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Minesing Moments

Easter weekend has come and gone and it’s no wonder with all the strong wind that was happening over the entire long weekend.  I know there were power outages and trees down throughout our area and thankfully the Ontario Hydro front line workers looked after things as quickly as they could.  We appreciate the time that they took away from their families during the Easter holiday for sure.  In my area we had an outage for just around 11 hours but thankfully it was over night and we just had an early bedtime without it affecting us a whole lot.

On a very sad note, Minesing’s second community church has closed.  Minesing United Church held their last service on April 17, 2022, Easter. For over 150 years the United Church in Minesing has been a place of worship for those from Minesing and surrounding areas.  I am sure many people will miss the camaraderie and worship shared while attending the church and we hope that they will find another church to share in services at.  Thank you to Reverend Kristy Hunter and her family for being a wonderful leader of the church over many years.  She grew to know the patrons and residents of our village.  The community welcomed Reverend Hunter at each of the events she participated in.  She will certainly be missed however I am sure she will continue her friendships with those near and dear to her.

I am sure the people who have lived in Minesing for several years have some sort of a memory of the United Church.  I know I sure do.  As a child I attended after school Youth Groups.  The church held many events for children such as Sunday School, Girl Guides, Youth groups and day care.  There have been Sunday church services of course but the weddings, funerals, meetings, bake sales and annual garage sales over the years will certainly be missed by all.

People in our community have opened their doors and are venturing out from winter hibernation.  It’s great to see folks on their bikes and going for walks around the neighbourhood.  There are many new faces and it’s always great to get or give a wave to those passing by.  Welcome to our new village residents, we know you will love it here.

Some of the local university and college students will be just finishing up their school year, congratulations on completing your year.  The job search will be on for all those students nearing the end of their school semesters.  If you are able to help out a student by providing a summer job, send in notice to our Minesing Community Facebook page.  I’m sure the students from our area will be great workers for your and your business.

A few yearly reminders to all of us, even those outside of Minesing…while driving always watch for young children, the warm weather creates excitement for all as children play new activities on their bikes and in their yards.  Slow down in the more populated areas of our Township.  We all love our pets, but…don’t forget to clean up after them. Whether you are walking them in the street or playing in the parks.  It only takes a moment to do this and every year we seem to have this issue.  Remember that the baseball fields are also the school yard and it is acceptable to let your animals use it as a washroom without cleaning it up.  Be mindful of your neighbours, for whatever reason, nuisance dog barking, excessive noise etc.  We all live here, let’s enjoy.

Until next time, enjoy the sunshine and soak up that Vitamin D!

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