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It truly saddened me as I sat down to watch the 109th Grey Cup on this Sunday night that I could not even name a single player that would be participating in the game.  Nor could I tell you how the Toronto Argonauts or the Winnipeg Blue Bombers did during the regular season.  After looking at some of the statistics, it is a true final between the best team in the East Division and the best team in the West Division.  I would not say I am a big football fan but I usually do pay attention to all sports throughout the year.  The Canadian Football League for me however gets forgotten.

I wanted to see what the internet had to offer when it comes to comparing the Canadian Football League to the powerhouse National Football League.  Here is a summary of the main differences between the two leagues found on How they play.com.

“Player Salaries:  As of the 2021 season, the average yearly salary for a National Football League player was around $2.7 million (American).  On comparison, the average salary for a Canadian League Football player in 2021 was approximately $80,000 (Canadian).  The highest paid player in the National Football League is Patrick Mahomes at a whooping annual salary of $45 million (American) and the highest paid player in the Canadian Football League is Zach Collaros at $550,000 (Canadian) per year.

Field Size: A National Football League field is 100 by 53 1/3 yards with a midfield line at 50 yards. A Canadian Football League field is 110 by 65 yards with the midfield line at 55 yards.  The end zones in the Canadian Football League are 20 yards deep and the end zones in the National Football League are only 10 yards deep.

 Number of Downs:  The National Football League implements four downs for a team to advance the ball 10 yards. The Canadian Football League only implements three downs. Supporters of the Canadian Football League say that this, along with other rule differences, creates a more exciting game to watch.  Three downs were actually the norm for football in the early days of the sport. Football was created in the 19th century and was very similar to the sport that inspired it, rugby. Downs were implemented to prevent the stalling of the possession of the ball. Three downs were the initial standard, but Americans added a fourth down in 1912. There were talks in Canada about adding the fourth down, but the start of World War I halted all professional games for two years. When games began to be played again, discussions on changing the rules did not continue

Have the Leagues ever Played Against Each Other?: Between 1941 and 1961, 10 games occurred between Canadian Football League teams and teams from the National Football League and American Football League (These two leagues would merge in 1966 to form the National Football League as we know it today). These games typically took place in August or early September. These were preseason warmups for the National Football League teams. For the Canadian Football League teams, these were exhibition games occurring in the middle of their season. A Canadian Football League team would only win on two occasions; both times were actually the first and last interleague games. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers defeated the Columbus Bullies in 1941 and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats defeated the Buffalo Bills in 1961.” What would happen if these teams paired up against each other today?

The Toronto Blue Jays made their first newsworthy move of the offseason, by trading away Teoscar Hernandez to the Seattle Mariners.  As far as this offseason for the team goes, I have the same opinion as the Toronto Maple Leafs, if it’s broke, fix it.  The team did not win last season so there are changes to be made to improve the functionality of the offense, bullpen support, and teams can always use more starting pitching.

The offensive lineup needs to be more balanced, in terms of left-handed and right-handed hitters, speed and power, contact hitters and free swingers.  Good teams typically have a good mix of right-handed and left-handed batters in a lineup so they match up well against opposing pitching staffs who mix up the arms.  Left-handed hitters also protect runners when they are on first base making steal attempts easier.  Either via a trade or free agency, the Blue Jays should not make any deal that brings in another right-handed hitter.  Who are the targets? – Andrew Benintendi, Brandon Nimmo, Cody Bellinger and Shohei Ohtani.  Bullpen support is desperately needed – they already received Erik Swanson who is an immediate boost to the struggling bullpen depth.  Other targets include Michael Fulmer, Taylor Rogers and Chad Green.  And now for starting pitchers, not much is needed, but the addition of players like Mike Foltynewicz, Michael Wacha, Sean Manaea or Corey Kluber would add depth to the rotation.


Canada World Cup Game To Be Aired at City Hall Rotunda Wednesday

The City of Barrie did invite residents to City Hall to cheer on Canada in the World Cup on Wednesday, November 23 at 2 p.m. when the team takes on Belgium. The game will be shown on a large television in the City Hall Rotunda.

“This is only the second time Canada’s men’s team has made the World Cup, so it is an exciting moment in our history,” said Mayor Alex Nuttall. “There’s nothing that unites us more as a community than sharing our national love for the greatest country in the world, Canada. Let’s come together and cheer on Team Canada.”

The last time Canada’s national men’s team qualified for the World Cup was 1986. Barrie City Hall is located at 70 Collier Street. Seating will be available. All are welcome and no registration is required.


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