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Written by Taylor Shewell

Our U5-U7 teams, sponsored by the Simcoe County Elementary Teachers’ Federation, are off to a great start to the season with smiles and fun had by all! On our U5 team our little athletes have been sprinting around the bases at lightning speed with Harper, Edison, Mae, Timothy, Hudson, Aaron, and Owen showing some promising talent. Some big hits were made by Kane, Martin, Abigail, Faith, Ruby, and Corbin. On our U7 team Kingston, Douglas, Val, Emerson, Van, Sloane, Elizabeth, Chase & Barrett had some great hits to start off the season. Avery, William, Stella, Albert, Callum, Katerina, Caleb, Memphis & Gunner had some good throws and catches.

Backyard BBQ Teammate of the Week: Congratulations to Eden on our U17 Team for being named teammate of the week for their respective team.

Next Weeks Games:

Mon June 13 – U9 @ Elmvale 6:45pm (HCES), U17 @ Lafontaine 6:45pm

Tues June 14 – U11-1 @ Minesing (school) 6:45pm U11-2 @ Elmvale  6:45pm (HCES)

Wed June 15- U13-1 @ Hillsdale 6:45pm (park), U13-2 @ Minesing 6:45pm (tree nursery)


GBMSL Results


U9      W        7-31

U11-1 L          13-14

U11-2 W        13-14

U13-1 T          16-16

U13-2 W        18-20

U17    W        16-1

To stay on top of all things related to the Hillsdale Haymakers, find us online at www.hillsdaleathletes.com


Sports with Patrick Townes

There is nothing better than sitting down and watching a good sports movie.  For me, baseball movies are my go to movie.  Actor Ray Liotta, who became a household name by playing Shoeless Joe Jackson in 1989’s “Field of Dreams,” passed away at the age of 67.

Shoeless Joe (whether I like to admit it or not) might be the only book I read before university from cover to cover.  The story goes well beyond baseball and reflects on a man’s life on a farm.  If you have not seen this movie, please take the opportunity to do so.

Members of the Wyevale Tribe had the opportunity to visit the field during one of their tournaments a number of years ago, and we even got a chance to play on the diamond. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

My Dad and I had an opportunity to go to our first Blue Jays game since the Covid era.  We were excited to go and even more so when we learned that we would get to see Alex Manoah pitch against the White Sox.  It was an emotionally charged game when he pitched into the 8th inning and got an amazing applause when he exited the game. This player is something special!  He is different from all other pitchers in terms of mind-set and ability.  He is big and nasty.  He is a future ace amongst some pretty good pitchers right now.

As predicted, the Blue Jays have recovered and now they are playing games against some easier opponents.  Walks have spiked and this is a sign that they are facing easier pitching, and hitters are starting to find their grooves. They won eight in a row but stumbled, dropping 2 of 3 games against Minnesota. They start a 6-game road trip against Detroit and Kansas City this week. They should win 5 of those games but 4-2 would be a good trip.

At all baseball stadiums there is a “batter’s eye” in centre field. The purpose of this is to keep an area of the park that is unobstructed from view and usually one single colour, so that there are no distractions for the hitters when the pitches are delivered.  Edmonton’s goalie Mike Smith had a puck elude him during a playoff game that he lost in the crowd.  It is amazing how this does not happen more often in hockey with the crowds at ice level and all the advertisements on the boards.

One thing I could never, and still cannot wrap my head around, is how players who lose in the first round of the hockey playoffs take off immediately to make their way to the World Championships.  William Nylander did this and was seen hitting players into the boards and playing with more heart for his home country Sweden than he had ever played for the Maple Leafs. As a fan, I would expect players to give their all during the playoffs and not have enough energy to go play somewhere else immediately. He will be traded for his sub-level performance in the playoffs and because he has the only attractive contract that makes him tradable to other teams.

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