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Written by Linda Belcourt Owner, Editor

I have learned a lot since September 2021 when I took on the Springwater News. Readers and advertisers have commented that the layout is more colourful, organized and local news focused.  I have listened to the readers and improved the font size so it is easier to read. There is a ‘New Business’ section. I am focusing on local community news that is positive. I have brought back the Free Community Event section now that events are happening again. I am getting out more to research what is going on with our community. I do not want print slander or defaming of people.

Letters to the Editor 

I was really hoping for a response to last edition, June 9, 2022 Letter to the Editor. Please send in your Letter to the Editor. Community helps community and Letters to the Editor can help us all. This space is dedicated to your views. It does not represent my view or Springwater News view. Local issues are my focus.

There is a new Municipal Election section in the paper. Please send in your letters.

I wish everyone a Happy Canada Day. We are a proud country so embrace this wonderful Holiday that bonds us all. I hope we can do all we can to help Ukraine. What a proud country they are with such passion.

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