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Do your kids have any pets?  Maybe a cat or a few dogs?   How about a couple goats?  Baaaa-d idea you say?  I’m not sure where I sit on the goat matter currently.  We’re about 3 months into our goat experiment.  The kids say I told them 5 years ago that we would get a goat.  Now, I remember random discussions about the idea of becoming goat-herders but I don’t recall any specific promise or a contract signed.  Well, a friend of ours here in Springwater had a connection for some goats, so we took the plunge and got ourselves a goat.  I reasoned that because I shelled out the cash for her I should get the naming rights.  I went with Wenceslass (one of my favourite Christmas carols, you should look up the lyrics) but we call her Lassie for short.  We hope Lassie is pregnant but we won’t know for a few more months.  Then we plan to enjoy a bountiful supply of goat milk and cheese.

We soon learned that goats are social animals.  But they don’t like horses or chickens for socializing.  Same for you I would imagine.  People like people.  Goats like goats.  Poor Lassie would start raising a stink if the kids went inside, walked across the yard, or stopped paying attention to her for 5 seconds.  We thought she’d just trot around in the chicken yard (it’s mucho grande) but no such luck.  She thought that was a baaaa-d idea and it wasn’t long before shockingly, Lassie found a weak spot in my NASA-engineered-scrap-metal-and-chicken-wire fence.  In about two seconds she was in the garden helping herself to beans, celery, and newly-planted blackberry bushes.  No bueno.   We were out one night when I got a text from a kind-hearted neighbour who was followed home from her walk by the friendly neighbourhood goat.  Lonely Lassie needed a companion and I needed to beef up my animal security system.

Our goat-acquiring friend had collected a few more and was willing to sell us a little buck who would be a good friend for Lassie.  Same deal with him.  I bought him so I named him.  With some input from the offspring we decided on Siegfried (inspired by James Herriott’s veterinary literary classic – All Creatures Great and Small.)  We are now the proud owners of a (hopefully) pregnant doe and a much shorter dwarf buck.

We had a finely constructed kids’ play house sitting in the yard and it was time to repurpose it.  Lassie and Siegfried needed a nice home and this one even had windows and bunk beds!  I heard that head-butting goats and window reflections don’t mix well so the windows had to go.  But the bunk beds stayed.  Add some cozy straw and these 2 are in for a toasty Springwater winter.  I’ve dug a bunch of fence-post holes and am finally making use of some cedar trees I cut down a few years ago.  This goat kingdom will be like Fort Knox.  Nobody goes in or out without approval from the higher-ups.  It’s a work in progress and should be done before the snow flies.  But if it’s not and you happen to see a couple friendly goats wandering down highway 26 please let me know.


Dads if your kids ask for a goat just say no.  Maybe get them a llama or emu or something simple like that.  Time flies!  Make every moment count!


Jason Weening herds 2 goats, 60 hens, and 9 kids with his goat-herding wife in Minesing.  For more examples of things you shouldn’t do check out heydads.ca.

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