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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

My thanks to Ric Archer and his “Throwback Thursday”.

The photo of Mr. David Brown, I believe, would be my Great Great Grandfather.  Mr. Garfield Brown was my Great Grandfather whom I knew personally well into my teens in the 70’s, until he passed the week after my Great Grandmother, Eva. I recognized the name, “David Brown”, from our family bible from 1886.  The mention of my Great Grandfather then sealed who the gentleman in the photo was.

My Great Grandparents, Garfield and Eva Brown, used to have a farm west of Waverley and then lived in a bottom floor apartment on the northeast corner of Vasey Road and what was then Hwy 93.  They spent their last years in the seniors home “Trillium” in Orillia. I always thought it a privilege to know people that were born in the late 1880’s.

It would be interesting to know if the horse made it through WWI or not.

Thanks again to Mr. Archer.  My Dad, Elmer, was pleased to see the photo as well.  I will be showing it to his brother, my Uncle Larry Brown, who lives near Vasey.

Submittted by Steve Brown


Dear Editor,

At the time of writing this, I am visiting my parents in Springwater. I always find these mini-breaks away a wonderful respite from Toronto. I am currently completing my MFA at OCAD-U and spending some time not thinking about art and curatorial theory is always a welcome change. One of the highlights of my visits is always the Springwater News, I love hearing about all the local going ons. The highlight of the most recent edition for me was the update from the Craighurst Women’s Institute, sounded like a lovely meeting and I wish I could attend (except for the fact I don’t live in Craighurst and I am not a woman). It recently struck me that I would love to become more involved within this fantastic community and I hope this letter will be a start!

Sincerely Samuel

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