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Minesing Moments by Lorrie Norwood

I’m back!  It has been a few editions since I have written and I apologize for this as I know people like to have some news and updates.  Truthfully there hasn’t been a whole lot going on that has been mentioned to me to put in our little column of the Springwater News.

By the time you read this it will be June and May will be just a memory. I hope that spring was good to everyone and that your gardens are beginning to bloom.  My lilacs are out and they seem to be very plentiful this year.  I love riding my bike around the neighbourhood and being able to smell all of the trees in bloom.

MINESING COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE – SATURDAY JUNE 18, 2022 – Minesing is having a community garage sale for anyone who wants participate.  The hours are 8-12 or later if you wish.  Anyone wishing to participate may wish to post their address on the Minesing Facebook page so that those looking for garage sales will have somewhere to search.  Feel free to post signs, etc. to attract folks to your location.  We welcome anyone to come visit our village to take some of our goods off our hands!

Thank you to Wanda Chapman for providing Slow Down signs to the neighbourhood.  I think every chance we have to remind folks to slow down within the community streets is a good thing.

I had a nice chat with Simon from Four Cedars this past weekend and he let me know that Four Cedars has been in business for 20 years this year!  So hard to believe but also great to know, that we’ve had that convenience of gas, convenience items, and more recently LCBO items available to us!  Now it’d be nice if someone local could win a big LottoMax purchased from Four Cedars!  Congratulations to Four Cedars and all staff for looking after all of our convenience needs.

Until next time, drive safe, wear your sunscreen, wash your hands, and keep smiling.

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