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Hidden Gems – The Beaches of Tiny

Hidden Gems – The Beaches of Tiny

Nearby Gems: The Beaches of Tiny Township

For those wanting less hustle and bustle and more calm and seclusion, the beaches of Tiny Township may be what you are looking for in a family getaway. Although also located on Georgian Bay, these five beaches and their surrounding communities offer a very different experience from that of Wasaga.

 Woodland Beach, located at 2020 Tiny Beaches Road South, is more of a rocky and pebbly beach than a sandy one which makes it the most unique of the five beaches and a great spot for those looking to add to their sea glass collection. The waters are usually calm in this part of the bay and are, therefore, great for beginning swimmers. The shaded picnic area, new fishing pier and boardwalk make it an excellent spot for family gatherings. If you find yourself short of food or supplies, it’s only a short walk to the local Foodmart. Washrooms and porta potties as well as garbage and recycling bins are added bonuses. Permit as well as pay and display parking are available.

Lafontaine Beach is a small, less frequented beach that offers soft sand and beautiful sunsets.

Additional highlights of this beach are its playground, picnic tables and covered shelter. For

those wanting their creature comforts this may not be the beach for you as only porta potties are available. Garbage and recycling bins are on site and both permit and pay and display parking are available. This beach is located at 775 Lafontaine Road West.

Balm Beach is definitely the most well known and therefore most busy of the five beaches although nothing close to Wasaga levels. This small, sandy beach, located in a cove within the larger bay, offers calm, shallow waters that deepen gradually. Many local amenities such as restaurants, ice cream parlours, convenience stores and arcades make this spot especially fun for families. Picnic tables, washrooms, porta potties and a playground also make it an attractive spot for a day trip. Garbage and recycling bins abound. Parking is by permit or pay and display. To get here, travel to 18 Tiny Beaches Road North.

Thanks to the presence of a boat launch, Jackson Park and Beach, found at 1 Marina Road, sees almost as much action as Balm Beach. The large parkland, playground and picnic table availability make this the perfect spot for a family picnic. Along with the usual strand of beachfront, a smaller, shallower and oftentimes much warmer pool has been created thanks to he presence of a large sandbar. This area is especially fabulous for babies and toddlers as well as those wanting a pleasant soak in the sun. This locale also offers washrooms, porta potties, garbage and recycling bins and permit and pay and display parking on site.

Last but not least, is the elusive Bluewater Beach. As parking is only available to residents of Tiny Township who have purchased a permit, this beautiful beach is extremely hard to access. Such a shame as the sand dunes and conservation area featuring a lovely boardwalk are truly a stunning site to behold, especially at sunset. Should you have a friend or family member

fortunate enough to live within walking distance of this mix of pebbles and sand beach, it is dog friendly and porta potties as well as garbage and recycling bins can be easily accessed.

Tiny Beaches will leave a big impression and are definitely worth investigating with friends and family this summer.


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