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There has been a lot of discussion regarding playoff formats in different sports. Some leagues seem to be messing around with things that may or may not even be broken. I have always been a believer that the top team after a season or a round robin tournament should be put at a much higher advantage than other teams.

This could be in the form of a bye, or making the other teams play more games before they get a chance to beat the top team. This rule perhaps is most evident in a double knock out tournament where the team that has already lost a game must beat the undefeated team twice.

Curling had a great thing going in the page playoff system. The top two teams would play for the right to go straight to the final, and the losing team would head to the semifinals to get one more chance. This is a great system that awards both the top two teams following the round robin format.

The lower seeded teams are also forced to play more games before they get to the semifinals and the finals. The baseball wildcard system worked as well. However the higher ranked teams did not necessarily have much of an advantage over the wildcard team, other than home field advantage.

Thinking back, there have been lots of World Series winners who came out of the wildcard spot.

The bracket and division system to me in the NHL does not work. There are too many great teams meeting in the first round, and it just doesn’t seem the same without a group of teams fighting for the 8th spot before the playoffs. I believe the Maple Leafs would have played the Pittsburgh Penguins under the old system, which is still a really rough match-up, but that is expected in the playoffs.

It is tough to say anything negative about the Blue Jays. Although their offence is lagging behind, they have a great record after an extremely tough schedule to start the season. Anything around a 500 record would have been acceptable, Now, they are ahead of the game heading into a lighter schedule (and they still have all their games to play against the Baltimore Orioles).

The MLB season is 162 games. For the Cincinnati Reds, this season might just feel like 1000 games. They are in pace for around 22 wins which is really embarrassing for the team and the league.


Kempo Student Promoted

2-years of weekly private lessons during COVID restrictions and a strong determination have pushed 16-year old Dalaynie Conn beyond her expectations as she was awarded her Level-2 Green Belt in the Chinese Art of Shung Long Kempo on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022.

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