does the need for RVH to expand. We at Pure Country and our sister station Bounce Radio 104.1 are here to do all we can to support that growth and ensure RVH can continue to take care of us and our loved ones when we need it most.”

Funds raised from the Spirit of Giving will support the evolution of healthcare in Simcoe Muskoka through planned expansions at RVH’s current campus and new South campus, to be located in Innisfil. A key focus will be on several current priorities including RVH’s Intensive Care Unit Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the need for upgraded mammography equipment to support breast cancer services and continued investment into RVH’s Simcoe Muskoka Regional Heart Program.


Donations in support of the RVH Spirit of Giving Fundraiser can be made now online at www.RVHSpiritofGiving.ca or by phone at (705) 739-5600.


To make a donation during the Radiothon on November 24, you can call (705) 720-1991, text “donate” to (855) 715-2089 or visit www.RVHSpiritofGiving.ca.


Our Attitude Towards Aging

Remember when you thought 30 was old? If you still do, you’re under 20 no doubt. Funny how, as the years pass, the portion of life we think of as middle age slides slowly upwards. Remember when we thought the phrase “Life begins at 40” was a way that older people consoled themselves – and then maybe you discovered that it really does begin then?

How do we cope with the realization, when it finally hits, that life is an irreversible process, and one that keeps moving on? Well, this can be scary for some. There are fears about loss of physical health and strength, intellectual capabilities, and change in physical appearance.

Certainly aging affects us all, but how it affects us is determined, to a large extent, by our attitude towards it. If we think of all the changes as losses, then aging can become an extended grieving process with little to look forward to. If, instead, we see our lives as becoming richer with each passing year, then we can carry a sense of contentment in our hearts. But what if there are stresses and difficulties that cause us pain? How can we see life as full and rich?

What comes to mind is the young child who cannot eat any more dinner but still has room for dessert. This is deftly explained by the fact that “the dinner part is full, but the dessert part is empty.” Maybe at times when we feel that our lives may be lacking something we need and to think of life as having lots of little compartments. Perhaps the pain parts are pretty full, however, there may also be a part that is full of joy about grandchildren. Maybe the health part is low but there is a full, loving relationship.

You can create as many compartments as you like, and see which ones you want to attend to. Perhaps it is more time with friends or pursuing a new interest. Maybe it is more reading or exercise, or spending more time enjoying life with an intimate partner. It might even be repairing estranged relationships.

Certainly, as years go by, one comes to appreciate the value of life and how swiftly time passes. And the sooner we realize that we create the quality of our lives, the sooner the quality is enhanced. We all know individuals in their forties, fifties and even eighties who seem virtually unaffected by aging. They have the same enthusiasm and excitement about life as always. These people know the secret of life. So do young children. It is that life only happens in the present.

Gwen Randall-Young is an author and award-winning psychologist. For permission to reprint this article, or to obtain books, CDs or MP3s, visit www.gwen.ca. Follow Gwen on Facebook for inspiration.

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