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Anten Mills – by Dennis Gannon

There has been lots of activity down at the community park now that the skating rink is in operation. Many thanks to the volunteers who have worked diligently over the past several weeks to prepare a foundation for the rink and the countless hours of flooding to make the ice. Their collective efforts have made a place that families can go and enjoy some outdoor activities for the next month or so. Unlike other rinks in the township, the decision was made many years ago that everyone can be on the rink at the same time and that they would respect each other. That means that if there are pleasure skaters and those looking to play shinny or hockey that they each get half the ice surface. This arrangement has worked out well and it is asked that it be continued to be respected by everyone. The rink house is not available to be used for warming or skate changing but bleachers were moved down so they may be used. Springwater Township staff will be monitoring all the outdoor rinks to ensure that COVID protocols are being followed and as well assisting in the maintenance of the rink when there is snowfall. On the township website more information on all outdoor rinks and safety protocols are listed. Flooding of the rink occurs usually after 9PM and working together and acting responsibly the rink will be an area of enjoyment for all. It should also be noted that outside of the parking area that will be created once there is sufficient snow on the ground, snowmobiles, atv’s and cars are not permitted in the park. For some unknown reason there have been individuals who have cut or pulled down the snow fencing and driven these vehicles in the field causing damage that will need to be repaired in the spring. This disrespect for the property of all of us should not be tolerated and if you see such activity do not hesitate in supplying the township bylaw department with as much information as you can so that those responsible can be held accountable for their actions.

Travelling through the more mature areas of the community you may have noticed that there are coloured flags and lines sprayed on lawns and roadways. After some contemplation and research it was remembered that similar utilities locating was done in Minesing last year and it resulted in fibre optic cable being installed. With many people working from home over the past two years it was a common question on who was the best internet provider and why speeds were so slow. Back on August 9, 2021, there was an announcement from SWIFT, that five high speed fibre-optic projects were being undertaken in Simcoe County. SWIFT in case you were wondering is the acronym for Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology, a nonprofit municipally led broadband expansion project created to improve connectivity in underserved and rural areas in Southwestern Ontario. The announcement noted that Bell Canada would be the project lead for Springwater Township. By June of 2022, high speed internet access would be available. In the first project in which Anten Mills is included, 100 kilometers of roadway and 2,850 locations would be connected. For our community it would appear from the map, it includes the older section of the village while some of the newer sections and part of Horseshoe already has high speed fibre. The map of the streets to have the work done is included with this column and if you are looking for more information check the SWIFT website, swiftruralbroadband.ca. It will be interesting to see when the work actually begins in the community as some upgrades have already been seen on the telephone switching station along Wilson.

In the last column it was noted that we were not the recipients of a grant to install outdoor exercise equipment at the community park along our new trail. Research has been continuing and new grant applications have been looked for. Through that, contact was made with a small community in the Ottawa Valley that had a somewhat similar request as ours and a trail of similar size. They will be constructing low impact exercise equipment built from heavy lumber along their trail. This is of interest as it fits in with the natural surroundings of the park, is environmentally friendly and is significantly lower in costs. Further, with the assistance of community members, it can be constructed and installed by us making it an unique community project.. Each of the 10 stations has a workout routine associated with it that is well illustrated and likely could be computer programmed so that a QR code could be used. Community input is desired for this before moving forward which includes fitness instructors so please contact me directly by email or message me on Facebook and let’s see if we can make this a reality by summer.

That’s it for this week, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Strong. antenmills1@gmail.com

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