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Lovebirds Valentine’s Day Giveaway for 42 Black-capped Chickadee Nesting Boxes


This year’s bird nesting box contest is twice as much fun as the 21 Eastern Bluebird boxes we gave away last year … 42 Black-capped Chickadee boxes made and donated by John Quick and his wife Norma Costas.  They’re members of the Ontario Woodlot Association, and keep very busy conducting tree inventories, marking sugar bushes & woodlots & plantations for improvement logging, and restoring Apple trees to productive health.  Such varied outdoor work provides lots of fresh air, exercise and ample opportunities for bird watching.  Their side business is Luddite Environmental Nestbox Technologies (see ad below) started to address habitat loss and declining populations of Ontario’s native birds.

L.E.N.T. boxes boast the following attributes: 3/4″ White Pine construction for insulation from Summer heat, screws instead of nails, 3 coats of light grey stain to reflect sunlight, ample roofs to shield the entrance holes from rain, floor vents to draw cool air in and roof vents to let warm air out, and side-opening doors for observation & photography & clean out. Such functional nesting boxes will be used every year for decades (if re stained periodically), and provide entertainment and education for all ages.

Count the number of Chickadees in this

issue and have a chance to win one of 42 Black-capped

Chickadee nesting boxes.

Send your answer, your name, your address and telephone number to:


Text or Call: 705-790-1993


Editors Comments

I would like to thank my advertisers for their patronage to the Springwater News. I have received very positive messages from the readers and advertiser alike. I am grateful for that. I do welcome any feedback.

I am receiving feedback that the readers and advertisers like the new fresh layout of the paper. Thank you  as I have strived for that improvement. I am getting feedback from younger generations moving into our beautiful area and they like the scientific, nature content and factual aspects that are published.

I owe a big thank you to the regular contributors of this paper. I could not do this without them. THANK YOU!

I have a few new contributors such as Hey Dads!. I love his wit and his ability to be humble. I think we can all relate to him. Another new contributor is Melanie Martyn, CIPS that writes humorously on the back page with “Views From the Cottage”.

I have started a new Nature Column called “Love Nature”. I welcome any contributors for this. I have written the first one on “I Love Owls”. I picked this subject because I am healing, Grace, my Harris Hawk right now with an injury attributed to my local neighbour Great Horned Owl. I hope you enjoy the edition of the Springwater News and please send me your Letters to the Editor, an interesting article that you wrote or even some pictures of people in our community.

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