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It was one of the best Remembrance Day Service’s Elmvale has experienced.  All three schools attended: Elmvale District High School, Huronia Centennial Elementary School and Our Lady of Lourdes Separate School. It is the best attended service in recent years. Many residents attended the service that began with the parade coming into the cenotaph area.

The highlight was the Elmvale District High School students singing during the service. They sang, “Oh Canada” and “Highway of Heros”. It touches all our hearts to see the youth of today being so passionate in remembering and honouring the soldiers that keep and have kept our freedoms and peace. Lest We Forget. A very touching moments was when EDHS grade 11 student, Jocelyn Leigh, sang a song she wrote called, “Outside the Battlefield”. Her great grandfather, Bruce McCracken, was a Airforce Air Gunner.

The EDHS music teacher Jesse Muldoon said, “She (Jocelyn Leigh) is a great part of the (music) program in the last two years.” The high school music program has been hard to resurrect since Covid. It was difficult to bring the program back. The school is based around the community and Mr. Muldoon is trying to get the students to perform around town as much as possible to show the community the support of the school. Tim Horton’s has donated seven guitars to the program. A local community member from Tiny,  has also donated a drum set. “Music pulls the kids together.” said Mr. Muldoon.  Students that normally would not pull together, can do so through this music program. The program has grown since the pandemic with a recording and sound production. The community wins, the students wins and the school wins, all due to music. Thanks, Jesse Muldon, for your passion and extra efforts it takes to make such a successful and well-known music program.

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