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Hidden Gems – Wasaga Beach

Hidden Gems – Wasaga Beach

Wasaga:  Beyond Beach 1

Wasaga Beach, located in Clearview Township of Simcoe County, is the world’s largest freshwater beach. This 14 kilometre (9 miles) strand of soft sand offers something for everybody. While most folks associate Wasaga with Beach 1, each beach has its own very distinct attributes and sources of appeal. For a more fulsome experience, I encourage you to venture beyond Beach 1.

Beach 1

We can’t do a write-up on Wasaga without at least making some mention of Beach 1. For those who want to see and be seen, this is the place for you. The busiest of all the beaches offers lots of action and attractions. Here is where you will find the majority of rental properties including cottages, motels and hotel accommodations. Fast food joints, restaurants, cafes and ice cream parlours keep everyone well fed and coming back for more. The shops focus on the sale of souvenirs and beach wear. While many take to the water, some find enjoyment on the sand playing beach volleyball. If you are tired of the beach altogether, you may try your hand at mini-golf. Later in the evening, check out a bar, nightclub or souped up car. Expect radios to be blaring.  LOL!

Beach 2

Although similar in some ways to Beach 1 due to its close proximity, this beach is a bit less crowded and one degree separated from the centre of all the action. For those who like to stay closer to the perimeter of the hubbub, this may be a good choice for you. The highlight of this area is the boardwalk and it is regularly used by cyclists, skateboarders and rollerbladers alike as well as those taking a casual stroll. The dunes at this beach are especially pretty and there are enough trees in this area to offer shade for those making use of the picnic tables. If you really love the idea of mixing up sun and shade, beach and forest, check out the western section of this beach area as it is very heavily wooded and offers more privacy for larger gatherings.

Beach 3

Beach 3 is the place for dog lovers but please remember to stay within the designated section.  This beach is also great for those who prefer to picnic or bbq rather than eating out. Be prepared to be treated to the smells of roasted hotdogs and burgers as well as those of delicious international cuisine, especially Southeast Asian, as this is a popular spot for large family gatherings. This slightly less busy beach does provide some shade, however, is not as heavily forested as Beach 2.  Umbrellas are recommended.

Beach 4

Being the least frequented of all the beaches, Beach 4 is truly for those who want peace and quiet apart from the sound of the waves on the beach and the wind through the trees. Back from the beach, where the land rises slightly, is where you will find the most shade. Located within a residential area of privately owned cottages, you will definitely have to pack a picnic. This beach also has a playground for children.

Beach 5

Beach 5 features an expansive sand area and shallow water. It also has a very large playground that attracts both visitors and locals alike. Busier than Beach 4 but nowhere near as crowded as Beaches 1, 2 and 3, it allows folks to really spread out while still maintaining a modicum of privacy. Shady picnic areas are also located on site. All of these features make this beach perfect for large gatherings with family and friends.

Beach 6

The most removed from all the other beaches, Beach 6 still sees its fair share of action. This beach, for example, is especially popular with the wind surfing and jet skiing crowd. The bright colours of the sails and sea doos offer great photo ops. Located within an area primarily consisting of privately owned cottages, picnicking, once again, is your best option. If you want to cool down with a refreshing dessert, however, Lorna Dune ice cream parlour is not that far away and makes for a nice little walk. As there are not many shaded areas, be prepared and bring an umbrella.

No matter which beach you chose, you can rest assured they are all Blue Water Beaches and all offer parking ($17 M-F/$20 Sat. and Sun.) and washroom facilities. Wasaga Beach, fabulous sunsets guaranteed, beyond Beach 1!!

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