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Annie’s Journal – Written by Annie Warner Donnelly

The photo on the front cover of the December, 2021, issue of Maclean’s magazine shows a baby being lifted over an airport wall. Shannon Gormley, author of the Maclean’s article wrote:

Millions of people would witness a video of an anonymous baby being lifted over a wall … But only one viewer of the viral video, Farhan’s grandmother watching in Afghanistan, immediately knew the identity of its subject, a baby lifted like a backpack over a blast wall. Where the world saw a victim of harrowing conflict, she saw her grandson …

Shannon explained: They don’t know who sees them first … “They have a baby!” (It’s) A call from the crowd. The throng outside the wall at the Kabul Airport has trampled some of its members into dirt and shoved others into ditches, but the presence of an infant breaks the fever of their own panic. More shouts.

Take the baby …

The crowd knows that those chosen by American soldiers are often waving American papers. This family doesn’t have American Papers. Still, the beseeching shouts grow louder, in English. “Take the baby!

Then the nursing pillow he was resting on is empty. It falls to the ground. The four-month-old baby is gone. The crowd has chosen this baby for rescue, and the Americans have taken him from the crowd into the complex. His parents are left behind, and their baby is gone.

Shannon Gormley’s story about baby Farhan and his family deserves to be read. Farhan’s story brings to life the realities affecting children around the world, and the God who loves them.

Surely it was God who protected little Farhan as the American soldier lifted him by his tiny arm, his diaper ripped in the jostling of the crowd. Surely it was God who enabled him to be re-united with his parents. Surely it was God who made it possible for them to be granted permanent residency in Canada. Surely, His hand was on them during their frightening ordeal.

If you turn to page 51 of the December issue of Maclean’s magazine, you’ll see a picture of this brave and beautiful family. You can read their story beginning on page 42. By the way, Farhan means happy, rejoicing, joyful, cheerful, just as a baby should be.

Let’s pray that we can be like the tall stranger who lifted Farhan up to the soldier who pulled the baby to safety. We don’t know if that tall man made it into the airport and onto a plane to somewhere safe, but he made sure that baby had a chance. The soldiers who allowed Farhan’s parents into the airport made sure that baby had a chance.

Our prayers can make sure that someone, somewhere has a chance. We don’t need to know them to pray for them. We can ask God to keep that tall man and his family safe wherever they are.

And let’s ask God how we can help Him as He makes sure that everyone, everywhere has a chance.


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